Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi sidelines Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira going to Kirti and saying maybe I have seen Aditya, did you also see. Kirti says he said…. Everyone takes pics and wait for Naira. Naira gets Kirti. Kartik asks Kirti why does she look worried. He asks Naira what happened. Naira says Aditya came here. They all get shocked. Naira says I have seen him and even Kirti. Manish gets angry. Kartik asks where is he. Naira says its fine, he just said sorry to Kirti. Manish asks Kirti did he do anything wrong or say anything, don’t be scared. Kirti says no, he just said sorry. Naksh says we should inform police. Akhilesh says what will we say, we can’t involve police, we have to take care of Kirti, we should not leave Kirti alone, Aditya can file case on Kartik for beating him on engagement day. Surekha agrees. Naitik says we will leave now. They all leave. Naira says this can’t be coincidence, that Aditya comes wherever we go, he shows decency, I feel its something fishy. Aditya looks at her. Kartik takes Naira.

Dadi prays at home. Kartik says why does Aditya always come to eye our happiness. Naira asks him to go to Kirti. She hugs Dadi and asks her not to worry, we will take care of Kirti. Dadi says whatever Aditya did, we can’t control that, but you should think and talk. Naira asks what did I do. Dadi asks why did you tell this in front of everyone, we could talk at home, Naksh was there, your Maayka was also there. Naira asks are they different. Dadi says we are one family, but there is different Maryada, that’s Kirti’s would be sasural, if her past comes out, they will be worried, their patience will break, Naksh will get annoyed. Naira says you know my family, this won’t happen, they are sensible, they will support Kirti more. Dadi says I know, but till when will they support, everyone was so quiet and didn’t say a word, I m afraid they can take some other decision.

Suwarna and Akhilesh get Manish home. Kirti asks what did doctor say. Suwarna says there is no fracture, but there is internal swelling. Manish says its small thing. Akhilesh says there is much swelling. Kartik keeps cushion and rests Manish’s back. They all smile. Kartik says I m sorry, it happened because of me. Manish asks are you mad, I can bear my pain, not children’s pain, its big thing you are fine. They receive a bouquet from Singhanias. Surekha reads message, that its for Kirti, forget whatever happened and stay happy. Kirti and everyone smile. Kirti says Naira’s family is very sweet. She thanks Naira. Naira says its your good fate. Kirti says this was not possible if your and Kartik’s relation didn’t join. Manish agrees. Surekha tells Dadi that she is jealous of Naira sometimes, whatever the matter, Naira gets the credit always, everyone praises Naira.

Its night, Naira asks Kartik why is he smiling. He praises her. He says Kirti also said our lives would have not got so much happiness without you. She says don’t praise me much. He says you and your family deserve a praise for supporting Kirti. She says we will always support, its not anything big, I have some work. Kartik holds her and says we were in same team and it was no fun, we will have a competition now, one who wins will make the other agree to a condition. He shows her a vase and says think its a Matki, we have to break it, one who breaks it first will win. He gets a ball. They hit ball and break vase. Naira says we both won and lost, how to decide now. He says we will punish each other. She asks how. He lifts her and dances. Music plays…. They romance.

Its morning, Manish tries to take his phone. Phone falls down. Kartik looks on. He picks phone and gives to Manish. He puts cushion behind for his comfort. Manish smiles. Singhanias come and surprise them. They say we came to meet Kirti and Manish. Dadi welcomes them. Naitik asks Manish how is he. Manish says I m fine. Rajshri asks Kirti about sangeet dress, did you think of matching dress. Dadi asks Kirti not to be shy. Naira asks Kirti to show. Kirti shows the dress. Rajshri likes it and shows to Naksh. Naira asks how is it. Naksh says very beautiful, it will suit Kirti a lot. Dadi says their likes match, Kirti you choose Naksh’s clothes as well. Kirti says I don’t know his choice, Naira chose this. Everyone praise Naira’s choice. Dadi hears them. Naksh asks Naira to come home, then they will decide sangeet them. They say Naira has to decide everything, and also make us rehearse dance. Naira asks them not to take tension. Surekha says how will Kirti make her place there if this goes on. Dadi asks Naira to come with her.

She asks Naira to listen and understand. She says I told you, its Kirti and Naksh’s marriage, they should be centre of attraction, it should happen as per Kirti’s choice, right. Naira nods. Dadi says everything stops on you, till you vacate the place, none can take that place, let Kirti take the place, I hope you understood and will imply it. She goes. Devyaani and everyone talk about songs. Kartik and Naksh ask Naira the theme and song playlist. Naira says Kirti and Naksh will decide everything, I will attend function as guest. They all look on. Dadi and Surekha smile.

Naira gets Soumya Goenka’s reports and asks Dadi about Soumya’s health problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kairalover

    Good episode….loved Kartik n manish scenes…kairas romance was soo nice… well i hate dadi n Surekha…. bechari naira…can’t they understand its her brothers wedding as well. She have right to so all this. Even if it would be my brothers wedding i would be doing all this.. but dadi simply sidelined her.. so sad for her… but i want her to do the things taking views of Keesh..

    1. Kaina1

      dadi didnt sideline her dear dadi calmly explained her that like in kaira wedding everything was related to kaira then in keesh wedding everything should revolve around keesh naira dosent need to poke her nose in everything and yes dadi didnt told her not to participate she only told her to give keerti her space and let keerti do things for naksh and shinghaniyas and guess what this is what yrkkh is all about managing relation and keeping everyone happiness in mind

  2. Kaina1

    Hey bhagwan ye kya ho raha?? oh god !!! please help me never in my terrible dreams I thought that I will agree with both surekha and dadi goenka (and that to simultaneously & willingly) oh god!!! Please please someone pinch WELL I AGREE WITH BOTH DADI GOENKA AND SUREKHA
    Alright if I start from the beigning kirti and naira well the way naira was bringing kirti it was appearing that kirti went through some shock anyways if you ignore that then karthik ask kirti what happen and guess what she is so hell shock that she isn’t even replying really kirti what happen if you went some ekta kapoor or gul khan serial you will be in coma anyway ignore that right know she has only two work to do first cry-cry second shy-shy nothing else then this she does then moving ahead GUYS NOW-A-DAYS MANISH GOENKA IS LITERALLY ROCKING AND STEALLING THE LIME LIGHT IN SCENE IN WHICH HE IS PRESENT THOUGH HE IS STILL UNRELATABLE TO ME WELL THAT’S BECOZ TILL RECENTLY HE DIDN’T EVEN CARE OF KIRTI ALL HE WANT WAS HAPPY ADITYA NOW SUDDENLY HE IS SHOWING FATHERLY EMOTION I WISH CVS WOULD HAVE GIVEN FATHER-DAUGHTER BOND TO DEVELOP AND THEN ALL THIS BUT STILL I DON’T COMPLAIN AS THIS SIDE OF HIM IS BETTER THAN THAT ATTITUDE BUISENESSMAN MANISH GOENKA WHICH IS HORRIBLE know moving ahead dadi goenka although has judge shinghaniyas wrong but she is right no normal family no matter how ever great they are will tolerate there would be daughter-in-law’s ex-husband at every function they attend but all this was baisa work which made shinghaniyas relatable but know that she is gone shinghaniya are either appearing to great or goenkas slaves anyways guys naira is unrelatable to me since her younger days except in kayu v/s kaira case that to becoz karthik love naira immensely and is kaira didn’t happen then there will be 3 heart break where if kaira happened then there will only one heart break so kaira was anyways better know shinghaniyas gesture toward kirti was so sweet I liked it cvs you can give us kirti – rajshri scene but when the hell are you going to give us rajshri and only chiku scene (mind it only chiku no one else in the frame) well surekha god knows how but I am with you there is literally no need to show naira naira all the time without her its always better well guys tell me was that kaira challenge(cum romance) literally necessary??? DEAR CVS TRY TO UNDERSTABD ROMANCE IS NOT DONE BUT ROMANCE HAPPENS for example is there is rainy weather then we all tend to feel romantic ask why becoz IT HAPPENS not that romance is only DONE in rainy season. ROMANCE IS A FEELING TO HAPPEN AND NOT A WORK TO BE DONE . and in case of kaira you are commiting the exact mistake what are you showing is a stage is set for these two to come and romance each other , I mean take today scene only there were exactly two ball who exactly hit exactly same flower ant that two at exact time that to at one shot SERIOUSLY???? It all seems too fix to even come under category of romance but guys enough of negative point positive of today episode was
    Manish and karthik nice I like those scene even naitik – manish were nice I like how naitik treat manish more as a friend the in law or would be in-law
    Shinghaniyas and keerti and keerti and rajshri well I adore these kind of happy happy scene
    Dadi explaining to naira literally guys for the first time she didn’t scold her didn’t raise her voice didn’t showed any kind of anger JUST NORMALLY AND NICELY EXPLAINED HER
    Sinu girl I literally agree to every single word you I mean you literally write my mind on you replies please keep commenting I like reading you
    Fenil bro you deserve praise and my teacher taught me we should not get what we don’t deserve but we shouldn’t either leave what we deserve
    Ponkuri di is bck yipppppeee sachu di now ur turn
    Raf rahul bhaiya guys come out of your hibernation
    Missy anjana dear I agree to you isn’t it astonishing guys that when I read all your comment I am like “oh !! that was in my mind too”

    1. Kaina1

      and yes i am impressed with akhilesh it always seems like he is the only one with actual brain in goenkas
      and common naira dadi wasnt even harsh on you all she ask was to give kirti her space so she can handle her husband her sasural and you are acting as if she literally told you to jump off some building

    2. Hello Everyone and Kaina!
      I am a regular viewer of YRKKH and the silent reader of this forum. Although I am a regular follower of this forum but this is my first ever comment.
      Coming to the episodes I totally agree with kaina. I know everyone is fan of kaira but I really dont like them very much now days and the only reason is showing her mahanta. As being the regular viewer of first episode, after Naitik and Akshara, Naksh has been the second main lead be it when he was kid or after he was grown up. And all of sudden after the death of Akshara they sidelined Nakh character and Naira was shown the main lead. From starting Naksh was shown as a strong character, and Naira’s character was not so important before leap as compare to Naksh. I would have loved the show if they would have made Akshara and Naitik’s both children as a main lead, because for me it is very wierd to sideline main lead all of sudden. I can understand after the exit of Rohan Mehra things had been changed, but the main fact is people have loved the Naksh as a character. Naira’s character was never been so mature and all of sudden after Akshara’s daughter she is compared to Akshara’s character even though she was not with her family for so long time. I feel like CV’s are forcing us that just because she is Akshara’s daughter then she will be perfect in every thing and she is superwomen and knowledgeable in everything department. I dont know why, but I feel there romance is so annoying and everything is on repeat mode, and the growth of their relationship has not been shown as a husband and wife. Their unnecessary nok jhok infront of all family members is so annoying. All of sudden she is shown as a mahan and very matured, problem solving lady and on next moment she is shown climbing tree in her lehenga. She will fight with everyone in unnecessary situation but will not speak a word infornt of Kdadi bcoz she is mahan.
      Sorry guys some may not like it but I am also a regular viewer of Yrkkh but was not liking recent episodes thatswhy I shared my feelings here. No offence please.

  3. Finally got to see some soft moments between kartik and manish….finally!!!!!!!! I hope kartik realises soon his fathers love for him…..and yes the precap is lit? i think cvs are concentrating on kartik-manish reunion track as they are slowly now going to reveal kartik first mom track…. I hope it turns out to be positive..and manish would have no hand in his wife’s death as i really love his character and since martik and mansih have now started coming closer i dont want to see them seperated again and it looks as if dadi know some secret about this issue as when naira inquired her in the precap she gave very shocked ecpressions but in the entire episode kartik-manish scenes were just simply awesome sachin tyagi is doing good job as mr. Manish goenka

  4. Shivaya khanna

    First part was fab Karthik Manish Naira was great but I hate daddi and that Surekha chachi she keeps feeding shit in dadis brain I mean how mean can she be when Naira doesn’t take responsibility there is a problem when she takes and fulfills it and also gets credit for it there is a problem like seriously how hypocrite Naira didn’t say I will do the preparations clothing and song selection her family said that and doesn’t she have the write to decide anything in her brothers wedding god sake naksh is Nairas brother not only keertis fiancé I hate Daadi I hope Karthik takes a stand for her didn’t naksh and gayu decide anything in Nairas wedding Surekha and Daadi think Keerti needs place in the family did Naira need anybody to step down to make her place in the Goenka family she made it herself with her qualities and her heart nobody supported her still but Keerti sorry to keesh fans no offence but Keerti is really a weak character she shouldn’t need Naira Karthik or naksh for support Keerti is the weakest female character yrkkh has shown I have begun to hate her and the wedding track hope It gets over soon sorry guys I know many of you will be Angry with me but it’s just mc opinion hate Keeeti but I still love naksh she is a Great human being I hope naira doesn’t get fired in tomorrow’s episode too fingers crossed

  5. Kaina1

    and know comes dear cvs BY GOD CVS AAJ TUM LOGO NE JITNA NAIRA NAIRA KIYA NA PURE SERIAL SERIOUSLY I WAS LIKE SMASHING THE TV ON FLOOR SO THAT THE WORD NAIRA STOP COMING OUT OF IT thats how much you have irrritated me with this childish naira now even her voice has statred sounding unpleasent to me ( i know i suffer from mood swing but her name mentioned and my irritation is out of my control )
    aur cvs tum ek kaam karo
    kaira ki dobara sagai aur marriage
    manish karthik ka bond
    suwarna ka sach
    naira ki mahanta which i hate
    karthik -suwarna
    kaira ka romance
    naira ki pregnancy
    naira is like akshara ka proof
    aur bhi aas padosh ke serial ki probleam sab sab kuch sirf aur sirf naksh i mean keesh ki shadi me dikhana iske baad mauka nahi milega theeke hai na???

    if this dosent irritate you then i have more

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Kaina…Aftr my comment then I saw ur this comment…pls calm dwn ya??? not worth to lost ur emotion over an episode…?I know u told me u need to vent ur frustration…so just throw abit temper n cool dwn???ya?

  6. Fenil

    Hello Everybody

    Awesome Episode.

    Naira why can’t you stay quite for lil time ?Khamkha sabko tension de diya.Good that Dadi scolded her after coming home.

    Manish’s care and concerned towards Keerti was just simply natural.Manish and Karthik’s scenes were awesome.Karthik started showers his care towarda his father now a days its positive sign.

    Kaira’s romance scenes also beautiful.loved it.

    I must say Surekha is now a days speaking true and fair.

    Singhanias sent bouquet for Keerti was simply Outstanding.Singhanias came to Goenka Mansion was very nice….Sangeet attire simply beautiful in red colour.Dadi’s talks with Naira was good but its not going to happen as families loves Her.

    Precap :+Shocked

    1. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil I am also happy to see Singhanias ?concern for kirti is great?? its a nice gesture??

      I also missed Misti n Gayu…why Misti is also missing Gayu I know the reason but Misti what happened???

    2. Fenil

      Mushroom must be busy with study so no shooting or may be they removed her character.

  7. Fenil

    In this Naira can say Yes for the time being and after that she can make any excuses for avoiding her presence in functions little not directly and slowly if Naira want.

    Keesh always does magic on screen and automatically my lips curves into beautiful smile.I want to just adore them just want to see them always together.KEESH fever came in body.

    1. Ponkuri

      Oh is it…thank you so much…ur right Misti is still a student?? Bro Fenil

  8. Yes dadi is right… Y is everything depends on naira… She wants limelight always.. now dadi stopped her . So she don’t have have any better business to do so she is poking nose in other topics and create problems again

  9. Hi every1..episode was superr…hate can she say tht to naira i mean keerthi shd decide bt how can naira stay away in her bhai’s wedding…felt sad at tht moment..n surekha always she only makes dadi like tht…..she has prob. with naira…n karthik n manish scenes were tooo gud..luvd it..hope karthik patch up with manish…cute scenes of kaira..

  10. Ponkuri

    Hi ???sis Kaina….oh I am happy ur happy wit today episode…yestrday ur quite ??pissed off wit the Cvs…keep in mind to take care of ur emotions…??

    I wanna ask why did Naira won the Makti breaking competition? The yellow team won first as they broke the makti first??? am I missing something?? or the last to break wins????

    Ur right abt Naira reaction aftr Dadi told her off abt its Keesh wedding…she literally showed displeasure??

    I also wanna say abt Aditya why can’t he moved on….why is he still sticking around Kirti? Whatever he planned to do is of no meaning…he is frm rich family n he is still young he can anytime get another girl!! Why clinged to Kirti unless he is psycho???…sorry? dun mean to be harsh?

    Take care my Bro Fenil Rahul Sis Kaina Raf Anjana Missy Tvfan Soumya TittiFruitti n all YRKKH family members???????

    P.S…I hvnt watch today episode yet…just read update…will comment aftr watching if any???

    1. Tvfan1

      in yesterday’s episode..Naira broke the matki (at the end) in the least time beating the yellow they won!

      hope this cleared your doubts!

    2. Ponkuri

      Dear TVfan Thank you so much for ur explanation???

  11. Fenil

    When First time Keerti’s character introduce she was so happy jovial and carefree bird.When her character started unfold She was turning into weak character all of sudden don’t know what CVs is doing with her character.She is shy that was oky but all of sudden her character turning into weaken day by day then her shivering facing Aditya and I hate this when she can feel Aditya’s presence around her??????its a big question for me.

  12. Hello guys
    Do you love the scene where naksh said this dress suits was just awesome….
    If they want to praise they need Naira ,if they want to scold then also its just naira

    Manish goenka is my hero now.yes,akilesh has brain….he said correct. I loveed the way everyone explained about Manish.

    Did you see sangeet costumes of just awesome…ananya’s looks very cute

    1. Everyone means everyone who wrote views above

  13. Day by day boring get some interesting moments and more kirti naksh

  14. TUFriendsForever

    I am watching this show only for nakshhh.I have watvhed from the beggining till duggu accepting naitik when he came back from coma in tamil(I am a Tamil girl) n u know I never felt that akhsara was poking her nose in all but I feel naira is just overthinking n poking in all things I like kaira but unnecessary scenes must be avoided r.8th wonder I acceptwith dadi I feel keesh does not have scene space if the show runs for 21 minutes 10 minutes for keesh n 10 for kaira equal importance would be good
    Manish is stealing the show for me he is soooo goodddd I liked the fatherly love
    I wish Hina mam comes for keesh wedding like akshara in keesh wedding its madness but if aks show some kind of naksh dream of his mom is there in his wedding that would be so magical eben for one epi i will be happy

    1. Soumya85

      Rufi is that you????

    2. TUFriendsForever

      Yeahhhhhhhh bff how r u?????? N no questions on studies

    3. Soumya85

      I’m fine bff
      How are you?
      I didn’t knew that you watch yrkkh and i guess you have commented first time here…I’m missing u bff sooo much
      Love you

  15. Dadi had such double standard now she wants everything to be what Kirti wants but during Kaira wedding she did her own manmani and never thought about the two. She tells Naira that bahu can’t be beti but she wants Kirti to get Naira’s place in Singhania house.

    You know what Dadi if you want everything to be Kirti choice, then Kirti choice is Naira’s choice only.

    1. Shivaya khanna

      I totally agree with you dadi is such a hypocrite she didn’t let kaira do anything of their choice Keerti has to make her own place not take Nairas place in singhanias Akshara never took Rashmi or nandinins place but made her own place in the family

  16. Lol! @ kaina1, I agree with your comments 100%. I am completely shocked that the day has come that I too agree with daadi & Surekha ?…. Naira’s character has always acted in a stubborn, immature manner & now all of a sudden after Akshara’s death they are making out that she has turned into a mature, responsible young lady overnight, the fact that they make out she makes all the arrangements & decisions around the weddings is laughable… she had disappeared for most her life & hasn’t even been with the singhania family for that long…. how did they cope when she wasn’t around. Even in the keesh wedding promo they show Naira all dolled up with her duppatta draped on her head, could they not just allow Kirti to have the limelight & show Naira accompanying Kirti but dressed in a simpler manner. (There are other shows such as Ishqbaaz, where there are 3 female leads & even though Anika is the main lead it never comes across that she is trying to outshine the others unlike Naira). The cvs are showing Naira in such an immature manner, she could have handled the situation so much better – by saying that she can help but ultimately the decision should be the bride & grooms because it’s their special day. I like kaira’s relationship but it’s becoming frustrating with karthik turning into a nodding dog agreeing with everything Naira says & putting her on a pedestal. It seems from Daadi & Surekha’s reaction that the cvs maybe putting the focus on Naira intentionally to create friction, but it’s still annoying to watch. I hope when they reveal more about karthik’s mother, Naira doesn’t get all credit for it and the storyline doesn’t centre around Naira as it should be more about karthik, mannish and Swarn.

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