Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat smartly breaks the alliance

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sirat getting a burger for Nani. She asks why did you make all this when its not my birthday. Nanko says a guy is coming to see you, you will be going away if he likes you, Maudi and this house will be mine. Sheela signs Mukesh. Nani asks Sirat to get ready, its a good alliance. Sirat says I don’t want to do any drama, they can reject me. Kartik asks why did Kairav go out with warden, please say its urgent, make me talk to him. He ends call and says isn’t Kairav fine, no, I m overthinking. Warden and Kairav come to the locality and look for Sirat. Sheela and Mukesh talk sweetly. Sirat gets angered. Nani asks her to be quiet. Teacher calls warden and asks did you get that girl. Warden says no. She says Kartik had called, he is upset that we have sent Kairav out. Sheela congratulates Sirat and feeds her a laddoo.

Sirat is tensed. Kairav comes calling out mumma. He hugs Sirat and calls her mumma. Sirat gets an idea and says what happened to you, are you fine. Nanko says if this boy is her son, then I m his Mama, same size. The lady asks does she have a son already. Sheela asks who is he. Sirat says he is my son. Mukesh says she has gone mad. Sirat says you want to separate mum and son, I didn’t get married, I just have a son. The lady calls her shameless. Sheela says its not true. Mukesh asks how can this happen. Sirat says I m his mumma. Kairav says yes. He asks are you on a secret mission. She says I will tell you later. He says I was finding her since long, everything will be fine. She says yes. She thinks this boy saved me. The lady scolds Sirat. Sirat says Sheela used to hate my boyfriend and now my son. Lady says we got saved. The guests leave. Mukesh asks who is this boy. Sirat says I just did this to defend your move. He says so this was your plan.

Nani faints. Sirat gets water and medicines for her. Kartik says hostel staff didn’t call me till now. He worries for Kairav. Sirat gets angry on Kairav. She says I m not your mumma, this is my house so I m staying here. She makes him out and shuts the door. Warden asks Kairav to come, she is not his mum. Kairav shouts a lot. Sirat asks are you fine. Nani asks why is this boy calling you mumma, I was getting a heart attack. Sirat says he came as an angel to save me from the marriage, don’t do this with me, I m trying for state level, let me focus. Nani says get married. Sirat says Nanko had burnt my gloves, did anyone think what I m going through. Nani cries and asks did anyone think about me. Sirat says sorry, I have to focus on my fight. Rhea comes to Kartik and says I had come to see Akshu, I will come later if she is sleeping. He nods. She sees Naira’s pics and asks why is it in a box. Kartik locks the trunk. She asks how will you make memories away from your heart, its not a way to move on, if memories are good, then you should keep it, she was the love of your life, you have to keep her alive in your memories. Kartik says she is still my life and will always be.

Nani asks why did that boy think you are his mum. Sirat says I also didn’t understand, I didn’t ask him. Nani says I had pity for him. Sirat says sorry, I don’t know him, he is making mum and son’s relation. Nani says you broke your heart, find out about him. Sirat says yes, hostel….

Kairav recalls Sirat’s words. Warden talks to teacher. He says I didn’t get to see her, but she had shut the door on Kairav’s face. Sirat calls the hostel and asks for Kairav. She says I m not your mumma, there is a confusion, sorry for the drama, I will pray that you really get your mumma. Kairav cries and says mumma… Sirat says I m not your mumma, take care. She says I think his mum had left him and run away like my mum had run away leaving me behind, but the world will not stop, I have to win in the states.

Rhea asks Manish if she can work with them. Akhilesh says its our mistake that we couldn’t use the talent in our family. Surekha asks Kartik how is the design. Kartik says its good, you should try for a good house. Kairav faints. Kartik shouts Kairav. Suwarna asks what happened. Kartik says something happened to Kairav, I can feel it. Manish asks him to call the hostel. Kartik calls and asks for Kairav. He says fine, I will come. Manish and everyone ask what happened. Kartik says I have to go, dean has called me, he isn’t fine. Everyone worries. Sirat does boxing. She says I have to win the match. A lady comes and says one wins and loses by heart, win your heart ir you want to win, Lord sees this fire of your anger, don’t let it end. Sirat says I don’t know whom I will fight in the ring tomorrow, its a big day for me. Kartik asks who is it, whom is Kairav seeing again and again. He drives.

Kairav goes to the ring and calls Sirat mumma. Sirat asks him to go. The coach shouts you are qualified, you have mentioned single status in the form, but you have a son, you can’t play this match.

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