Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with akshi telling mohit to have food and go.. everyone has left.. mohit asks about naitik.. akshi says she will handle him. G3 enters the room and is shocked to see the room. Akshi is ashamed. She sees naitik sleeping and she remarks that naitik becomes like a child sometimes! duggu comes and says his color isnt coming out.. g3 says she’ll remove it.. he sees naitik sleeping and tells akshi to make him have a bath when he gets up g3 takes him away..

Shava scene..
Varsha feels guilty that maybe the joke was stretched too far? Shaurya reassures her saying that Holi pe everything is allowed

Naitik wakes up.. akshi starts ranting that what he did to the room.. naitik says i just woke up and u started i dont wanna talk only.. give me tea then only i will talk. Akshi says no.. u wont get it.. naitik says he will tell girija.. akshi says no no.. she will get the tea..

M’s rj comes to the hall.. her nose is gone all red People tease her

Akshi comes to her room with tea but naitik isnt in his room.. she gets varsha’s call and she says that there is a limit to having fun.. if u see the room then you would get scared. Naitik overhears the conversation and gets angry.. he says he doesnt want the tea and goes down..

duggu comes and hugs Naitik.. they laugh over their colors which dont leave their faces.. after he goes, g3 scolds Naitik that he should act in matuely now.. akshi is working so much. naitik feels akshi has told everyone about this

M’s place. Rj hides the snacks under the pillow.. when vish says that he is getting the aroma of sweets, rj gives him medicines and shuts him up

naksh room.
Akshi is making duggu sleep.. naitik comes and sits next to them. he tells akshi that if the light is disturbing them, he will go down.. he isnt getting sleep.. akshi says no.. she then says that since the room has become dirty now, Naitik cuts her saying that he has heard it 10 times that day! Akshi tells him to hear her completely.. she says they can change the interiors.. Naitik says they will talk about this later.. not now..

G3 and Rj get the sweets to the place.. they say that they don’t get these sweets so they brought them to them! The people get happy..

Akshi tells naitik that u atleast hear him.. naitik says what happened? today full day she has been asking him the same thing? why the same thing again and again? Akshi says that I am talking repeatedly coz he is not replying! She wants to finish it off in one go! But he isn’t replying. Naitik goes to the cupboard, takes a towel and begins to leave the room.. but Akshi stops him.. she says that she didnt get this room changed in all these years coz she wanted to do this with him.. with her naitik.. together. She says she lived all the memories of these years when he wasn’t there. She wants to color her memories again.. Naitik softens a little.. he says he didn’t stop her! Just take it easy.

Rj is doing something and revising English.. she gets a call from someone.. she tries speaking in English.. Varsha comes in the end and is surprised to see Rj speaking in English.. Rj tells akshi about the call.. Varsha says but that person always speaks in English u understood? Rj says yes..

Bm says how did this happen? G3 blames the kids Bm goes to give food to Dj.. G3 tells renovate the home at the earliest.. Akshi says yes, but theres no time.. she needs to ask naitik and duggu both.. G3 tells akshi that naksh are so busy in their work.. would she be able to give time for redesigning the room? It is just a room but it takes so much time! Akshi says yes.. its imp to speak to naitik..

PRECAP: Akshi says that i didn’t come to office so i asked the painter and everyone the prices and budgets.. Naitik says we cud have waited for a day or too na? Why are you in such a haste? You didnt even feel it imp to come to the office? ?

Update Credit to: Stutz

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