Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Goenkas meet an accident

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the bus breaking the railing and getting to the cliff end. The driver falls out of the door and holds on to hang. Everyone gets hurt. Surekha faints. Kartik asks is Akshu fine. Kartik and Naira see the huge cliff. She recalls everything. Suwarna asks is Akshu fine. Kartik asks is everything fine. Naira asks Gayu is she fine, is Vatsal fine. Gayu nods and cries. Naira says nothing will happen to anyone. Naksh asks Kirti is she fine. Manish asks Gayu are you and Vatsal fine. Driver shouts save me…. Kartik asks him to hold hand. He tries to pull the driver in. Kids cry. Akhilesh says don’t panic, calm down. Bhabhimaa says Dadi is hurt. Manish asks Naksh to help Kartik. Naksh pulls Kartik back. Suwarna asks Surekha to open eyes. Akhilesh asks her to go out. She says I won’t leave Surekha. Manish ties a kerchief to Dadi’s forehead. Driver comes up. He says thanks for saving my life. Kartik says its fine, its your fate to live. Driver says you are a good man, bless you. Kartik says take the bus back. Driver says one of the tyre is still in the air, ask them to not move and sit in their places. Kartik asks them to not move. The bus doesn’t start. Kartik says we have to leave the bus one by one. Naira asks them to listen to Kartik.

Kartik asks Lav and Kush to handle the kids. Naksh says the bus is more on the land, we have to shift towards right to balance. Kartik asks them to move towards right. Naksh asks them to throw heavy items that side. Kartik asks driver to go down first. Driver says I won’t go until your family is safe. Naira says even your life imp. Driver gets down the bus. He sees the stone under the tyre. He asks them to send everyone down. Kartik asks Naira to take Akshu and leave, she is close to the door. Manish says Gayu also has a baby, take Gayu also. Naira asks how can I go. Kartik says I promise, I will send Kairav. He shouts just go Naira please. She sees Kairav crying. She sees the family and tries to go. The bus slips. Naira falls back towards Kartik. Her foot gets stuck. He asks is Akshu fine. She cries. Manish asks what happened to Naira. Kartik says her leg got stuck. Driver says bus is slipping, send everyone out. Naira says I will help myself, you help everyone. He says I m with you, Naksh will see everyone. She says Naksh can’t do it alone, they need you, go. He says I know what I have to do, I won’t leave you. Naksh asks Gayu to come. Manish asks her to take care of baby. Naksh asks driver to help. Driver asks him not to worry. Kairav says I want to go to mumma. Gayu says Naira, I want to say something. Naksh says everyone has to leave, just go Gayu. Gayu goes down the bus. She cries. Naksh asks Vansh, Krish and Kairav to come.

Naira asks Kartik to take Akshu out. Kartik gives Akshu to Gayu. Gayu hugs Akshu. Gayu asks Vansh to hurry up, Krish and Kairav have to come, even Naira has to come down. Naira looks on. Vansh jumps down. Dadi prays. Naira says Kairav, we will go together, don’t worry, come. She says we have less time Kartik, I can’t see my family like this. She tries to pull her leg. Krish cries. Naira asks Kirti to come to Krish, he is feeling scared. Kirti makes Krish go out. She asks Naira to give her hand. Naira asks Kirti to go to Krish and save her life. Kartik says I m with Naira, go to your son, nothing will happen to Naira. Naira asks her to go. Naksh says Krishna’s turn is next. Kartik says we have to rush. Naira says its not coming out, I m trying, Krishna and Kairav are inside, just see them.

Kartik says Krishna is fearless, she is my brave child. Krishna says yes, I m brave, I will go down, get Naira and come soon. Naira says yes, we will come. Krishna says promise you will come. Naira says promise, just go. Krishna goes and hugs Kirti. Kartik and Naira cry.

Kairav says I won’t go without Naira. Naira hugs him. Manish asks Kairav to listen to Kartik. Driver says the boulder is breaking. The bus slips down.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Abhi toh naira aur kartik ki aadhi life bhi puri nahi hui and ye log naira ko marwane pe tule h akshara ki baat alag thi uske Dono bacche bade ho chuke the…..but akshu she is not even 1 yr old…….hamare liye na sahi akshu ke liye don’t let naira die…… Yrkkh will become the worst serial ever without shivangi ……I am fan of shivi and imagine nairas character in me and will not watch this show ever if she die……….


      I do not know what you feel like…. But obviously, she will most probably not die. She would probably be reincarnated, or memory loss or something like that. They showed her dying several times before. I stopped believing.

    2. She is not living the show but a
      Leap is going to come..


    Even if they show the death track I want gayu to see a video in which vansh jumped himself kairav didnt push him…Otherwise again it will be showed like gayu taking care of naira s daughter again her being insecure theres keerthi or someone never give anyone to gayu…she knows nothing but show off

    1. @abhita melita norhona

  3. It think they need to improve Pakhi character

  4. This story needs to come to an end.Been running for too long.Its boring!

  5. Even I wish to write for tellyupdates. Please guide me how to join the firm.

  6. Dis film is becoming boring,y would u allow naira 2 die leaving kartik nd children alone sincerely speaking is nt interesting i hav started hating dis show mstwww director u hv 2 do sumtin if nt many fanss of ur show wil stop watching it.even if naira wil come bck dat shuld nt tek tym plss

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