Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naksh and Kirti surprise Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking why don’t you dance now. Naira asks why did you start drinking. He asks her to answer. She says you will get an answer when you answer. Doctor signs Kartik to come out. Kartik goes. She says stubborn. Naksh says I don’t think this is right. Naitik says we should try. Devyaani says Suwarna is stubborn.

Bhabhimaa says there is no harm in pleading with them for Naira. Naksh says its both Suwarna and Naira’s mistake. Naitik says things can end as well, we are thinking to invite Goenka family for Naksh and Kirti’s anniversary. Naksh sees Kirti. Doctor asks Kartik about Naira’s old injury. Kartik says she got a sprain today. Doctor says no, I m saying about old injury, there is much swelling, she refused to get an x-ray done, you talk to

her, maybe we can treat that injury too. Nurse says that madam paid the bill and left. Kartik calls her stubborn. Naksh talks to Mehta on call and says thanks, but dad has come now. Naitik says I will do my best this time, I wasn’t here since two years.

Naksh asks will Naira come. Naitik nods. He gets a call from unknown number. Kartik calls again. He says Papa…. Naitik gets shocked and says yes tell me Kartik. Kartik asks how did Naira get a leg injury, doctor said its an old injury, she didn’t tell anything. Naitik asks why did you two go to doctor, did she get injured in her right leg again. Kartik says she had a sprain, she is fine, what happened to her. Naitik says who am I to tell this, you ask her the reason for her pain. Naksh says what happened to Naira, call her up, if she needs help, I will leave for Mumbai. Naitik calls Naira and asks what happened to your leg. She asks how did you know. Naitik asks what happened. She says nothing, I had sprained my ankle, I have no pain now, don’t come back because of me, I have faced this pain before. Kirti says it our plan works, everything will get fine. Naira thinks about Kartik and wakes up. Kritika comes and says I want chocolate cake.

Naira says take it from fridge. She asks for Kartik. Kritika says Kartik didn’t come, I didn’t tell Dadi that Kartik was here last night, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Naira says just don’t tell anyone, Dadi will get upset. Kritika goes. Naira says Kartik didn’t come home, did he go to pub again. Kartik thinks of Naira. She thinks of him. Tere ek khushi ka…plays…. They both try to call each other and then disconnect. He drinks wine. Manish and Akhilesh come home. Manish calls out Suwarna. Surekha says she went to Shirdi, I got to know from staff, did she tell you. Manish says no. Surekha says you must be habitual to these things now. Akhilesh stops her. She says I m going to attend kitty. They see Singhanias coming. Naiitk says we came to invite you all and Suwarna. Surekha says oh, she went out of city, maybe she knew your coming, we just got to know she is in Shirdi.

Devyaani says we just came to invite you for Naksh and Kirti’s anniversary. They leave. Naira calls the pub and asks is Kartik there. The man says no, he didn’t come today. She says where has he gone. Manish calls Suwarna and asks how did you go without telling me, as if you were finding excuse to go without me. She says no, I missed on my Mumbai trip while waiting for you. He says yes, anyway, forget it, don’t go anywhere without me, I m joining you there vert soon, then we will go everywhere together. She says fine, we will pray for ourselves. He says fine, we will meet soon. He ends call and says if she goes Mumbai, she may see Kartik and Naira together, if I m not there, it will be difficult to handle her. Suwarna asks driver how long will it take to reach Malabar hills. Naira says Kartik’s car isn’t here. Kritika calls Kartik and says his phone is switched off, what’s the matter, he is not a child, he will come on his own.

Naira goes to Kartik’s flat and rings the bell. Dadi asks how is your leg, don’t be shocked, I got to know about it in college, I saw you and Kartik going, come in. Naira says I came to ask, no I came to tell you that…. I mean Kartik hasn’t come home yet, does he come late every day, does he inform you where he is, ask him if you think its okay. Dadiu says either speak clearly or don’t say anything. Naira says Kartik changed a lot so… Dadi says you are the reason for his change, you have changed too. Naira says goodnight Dadi and turns to see. Kartik comes home and sees her. She goes to her flat. Naksh comes and rings the bell. Naira says you… Kartik sees Kirti and says you….Kirti asks are you so angry that you won’t let me come in. She hugs Kartik. Naira hugs Naksh and cries. She asks have you really come or am I dreaming. Naksh pulls her hair and says now tell me is it a dream or reality.

They hug and cry. Dadi hugs Kirti and asks how are you, are you happy. Kirti says yes, I felt like meeting you so I have come with Naksh. Dadi says call him inside. Kirti says the relations division that happened in Udaipur have affected here as well. Naksh says even her relatives stay here, she had to meet them. Kirti says we came together and parted ways. Dadi says its your anniversary tomorrow. Naira says its wrong to stay away on anniversary day. Naksh says I was worried, I heard that you got hurt so I have come, we didn’t celebrate anything since two years. Kirti says we will just do puja tomorrow, we left celebrating anniversary. Kartik says I understood why you have sent me here, is there any agenda behind your coming… Kirti gets tensed.

Naira says we will invite everyone here to celebrate anniversary. She wears the dress and thinks this is Kartik’s fav color. Kartik gets ready and thinks this is Naira’s fav color. They see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I just want to ask Karthik do you know what is Love??? if you really loved Naira you will not blamed her or get angry with her!!! she is not like really killed your brother!!! you know everything that were going on with Shubham!!! if you really know what is Love., Love is embrace whatever your love ones do…unless she is a bad person that kills people or hurts people purposely or evil!!! but you loved Naira because you know her well enough what kind of a person she is !!! You loved Naira for who she is!!! so how could you just leave her and blamed her when things like tat happened?? You have no trust n faith in your so called beloved!!! Why indulged yourself in liquor!!! when you are the one to be blamed!! You are the one who hurt yourself for not being trus to Love!!! Don’t ever said you loves Naira because you don’t!!! Ok!!!

    1. who told u that naira and kartik love each other, they only lust for each other, they don’t trust each other so they don’t love each other
      Kartik lusts for naira
      Naira lusts for kartik

      1. I mean serioulsy……
        It is the demand of script and nothing else and u r giving lectures like u r the goddess of love and know everything….

  2. R u both mad or have lost Ur mind….it is just a serial…or Jo script ki mang Hoti h wo unhe krna pdta h…samjhe

    1. Yes you are right. I agree with you.

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