Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rama asking Rashmi why did she not tell this before. Rashmi hugs her and cries. Bau ji apologizes to Rama and says he is Rashmi’s father and could not see her pain. Bhabhimaa asks Rama to explain Nikhil, how can he do this. Rama calls Nikhil and scolds him for sending divorce papers to Rashmi. She shouts Nikhil. Rashmi and everyone get worried. She asks Rama is Nikhil coming. Rama says no, he does not want to come back now. Everyone is shocked. Rashmi faints. Naman and Karishma are on the way. Karishma sees Naman much worried, and asks him not to come like this. He says he is very worried for Rashmi.

She says everyone is at home, and they will see Rashmi, and call us if its something serious. Naman says they did not interfere in our personal decision. Naman calls home and talks to Girja. He is shocked and tells Karishma that Nikhil has sent divorce papers to Rashmi. They decide and go back home. The doctor treats Rashmi and says she is fine now, she took stress. Bua ji says Akshara was right, we could not understand. Bhabhimaa says yes, we were wrong. Akshara pacifies Rashmi. She says Nikhil did not keep any respect of Rashmi. Naitik gets upset and asks Rashmi to move ahead in life. Rama says the same to her.

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She says if Nikhil does not care for you, why should you cry remembering him, you forget Nikhil too. She says we are with you, even we have Gayu with us. She says I know you will be hurt, you have put many years in this relation, but you have to be strong. She hugs Rashmi. Naman and Karishma come home. Rashmi sees them and cries. Everyone is glad that they have come back to support Rashmi. Akshara prays for a prosperous year. They all pray for Rashmi. Naitik talks to Rashmi. Rama says Nikhil has lost a diamond by losing Rashmi.

Rashmi says Akshara was right and she will be strong. Akshara says we will all support you. Rashmi promises that she will forget this bad phase and move on. Rama promises that she will always support Rashmi and help her in moving on. Rama says Rashmi is her daughter, and she disowns Nikhil. Rashmi cries and hugs her. Devyaani says we trust you, as you will take good care of Rashmi and Gayu. Rama asks them to trust her. Rashmi hugs everyone, and asks Akshara to take reest. She asks Akshara and Naitik to go on babymoon and till they come back, they will see new Rashmi. Naman says you truly deserve this. Akshara thanks Rashmi.

Karishma says this is not fair, we cancelled our honeymoon and they are sending Akshara on babymoon, and praising her. Bau ji thanks Akshara. Akshara stops Karishma and says she did big thing by cancelling her honeymoon for Rashmi. Bhabhimaa says yes, they have shown how much they worry for family. They leave. Akshara says this is not right, we should do something. Naitik says we can’t make any bookings now, but I will try.

Omi and Shaurya ask Jasmeet and Varsha to go ahead, and they will manage all marketing. Jasmeet asks them to promote their guest list. Omi says we can’t do this, its against our hotel rules. Jasmeet says we will just send mails, not call them. Dadi asks Jasmeet not to insist. Naman hugs Karishma. She unpacks and is upset. He says everyone praised you, we will go on honeymoon later. He says I have to do office work, we will go when they return. Karishma gets annoyed and leaves.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani how will we stop the society taunt us. Devyaani says yes, taunts hurt us. Bhabhimaa says you understand it well. Devyaani says but we are with her, even Rama is supporting her. She says when a relation breaks, hope and person breaks, Lord gave me second chance, we will pray Raashmi also gets a chance, as problems wait for a single woman. Akshara talks to Rashmi and asks her to be strong, and call if she needs her. Rashmi thanks her and asks them to go. Akshara says we will go, take rest. Akshara gets hurt and Naitik cares for her. She says he did no scold me today on my carelessness.

Jasmeet is upset and Varsha pacifies her. Dadi and Omi come to her and explain how clients trust them, and they can’t trouble them. Jasmeet says sorry. Varsha says we will find some other way to get customers. Omi asks them to do work ethical. Dadi says great. Jasmeet asks Omi and Vishwamber to become their legal advisors. Omi says sure, but our feels are high. Dadi says Aloo ke pakode and tea. They laugh. Rashmi tells Bhabhimaa that Rashmi is fine, and we should trust Rama. Naitik says sorry Akshara, I tried but there is no room available. Akshara says there is one place where Rashmi wants to send us. Naitik says yes. Naman says no, you both need holiday, as Akshara deserves a break else baby will be upset.

Devyaani says yes, you both need a holiday. Akshara says they are newly weds, they should go. Karishma asks Akshara to go. Naman says yes, we will go later. Naitik says fine, we will go. Akshara sees Karishma upset.

Naitik asks Akshara what will we tell Naksh. She says everyone is worried at home. He asks why shall we sacrifice our happiness always.

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