Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Akshara getting a phone call from Duggu’s teacher. The teacher asks about Duggu. Akshara tells her about his condition. Doctor understand. Akshara cuts the call. Duggu asks Akshara what did the teacher say. He says what if they take me ouf from the team.

Rajbanna is looking for some paperwork. Muskaan comes and helps him. She organise all his papers on folders. Rajbanna thanks her. Devyaani sees this and smiles.

Devyaani calls Akshara. Akshara tells her they are still waiting for the blood test results. Duggu asks Akshara to tell the doctor to hurry. Doctor comes and sends Duggu away with tye nurse. He tells Naksh we did 3 test and all the test is saying that…

Naksh come home with Duggu. Duggu goes to the toilet. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara what did the doctor say. Akshara starts crying. Everyone is worried. Naitik tells everyone that Duggu is diabetic. Bhabhimaa says how can a kid got diabetes. Naitik explains everything what the doctor said. Akshara cries and says it’s all my fault because I couldn’t even look after my child. Everyone tries to explain that it’s not her fault. She says how are we gonna explain it to him.

Rajbanna talks to Naitik and says Akshara is right. How are we gonna tell Duggu. Naitik worries and says I don’t know how but we have to tell him. He cries.
Bhabhimaa cries. Rajbanna tells her to control herself.

Rajshri makes ladoos and says I’ll take them for Duggu. Everyone looks worried. She asks what happened. Shaurya tells her about Duggu. She gets worried and cries.

Duggu says to Akshara, I missed school today so have to practice double tomorrow. He tells her to give him some glucose and some chocolate to get energy. Akshara hides and cries. Duggu leaves. Naitik hugs Akshara. Akshara says how are we gonna tell him and cries.

At m’s everyone discuss about diabetic. Varsha says we should get Ananya checked as well.

Rajbanna comes and ask Devyaani about Bhabhimaa. Devyaani says she was missing Gayatri a lot today. Rajbanna looks at Gayatri’s photo and fells sad. Devyaani says I know I won’t be aboe to take her place but I’ll try to fill the empty space. Rajbanna says isn’t there any medicine for the illness. Devyaani says it’s a lifelong illness which medicine only can keep it in control. It ill be there all his life.

Akshara gives Duggu some medicine. He says why, I’m absolutely fine. Akshara says it’s vitamins which is good for your health. He asks for chocolate. Naitik says not now as you already brushed your teeth. Duggu says goodnight and tells Akshara to wake him up as he have to go to school for football practice. Naksh looks at each other and fells sad.

Akshara have a dream about Duggu having insulin and wakes up. Naitik asks what happend and hugs her.

Everyone is in their room and worried about Duggu. The sad music plays in the background…

In the morning Akshara sings a song and everyone prays. Everyone looks at Duggu and feels sad. Devyaani leaves from there. The pray ends then Duggu gives the offering to Bhabhimaa. Akshara sigh to Bhabhimaa not to give him any but he takes some. Devyaani comes and says why did you give him the sweet. It’s not good for him. Bhabhimaa gets upset and hugs Devyaani. Naitik says to Akshara not to send Duggu in school. Akshara says but he got practice today. Naitik says don’t you remember what the doctor said. Akshara is worried.

Precap: Bhabhimaa says to Akshara go and tell him. Akshara says no I don’t have the courage. Duggu comes and says give me my bag and tiffin otherwise I’ll be late. Naitik says to him we have to tell you something.

Update Credit to: Amina

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