Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajshri reprimands Suwarna

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik holding Naira in arms. Suwarna holds Ashi. She asks Naira to apologize to Ashi, she could have got hurt. Rajshri comes in between. She says you are intentionally hurting Naira, don’t do this, relations ended, not humanity, try to behave right, we also taught manners to Naira to apologize on mistake, don’t insult her, we do this mistake that we judge others and punish, we don’t realize that entire family bears the punishment. Suwarna goes. Rajshri says I saw everything, no need to say anything, Kartik maybe you didn’t see, but I hope you still have trust in Naira. Suwarna calls Anjali and asks her to come soon. She says we should fix the alliance, Kartik’s divorce has happened. She ends call and says Kartik and Ashi should marry soon. Karan hears this and says so Suwarna and Ashi’s mom are planning this, I should have understood this, I don’t know Kartik and Ashi know this. Ashi asks why did you come.

Karan says what I m going to tell you is imp. She says please leave. He says first listen to me, Suwarna wants to get Kartik and you married. Everyone hears this when it plays on speaker. Akhilesh asks who is this. Ashi says he is my friend. Akhilesh says who gave him this right to say this nonsense. Ashi asks how can you Karan. Karan says sorry, I came here to meet you, I heard Suwarna talking to your mom in call. Everyone looks at Suwarna. Karan says I didn’t lie, you can ask her if you wish. He leaves. Ashi asks why aunty, I mean you should have at least spoke to me once. Manish asks is this true Suwarna. Dadi stares. Devyaani asks Suwarna to have courage and tell everyone that she was matching Kartik and Ashi’s marriage since Mansi’s mehendi day, everyone knows it in our family, even Naira, tell your family now. Manish asks what’s all this, is she saying truth. Kartik asks is it true. Naira thinks Kartik wasn’t aware of this. Suwarna says I was about to tell you…..

He stops her and leaves. Naira cries seeing him. Manish says Suwarna you…. Dadi says not now Manish, we shall go home and talk. Devyaani asks why, we should also know why Suwarna thought about Kartik’s remarriage when Naira was still in his life. Dadi says lets not talk about it right now, we are here to celebrate. Devyaani says it will be injustice with Naira, she was always questioned in front of anyone, answer me Suwarna, why didn’t you wait for the divorce. Suwarna says I couldn’t see my son in this state, I want him to be happy, I was waiting for the right time. Rajshri says that they get divorced and you get kartik engaged. Suwarna says no, I was waiting for Ashi’s mum’s arrival. Rajshri says everyone was trying that children change their decision, you already decide to oust Naira from Kartik’s life, what’s this love, you are so selfish.

Suwarna says I don’t want to argue. Rajshri says you fear of losing your son, don’t forget that Naira got him to you, he didn’t regard you a mother, you got this right because of Naira, you went against Naira for Shubham, Naira got him to you, don’t forget that day when you begged Naira to bring Kartik back home, don’t forget Naira got you a mother’s rights. Suwarna says the one who went through the pain knows it, you can’t understand my pain. Rajshri shouts I went through the same pain, I lost my daughter. She cries and says this doesn’t mean that if we are hurt, we hurt others. Suwarna says I didn’t hurt anyone, one who did mistake is getting punished. Rajshri asks how will you silent your conscience. Suwarna gets shaking.

Kartik goes away and says Naira knew this, what would she feel, we were not together and getting divorced, we just argued all the time, but even then… He turns and sees Naira. She says I didn’t know that you…. I thought you knew it, I m… He says I m really sorry, trust me, I will never let anyone replace you, why didn’t you ask or tell me anything. She says its good I didn’t say, I would have got angry. He says so what, I have always expressed my feelings, sorry, I wonder how I would compensate this, what shall I tell you that…. Ashi and Karan look on. Ashi says I pity them, they are so good together, their life seems to become a chess game, they have more chances of losing. She asks Karan to drop Naira home. She takes Rajshri.

Rajshri says the girl who returned your two sons, you have snatched that girl’s husband, what’s this justice, it means your justice is biased like your motherly love, you have hidden from everyone that you had a child, you were right and great that time, if Naira has hidden something, she has become wrong, whatever happened was bad, but Naira can’t be blamed, Shubham begged her not to tell anyone, Naira tried to save your son, even then she is wrong and you are right, this is not done, if you can get forgiveness for performing Shraddh of your son when he was alive, why is Naira getting punished for putting efforts to save him, two decisions were taking in emotional state, why is your decision right and why is her decision wrong, do you want us to sympathize that you lost your son, why is she a murderer and you a victim. Suwarna says I lost my son because of Naira, whatever she lost, she is responsible for it, I didn’t ask Kartik to stay angry on her, it was his own decision, Naira never listened to him, they have their own issues and…..

She faints Manish lifts her and takes her. Goenkas leave. Devyaani says for the first time, someone showed much courage. Rajshri says courage is needed to withstand someone’s words. Devyaani says maybe Suwarna doesn’t have courage, what’s the use now, Naira’s house has broken now. Rajshri says nothing will go wrong till we have hopes. Naira thinks so much happened but… Kartik thinks you mean the world to me, none can replace you, love, hatred, annoyance is just with you. Naira thinks you never replaced me in your life. He thinks I can never love anybody else. She thinks why, what’s the reason, we stayed completely separated and even then you didn’t break the reason, I got the divorce papers made, why, didn’t you wish to get free. He thinks maybe this was our love which kept me bounded to you, even when we were away. She cries. Yahan wahan….plays…..

Naira thinks don’t know will he come for jogging. Kartik thinks I will get a glimpse of her and know about her. He goes to Naira and stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

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