Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira confronts Kartik

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kairav waking up and saying Papa. He asks where did you go mumma, dad and I were finding you, where is he. He calls out Papa. Naira asks him to listen. He asks where is Papa, tell me. She says there is no dad here, you ran from school for him, I asked you not to talk to strangers, you don’t care for mumma, so you went, enough now, he isn’t your dad. He says he is my dad, he met me like you sad, rainbow, flowers, butterflies, everything was there, dad got me home. He runs shouting Papa. Naira says enough, there is just you and me, no Papa. He runs. She cries. She sees Kartik’s jacket. She gets the same perfume smell and thinks of Kartik. She says no, this can’t happen, fate can’t play this big game with me, that man isn’t Kartik, this can’t happen, he is a stranger, I have to keep my son away from him. Kartik comes to the hotel and says Dadi….. He sees Vedika resting. He asks what happened. Dadi says Vedika isn’t fine. Vedika says I m okay. Dadi says see her state, she worked hard and fell ill, she is dizzy. Vedika says no, I m fine, maybe restlessness due to flight, don’t worry for me.

Kartik says even then I will send doctor, it will be a problem if you fall ill. Dadi says you take her to doctor. He says I don’t know anything, I m also new here, I will ask hotel staff to call a doctor, you scared me, I came running here. He asks Vedika not to worry, he will send a doctor. He goes. Dadi smiles and says did you see, he came running, he worries for you, he will be with you in exhibition. Naira asks can I come in. Kairav says no. Naira says please baby, mum feels scared, is my baby annoyed with me, I m really sorry, please talk to me, mum got angry on you, I love you a lot, if I don’t see you, mum get scared, when lights went off one day, mum went out and door got shut by wind, you got scared, same way mum was scared when you were missing, I m sorry. He asks why did you say, there is no one, dad is here, he has come to Goa, meet him. She says fine, I will meet, promise me you will not run from home to meet him. He asks will you take me. She nods. He says okay promise, take D’Souza’s phone. She hugs him.

Kartik says I will meet that kid’s mom as well, no, I will help Vedika in putting her stall and then go. Naira says I want to talk to that man right now, its criminal to mislead a kid. Liza says he safely dropped your son home. Naira says Kairav had run because of him, why are you taking his side, you are my friend, its bad to give wrong hope to Kairav, Kairav will be hurt knowing that man isn’t his dad, he may do anything dangerous. Liza says yes, what do you want to do now. Naira says I will talk to him now.

Vedika says sorry for this. Kartik says its small thing, how is your health. Vedika says better, thanks I will handle it. Dadi asks him to have food first. Naira says how will I talk, I took number from D’Souza’s phone. She calls Kartik. Kartik gives a glass of juice to Vedika. Dadi smiles. He gets a call. Liza says hear him before you shout on him. Naira says see he isn’t answering, what shall I do, I will not leave him. Liza says maybe he doesn’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Naira messages… Kairav’s fake dad, answer my call or call me back, I m his real mum. Kartik coughs reading message and says its an urgent call, I will just come.

Dadi asks him to have food first, else she will hide his phone. He says okay. He eats food and messages Naira. She reads…. hello sorry, I can’t talk right now, I will talk later. She says strange man, he has no time to talk, he is giving false hopes to my son. She writes… its urgent, call right now. He thinks strange woman, why is it so urgent. He replies… I hope Kairav is fine. She writes… you don’t need to worry, I m with him, real mum, not fake. She reads…. glad to hear this, we will talk tomorrow. She writes… I have to talk right now. He writes… I can’t talk right now, why don’t you understand. She writes…. you are keeping a fake relation at some other place. He writes… none of your business. She writes… yes its your business to mislead others’ kids. He writes… madam mind your language, I didn’t mislead anyone. She writes… does my son regard you his dad for no reason, what do you think of yourself, are you a king hat everything will run according to you. Kartik says I m done Dadi. He goes.

He says this woman is crazy, she can’t handle her kid and blaming me, I want to scold her, I m silent because of that kid, don’t know what stories she is telling that kid. Naira says this man is professional criminal, he maybe scared to get caught. He says I will send a last message. He writes… I don’t want to meet you or talk to you today. Naira says how does your opinion matter, I will meet you today. Liza snatches the phone and says let me talk now. She writes, okay, we will meet tomorrow at royal exhibition. He reads and says good. Liza says you have sent him rude messages, chill, we have fixed time tomorrow, we will meet him. Naira says we will beat him. Liza says Kairav is involved in this, think about it. Kartik says misunderstandings will be over, don’t know if she understands me. Naira says I will never forgive you for what you did with me and my child.

Naira says its time to meet him. Kaira says yes, when you see him, you will know that he is my dad. Kartik comes. Kairav smiles and runs to him. Kartik lifts Kairav and hugs him. Naira gets shocked seeing Kartik. Her dream ends. She wakes up. She sees the jacket and says this dream will never come true. She sees the time and says I had this dream early in the morning, will it come true, no, its just a myth. She sees Kairav and kisses him. She says many of my dreams would have come true if this was true, reality is that I have to earn a lot of money in the exhibition and teach a lesson to Kairav’s fake dad.

Naira arranges her stall. She sees Kartik coming and gets shocked. O jhoke…..plays…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think Kairav’s gon be rebelling a lot til he meets his papa again ? n the nok jhok between those 2 ??

    Precap: she will probably go and hide so he won’t see her ? (I would hv done same thing 2 ?)


    What non sense is this keeping a child away from father she doesn’t deserve to be a mother…ladies tolerate husbands betting slaps so that their children’s future is safe fathers hand is not snatched away from the child…this is too much beyond normal people’s understanding….if kartik didn’t trust naira even naira didn’t trust kartik in some incidents like akshara s murder case but when she asked forgiveness he forgave her….why she can’t tolerate anyone doubdt information her while she keeps on doubting everyone on earth….And secondly she’s only a mean person….otherwise she would have thought about her son how hel stay without dad…..wouldn’t snatch father from him would think how her dad brother and her family live without her…sorry to say but I find naira most mean foolish person….and I really can’t find one sensible reason why people support her…
    And why is she the lead? How can she ever be compared to anyone bcz she’s worst wife worst mom and a worst hopeless daughter

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Lol… kind words in a bad way… wait… or is it, bad words in a kind way ? idk ?

    2. Exactly Abitha, i completely agree, even after getting a husband like Karthik this Naira Madam just thinks about herself, she is the most selfish lead i ever found in all the tv series, i really don’t understand why people are supporting her. And. you are right, i know personally a mother who are gone through so many physical, mental and emotional abuses from her and even facing now, but she never broke her relationship all for her children. Naira is the best example for a bad mother and a wife such a selfish woman, all just she thimks is about herself her own sefish desires……..stupid woman

    3. she doesn’t want karthik to doubt over who kairavs papa is because she did go back but he had doubt and accused her and she heard from outside. a

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