Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira misses out to meet Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a girl asking Kartik how is he feeling. Kartik says I m fine, thanks. She asks him to come along. At the wedding, Manish and everyone see Singhanias. Lav and Kush run to greet Naksh and Kirti. Lav says why aren’t they talking to each other, where did Naira go. The girl asks Kartik to let her think what her dad does to cure headache. He says I m fine, let me go. She asks him to have water. Chitti says that naughty baby didn’t come.

Naira says she is Kritika, maybe she slept. The girl says my name is Kittu, what’s your name. Kartik says even my name is Kittu, is anyone not at home. She says Dadi is sleeping, they asked me not to let any bad man come in, but you look cute like dangerous Didi of this building, she is short tempered, but she is cute, have tea and go. He asks who will make tea. She says I m very young, when my Dadi gets headache, she gets fine by having ginger tea made by Didi. Kartik recalls Naira. He says I don’t like ginger tea. She says just try it once, I will just come. She goes. Bhabhimaa stops Suwarna and says I know, you are elder, you can forgive for the family’s sake, my family has endured a lot because of my one mistake, so I m telling you.

Suwarna says one who goes through the pain understands it, you lost your husband, I lost my son. She goes. Kirti asks will Kartik and Naira meet. Manish says I wish so, I pray that they meet. The girl Kritika comes to Naira and asks her to make ginger tea for Kittu. Naira thinks of Kartik. Kritika says Kittu was stuck in lift, he is at my home now. Naira asks how could you bring anyone home, do you know him, come with me. She comes to see. Kartik goes. Kritika says he was a good guy. Naira says sometimes good people do such things which we can’t think. She sees Kartik’s thank you message on the chalk board. She writes her name on the board and keeps it. She goes. Naksh gets Naitik’s call. Naitik says actually, I had to tell you about Naira’s admission in Imperial college. She will be here for two years. Naksh says I will go home and talk.

Naitik says he said he will go home and call me, I m staying away from my son to support my daughter, I feel guilty. Naksh cries and says dad is being unfair with me, he said he will return, Naira has got admission in Imperial college, she won’t come for two years, how will I stay without him, its okay, Naira will study there at Imperial college. Lav and Kush hear him and say that even Kartik has gone to Imperial college. Kartik cries thinking of Naira. Naira thinks about him. Yeh rishta….plays… Lav and Kush go to Manish and ask why is Naira going to Mumbai for studies.

Manish drops the box. Lav asks is Imperial College a good one, Naksh told Kirti in the wedding party, Naitik called him, we wanted to ask you that time itself. Manish smiles and thinks prayers made with a true heart always gets fulfilled. He says Naira will come back soon, its late, go and sleep. Naira imagines Kartik. She switches on the lights to check. Yahan wahan….plays…. She says why don’t your memories leave me. Manish sees Suwarna. She cries. She says tell her there is no place for her at home, ask her to stay away from my son and not trouble him, Bhabhimaa was trying to talk to me, I don’t want to talk to anyone, Manish are you doing this, why are you hurting me and our son. Manish says nobody is hurting you, don’t misunderstand people. Suwarna says I heard you saying Naira will come, stop her from coming if you love your son, forget her, like Kartik has forgotten her, please.

She hugs him and cries. He thinks I want Kartik to be happy so I want them to unite, Kartik didn’t forget her and can never forget her. Naitik says this is for you, what can be a better gift than a pen, write your coming future as you want. Naira thanks him. He asks her not to be nervous. Chitti says I m confident a bout you. Kritika and her Dadi wish Naira all the best. Kritika gifts her a frog pouch. Naira gets sad. Naitik looks at her. Kritika says take it along, you can exchange it with me if you want the lion one. Naira says its good, I shall leave now, I will miss my train. Vaidehi says I will come to meet you when you return. Naira goes. Naitik says its not easy, but she won’t lose, I m so proud of her. Kartik says no… the man says think about it, its your subject, you are the trustee, you can address the students. Kartik says its imp for me to go Udaipur, my mum needs me. He leaves. Naira comes to college.

Kartik goes to take the class. Naira comes late. He calls her out and says no latecomers in my class, get out.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. CVS????y are u ruining suwarna character so much

    1. Yeah Priya dear, they butchered her character like slaughtered goat, these days she is the only irritated character of the show has right now. She started to blackmailing her emotional for everyone else, i mean why she is saying karthik karthik only, where is keerti. Actually cv’s trying too hard to make suwarna like Dadi goenka but fails miserably.

  2. These days this suwarna mata becomes irritated and dumb character, actually she is drives me crazy so annoying like hell. I’m still trying to understand, ain’t she have a daughter as well if so how come she ignored keerti like that although keerti was the one who always stands by her side when she got married to her father and called her mum before anyone else but now she acting as she don’t exist and don’t matter for her. Funny things after two years naira has got her admissions to joined the college now ???????? what the joke man, i mean what was she doing for these long periods , i wonder why ?. Coming for this karthik, why he ruined by himself for drinking alot of alcohol, cv’s for heaven sake don’t tell us ??? love makes him to become alcoholic so he can be strong enough to forget all the painful moments, my foot. You guys makes the so called ideal couple looks good for nothing, and stupid. Between why this patch up and separated tracks every damn weeks, i mean don’t cv’s have any other interesting story rather than, this lame and idiotic senseless scripts.

    1. I so agreed with you Nadia, This Suwarna is becoming so unreasonable!!! she got no love for Kirti at all!!! And she actually can see Karthik is in pain but she refused to admits so as to take revenge on Naira for she blamed Naira for the death of Shubham!!! Please wake up CV enough is enough!!!

    2. the most funny part was when naksh got irritated about his fathers absence. he has his whole family. they are even ruining the brother and sister relationship. hats off to the producers. the show has come become bad to worse

  3. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia why does kartik always be nasty towards naira? Just coz naira was late coming to her husband kartik class that doesn’t mean that kartik can be nasty towards his wife he should of been nice towards naira she is his wife kartik is being more more horrible nasty towards naira it’s not fair on naira anymore because kartik should apologise to naira kartik should take naira back to her mother in lows house and they should all apologies to naira right now
    Kind regards soofia

    1. Oh pls hasn.naira s nt so gud dat ur saying evry1 should say sry nd all
      She doesnt deserve dat
      She d main reason fr shubams death
      Bcz of her mahanata nd hiding things evry1 s suffering nd as usal like a coward she just went away wen karthik just asked her to leave fr time being
      Naira s d worst lead who just knws shouting doing cheap romance nd lecture others with her irritation voice

    2. What about when mansi killed akshara? How did the singhania’s forgive her. Naira didn’t even directly kill shubham

    3. Cause things wouldve been so much better if Naira stayed? How come when mansi killed akshara everyone was able to forgive her and Naira didn’t even kill shubham.

  4. Such a crap track. Yrkkh was never like this. It is a family oriented serial always so why are the cvs spoiling it. Please unite kaira please please and stop spoiling suwarna character so much.

  5. I think Manish have to slap suwarna and kick her out of the house

  6. They have spoiled the show so much . I have stopped watching it . I hope they end this ” ghatiya ” show .

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