Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira unite

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik coming to Naira. She gets tensed. He says have sweets, congratulate me, I got married, nothing matters now, it happened what you wanted, right. She cries. He says fine, wish me at least, I m going to start a new life. He calls Ashi in. Ashi comes in with Karan, and smiles. Naira gets puzzled. Kartik asks what did you think, I can marry anyone else, we are booked for seven births. Naksh removes the sticker from card and shows Naira’s name. Naira cries. Kartik says you did good acting, I was also good. Devyaani says and me too. Manish and Dadi say we too. She hugs Kartik and says sorry, I was mad to find happiness in your happiness after your marriage. He says forget it. She says I was thinking I m brave to stay without you, but I can’t live without

you. He says even I can’t live without you, mum told me everything when you met her in temple. FB shows Suwarna asking Kartik to promise her. He says she made me promise that we both won’t get away, mum explained me, I was angry.

FB shows Kartik saying Naira did the same with me, she has hidden this. Suwarna asks who will understand this, this was my blames till now, you don’t repeat my mistake, she didn’t tell you as you would be sad, just think, be in her place and see, if this happened with you, if life cheated you, what would you do, would you tell her, you would have done same. FB ends. Kartik says I was much angry, I didn’t know what’s hurting me more, mum explained me, I realized your pain, I would have reacted the same being in your place, sorry Naira, you are mad to get me married to someone else, who does so, I know who does this and why, because this needs madness, which we both have, so I got ring there and came playing dhol so that you tell me why are you hurt, your love is great, you can’t see me sad, we will never let this madness end in our lives, you do what you want, I will never blame you, I know you will always do right.

Naira asks why did you do drama when you knew this. FB shows Suwarna calling Singhanias and saying I know about Naira’s illness, we all know Kartik and Naira’s love, I want your help in getting them remarried. FB ends. Kartik says just time pass. Naira asks what. Kartik says we both are equally mad, why shall I tell you that I just want to marry you, no one else, don’t make guilty face, we did this drama to make you realize, that love is madness, not helplessness. Manish says yes, when two people are related, everything is related. They all explain. Kartik says I want to become your preference, not your helplessness, you can take time and tell me, did you get much hurt by this drama. Naira signs no. Ashi says thanks, sorry I didn’t wish you to get hurt.

Karan says tell her how we got part of this plan. FB shows Ashi saying my family isn’t agreeing, I will elope and marry Karan. Kartik says Karan is a nice guy, I will arrange your marriage. Suwarna says I will get you and Karan married, and tell Naira that you and Kartik are marrying. FB ends. Naira beats Kartik. Kartik asks them to say something. He jokes on Naira. They hug and say I love you. Everyone smiles. Range hai dono ke dil….plays….. Ashi hugs them. She leaves with Karan. Dadi says forgive me for misunderstanding you. Naira says don’t be sorry. Kirti says I m sorry, I troubled you by falsely fighting with Naksh. Naira says I really fought with your brother. Naksh hugs Kartik. Manish says I can’t even say sorry, I couldn’t understand your love, we elders should have understood. Naira says no, I should be sorry to you all.

Manish apologizes to Naitik. Naitik says wait a min, I made a full list. They smile. Manish asks list, this is too much. Naitik says I m forgetting things with age, I thought I shouldn’t forget anything when I apologize to you and your family. Manish asks you mean its your mistakes list, sorry again. Naitik says person should apologize for own mistakes first. Manish says then I should send you email and apologize, my list is longer. They laugh. Naira asks where is Suwarna, I want to meet her. Kartik takes Naira to Suwarna, near hospital temple. Everyone comes. Suwarna lies in Naira’s lap and cries. She says never forgive me, I did big mistake to misunderstand you, I filled wrong thoughts in everyone’s minds about you. Naira says no, forget it. Suwarna says no, I tried not to hurt my son, I have hurt him so much, I snatched his love. They cry.

Naira faints. Doctor says we shouldn’t delay more, else there won’t be any use. Everyone worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wahhh what a episode!!! Swarna please now don’t change…. u act very well in positive character, Loved today’s episode… Why yrkkh doesn’t come on Sat also…. It’s like waiting for 2 days…. I love this serial a lot.. Makers please I have a request for you…. This show is really very positive show…. Please don’t make it rubbish doing creating any unusual scenes, differnt from other serials, koe villain ni no negative character full too family show, this is the reason I watch this show, Simple sober n beautiful , chahe kuch krlo, lekin do not separate KAIRA … All the best everyone… The whole YRKKH team…. U all are the best.. N please show some romance side of naksh n kirti also, they too look awesome together ♥♥

  2. Amazing episode wow,this episode was so sweet that it sent my sugar level right up aww man and her fainting hmmm is it that they did their own bit of naughtiness secretly and she is pregnant??? Will have to wait until Monday to know or maybe her illness has taken a turn for the worst?

    1. Aj maha episode h..u can watch…

  3. I feel the showing is coming on Saturday at 6 PM, 1 hr. Maha episode

  4. YRKKH is coming on this Saturday at 6 PM, 1 Hr. Mahaepisode.

  5. Waiting this episode for long……Please dont end this show. #Love from KERALA

  6. Fav episode love kaira#kaira lover from kerala

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