Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Baby goes missing

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking what’s the truth, why are you so upset Kartik, you are not even willing to hear about nurse Leela, don’t tell me that there is nothing, I can see there is some matter. He hugs her and says I don’t know why I react so strange, so much happened in last few days. She says it happens, you have handled everything alone, this affects a lot,let nurse work for a while. Kartik says but we can.. She says she is a nice and experienced nurse, why are you refusing to this, baby knows her touch too. Nurse gets the baby and says Dadi asked you to feed baby.

Naira says thanks, Kartik told me that you took good care of us in the hospital. She goes with baby. Naksh says I have met the baby, the strange thing is his features resemble you also, since you and Kartik are also similar, you can get up soon and see him, I gifted that cradle to them, I know you would have done this too, Bua and Mami’s relation is not less than a mum, that baby is so cute, you will love the baby and never return him, every other day, we will bring the baby home, we are elder and can scold Kartik and Naira, its our right. She moves her fingers. Nurse says Naira is your wife and decision will be yours. Kartik says I m scared that you can share anything by mistake. She says you can hire someone else, I would have not agreed if I knew that I m coming here, I m in need of money and agreed for extra income. Manish and Dadi come there. Nurse says please trust me, I won’t let anyone know what you did with the babies, none knows about the babies, if I helped you that time, why won’t I help you now. Dadi asks what did he do that he needed your help. Manish asks what did Kartik do with babies.

Kartik says actually… Nurse says there was no permission to make babies meet mothers, when doctor said baby’s survival chances are low, Kartik took the baby to Kirti so that she can touch the baby in that state. Dadi says you did a very good thing, I wish any miracle happened and Kirti and baby were with us. She cries and goes. Nurse says sorry, I lied, I won’t let anything know this. Kartik goes. Baby cries. Kartik says calm down baby. He says we will go to hospital. Naira says nothing will happen if we go there. Everyone comes. Dadi says baby wants attention. She takes Dadi to console. Baby cries again. Everyone gets rattles and try to sing lullaby. Surekha says baby will calm down being in Naira’s lap. Naira takes baby. She says he is crying continuously, he isn’t calming down even in my lap. Lav and Kush sing a rap. Baby stops crying. Everyone gets surprised. They say see, it worked. Akhilesh says baby got bored of boring rap and slept. Manish says don’t talk now. Akhilesh’s phone rings. He says it was an alarm. Baby cries again. Kartik looks on.

Its morning, Naksh gets a call and leaves. Aditya asks inspector to leave him. Naksh comes and scolds him for the accident. Lawyer says I m Aditya’s lawyer, you can’t touch my client. Mohit says we will put many cases on him. He counts Aditya’s crimes. Lawyer goes with Aditya. Inspector says calm down, nobody can save Aditya. Aditya smiles. Naira says you handle baby well, I feel afraid. Nurse says you will learn gradually. Dadi asks Surekha to donate money to poor. Nurse looks at money. Naira sees her and goes to get towel. Nurse answers call and says I will bring money when I arrange it, I have come here for the money, right, I will call you later. Naira gets towel. Nurse thinks baby is lucky for family and even me, I may hit a jackpot by using him. She asks can I get some money advance. Naira says talk to Dadi once, she can talk to agency and decide it. Nurse says as you wish, can I go out for an hour, I will come soon, I have imp work. Naira nods. Nurse goes. Kartik asks why did you refuse, we give advance to staff.

Naira says I just asked her to talk to Dadi, Dadi has hired her. He says lets give her money. She says I didn’t refuse. He asks why to involve Dadi, its not right to refuse her. She thinks why does he sound strange when we discuss about nurse. Leela goes. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa talk. They find it strange that baby is more like Kirti and has same birthmark. They wish he changes while growing up, else Kirti will feel bad. Dadi and Surekha instruct servant and leave. Nurse looks on. Someone comes to Kartik’s room. Baby is sleeping in Naira’s lap. Naira wakes up and sees baby gone. She sees Kartik near cradle. She goes to take baby. She doesn’t see baby and ask Kartik where is baby. He asks don’t you have baby. She says baby isn’t here. He asks did someone take our baby. She says lets ask Dadi. She shouts and asks servants where is baby. Servant says there is nobody at home. Naira asks who took the baby, where is the baby.

Naira says nurse Leela has stolen my baby, she has come with a motive. They check CCTV footage. Kartik says just she knows this secret, so she has done this. Naira asks what did you do Kartik. He tells her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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