Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik agrees for the guest lecture

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira colliding with someone and saying sorry. Kartik talks to Suwarna on call. The girl says why are you saying sorry, I m Tanvi, I m also a fresher, we can have same subjects. Kartik says I refused to them. Suwarna thinks of Manish’s words and says accept the proposal for lectures, you should go for it, don’t worry for me, I will come there to meet you. Kartik asks are you sure. She says yes, I know what I m saying. He says fine, I will tell them I will do it. Manish looks at Suwarna. Tanvi asks which city are you from. Naira says Udaipur. Tanvi sees Kartik and says wow, he is so handsome, I wonder if he is our classmate of senior. She clicks his pic. Naira passes by. O morey saiyyan….plays…..

Tanvi says he looks great. Naira says the bell is ringing, I think we should go to the class. Naira gets seated in the class. The guy Kunal introduces himself. Everyone claps. Kunal sees Naira and goes to Tanvi. He says Naira looks older, do you know her. Tanvi says I just met her, Naira is a nice girl. Principal says thanks, everyone will get motivation by a young achiever, you will have a lecture, have a lovely day. Kartik thanks him and goes. Kunal says none will be blamed after the mass bunk. He says I didn’t see you supporting us, do you have any objection. Naira says no, one supports if one agrees, I don’t agree with this. He says I pity you, I will be costly for you. She says I will attend the lecture. He asks alone. She says I don’t mind. He says hello aunty, don’t show this attitude here. She says you can do what you want. Professor comes.

The lady says I m Prabha, your coordinator, we will go through the details. Kartik waits. Prabha takes their attendance. She asks for Naina Singhania. Naira says present Mam. She thinks when will they change my name. Kartik sees Naina Singhania in the list. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa to have food, don’t be sad, else health will get affected. Bhabhimaa is upset. Bau ji asks is she upset with us. Devyaani says she is upset with Suwarna, who talked back at her. Bau ji says give the food to me, I will talk to Bhabhimaa. Kirti comes and says Naitik called, Naira is going to college. She gives sweets to everyone. She feeds Naksh too. She says not fair, aren’t you happy for your sister. He says I m happy for her, but upset for myself. The bell rings. Kunal comes to Naira and says I m still aware of the fact that you refused for mass bunk, we are going to bunk the class, I don’t like no for an answer. Seniors come in and ask what’s going on. Prabha says no one is interested to study, you have the class there, so Mr. Kartik, all the best. The man says I hope this class is memorable for you. Kartik says I hate memories.

Seniors hug Kunal and ask who is that girl. Kunal says that girl, Naina Singhania, she doesn’t listen, she will listen to you. Seniors ask Naira is she staring. Tanvi interrupts. Seniors ask her to become a lizard. Tanvi poses as lizard. Seniors comment on Naira. Kunal gives them more ideas to rag. They ask Naira to dance. Naira recalls her dance academy. Naira says I can’t dance, give me any other task, I will do. The guy says you have to dance, okay then, I have something else for you, I got these flowers for my GF, now this is your task, you have to go to staff room and give the flowers to profession, you have to say I love you Mr. Goenka. She thinks of Kartik. She thinks every Goenka isn’t Kartik. She asks where is that professor. The guy asks her to go to staffroom, there will be a dude in blue jacket, go and give the roses to him. She goes. Kartik puts his jacket on the chair and leaves from the staff room. He goes and washes his face. Naira passes by. She doesn’t see anyone in staffroom. She sees the blue jacket.

Kartik goes back to get his jacket. She thinks how to ask anyone and goes. Kartik comes to class and sees the guys talking. He says its my turn now…. tell me, should I take you class or teach you. Senior guys apologize and leave. The guy says I had asked Naina to propose him, it will be so much fun when they fight. Kartik introduces himself. Tanvi says what a cutie. Kartik says we will have the lecture first and then the attendance. Tanvi says so that no one bunks the class. He says yes. Naira comes inside the classroom. He bends to pick the chalk. He calls her out. She hears his voice and gets shocked. He says no late comers in my class, get out.

Kartik asks Naira to get out. She falls back in his arms. He sees her. Roses fall over them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. As expected naira student Karthik teacher… Serial h mtlb kch b dikha doge? Kaise ksi ko b lecture dene k lie bhejdia..seminar tk to thik Tha..audience ko pgl smj rkha hai

  2. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia finally naira kartik have met up now I just hope that they patch up soon so kartik can take naira home after apologising to naira kartik should say he is really sorry for the way he has been speaking to his wife naira I’m happy that naira kartik have met each other after so long year leap they finally have got closer to each other kartik should take naira an her dad back to there house tomorrow
    Kind regards soofia Bhatti

  3. hey its me Miya a new comer here and I will comment when I can ok I would like to have frnds here plz do…

  4. Awww….NOT??
    This is so damn boring duh!

  5. Now they will start romancing in front of the whole class

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