Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badshah asking did Dadi’s trick succeed. They all say yes. Badshah says we will make it more hit, I had a rap for you. He sings a special rap for Naira and Kartik. He gives them best wishes. He asks did they enjoy. They say yes, a lot. Badshah sings Abhi to party shuru hui……Naira, Kartik, Gayu dance with Badshah.

The elderly ladies also dance with Badshah. Everyone dance and enjoy. Everyone clap for Badshah. Badshah congratulates Naira and Kartik. Kartik says you made our sangeet super special by coming here. Badshah says you both are super special, I wish you both all the best. He leaves. Kartik and Naira hug Dadi and thank her. Dadi asks did you like it. Naira says a lot.

Bau ji says Suhasini ji, you made this evening memorable for kids. Surekha says you made Lav and Kush’s dream true. Dadi wishes Manish was here. Kartik says after Badshah’s performance, we will take family performance ahead. He tells about superhit song of Maharashtra. Naira says Dadi is coming from Goenkas. Kartik says Baisa, Bhabhimaa, Rukmani and Nandini are coming from Singhanias. Naitik says its good I got come more time. Naksh asks him to go and practice. Naitik says no, I have to see this. The elderly ladies dance on Navrai Majhi, dressed in Maharashtrian attire. Naitik gets Kartik and Naira on stage, and dances with them. Everyone smile. They all clap for the ladies. Kartik happily hugs Dadi.

He calls Dadi rockstar for dancing so well. He says even Singhanias danced well, but I have seen Dadi dancing for the first time. Dadi says I enjoyed a lot, thanks to you both. Naira says you left heroines behind. Baisa wishes Dadi always loves Naira, I m ready to lose in dance. Naitik says Dadi looks strict, but is soft at heart. Everyone compliment Dadi. Dadi says your family also has good dancers.

Kartik tells about the gents doing dance on punjabi song, both families men will dance. He says Naitik, Vishwamber, Bau ji, Devyaani, Rajshri, will come. Naira says Akhilesh, Surekha and….. They all get surprised seeing Manish and Suwarna coming. Kartik looks at naira. The lady says Wow, what an entry on time, it will be fun to see Manish and Suwarna’s dance. Kartik gets annoyed and goes.

Naira goes after Kartik. He asks did you call them, answer me. She says yes. He says fine. She asks him to listen. Gayu asks Naira to go after Kartik, we will manage here. Gayu asks everyone to welcome Manish. Manish says I m tired and did not do rehearsal. Naitik says come, we will not think its competition. Manish says its okay. Naksh says Kartik got annoyed, Manish is not even dancing.

Gayu says don’t worry, Naira will convince him. Kartik and Naira come back. Manish recalls Suwarna crying while they left. He asks her to stop crying, for whom are you crying, he hates you. She says but you love Kartik, we should have not refused to Naira, its her sangeet too, she would have seen many dreams, we are breaking her dreams too, why did we not care of her happiness, we would have heard Kartik’s bitter words, atleast we could become part of his happiness.

Akhilesh and Surekha dance. Akhilesh sees someone and doubts if that’s Vijay. He stops dancing. Dadi asks what happened, we will lose if you don’t doubt. Akhilesh says I got imp work and goes. Lav and Kush ask will we lose now. Manish says if not your Papa, your Tau ji will dance. Dadi smiles. Manish and Suwarna dance with Devyaani, Bau ji, Vishwamber, Rajshri, and Naitik on the song Nachde ne saare……. Everyone smile. Dadi smiles seeing Manish happy. They all clap. Kartik looks on irked. Naira worries.

Naksh says everyone performed separately, now its grand finale performance with everyone. The lady asks Suwarna to dance with her bahu. Naira holds Kartik’s hand and does not let him go.

Everyone dance together on Bole Chudiya…… Kartik gets angry, while Naira tries to apologize and stop him. Kartik leaves. Manish and Suwarna see Kartik leaving. Suwarna apologizes to Naira. Naira says no, I should be sorry, you respected my words, I will make up to Kartik. Suwarna thanks her. Gayu asks Naira to change, Naksh went to get Kartik.

Kartik changes clothes and comes. He gets annoyed and leaves. Naira runs after him. He sits inside a decoration items truck. The truck leaves. Naira looks for him.

Kartik and Naira dance in the truck on Humma humma song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone, I think everyone here should give a proper introduction. Although I gave my introduction in a epi (don’t know which one) I am once again gonna give my Introduction.
    Name: Su (Suha)
    Live in: London, United Kingdom
    Language: English (fluent) and Bengali (fluent). I actually read the subtitles on the serial, but some words are understandable though.
    Hobby: Art and playing cricket
    Favourite subject: Science, Art and Maths and maybe Literacy (English in here, sometimes v boring, I like it bcz I am good at it)
    Favourite shows: Ishqbaaz, YRKKH, Naamkaran, Meri Durga and Chandra Nandini (depends on the track)
    I have a question, anyone here from London?
    Aditya is v annoying on the upcoming he will blame Keerti having an affair with Naksh.
    I actually quite agree w Karthik, like his Mum died bcz of Suwarna and Manish affair. And Manish didn’t wait a second and married Suwarna. If I was Karthik I would have done it, but my Mum won’t commit suicide though.

    1. Shesha

      Hi su dii…. i like your idea about introductions since there are many new addittions to our family

      My full name is sivasree but shesha is my nickname
      I live Connecticut, America
      I am fluent in Hindi, English, and Telugu since it is my mother tounge
      My hobbies sre singing and dancing
      My favorite shows are ishqbaaz and yrkkh

    2. Hi su I’m from London and Bengali too?

    3. Tvfan1

      Hello dear!!
      Actually I lived in London some time back!!!

      Welcome to tu!!

    4. Hi Su,di I am from India and I am bengali

  2. i really loved today’s episode!! i also enjoyed all the songs being played and seeing everyone dance. i hope the writers get kartik to start warming up to Manish soon because i don’t like seeing him annoyed all the time haha

  3. Fenil

    Hello every elder and younger friends !!
    Awesome Episode.

    Dear Aniket and all , don’t use bro. u can call me only with my nick name FENU Ok.

  4. Shesha

    Hello everyone… how r u all??
    Today’s epiosde was nice
    Good to see veryone enjoying the sangeet
    Badshah is just awesome!!
    I hope that kartik starts to like his parents more and understand them
    I really hate this aditya…..keerti and naksh are a really good pair…. hope that kaira brings them together

  5. khushboo Bhagat

    hiii guys I’m khushboo

  6. im rather looking forward to actually knowing the full extent of why Kartik is so upset wit Manish. There’s more to it than meets the eye. When the angry young man comes out he’s a very hurt young man, and his facial expression n body language says it all!

  7. Karthik Cutie

    I just wish Maura doesn’t spoil her relationship with karthik in trying to getting close to his family.. Karthik deserves much love, He lost his mother, left home, Naira blamed him for murder but still he stands as support to naira,naksh,naitik, singhanias and maheswaris..He got Maura but she keeps hurting him , even then he listens to naira and he gets cool soon even after fights…

    Naira, let’s see what Goenka’s will do to u after knowing ur jail going and away from home flashbacks.. Sure Karthik will support u, but even after that don’t hurt him… He deserves much love.

  8. Hi evryone!!
    Episode was nice…
    Hi NICKNAME KEEPER (Aniket)!!
    Waiting fr ur comment coz, I left a comment for U in ystrdays page bro…How r U?
    Hi Rahul bhaiya, how is ur eye now? R u buzy??
    Hi Lasya, Twana, Shesha, Soumya, Sophie dii, Pat dii, Tanu dii, Fenil bhaiya, Sachu dii…
    How r U guys??
    Tanu dii, wer r U? Noo comments from U..what happen? All well??
    Hi fenil bro, U r elder than me na, So how can I call u FENU? Sorry bhaiya, I can’t. Hope U understand!! Don’t mind bro..
    Hi khushboo, Welcome to our group!!!

    1. Rahul96

      I am good. I am busy with a little family get together and in discovering and enjoying picnics with family in Mumbai. And how are you???

      1. I’m fine Rahul bhaiya..Ok enjoy with ua family bro…Take care..

    2. Hey Raf

    3. Fenil

      Hii Raf ,i’m fine
      It’s fine , i understand .
      How are u ?

  9. Hi Chanya & Trishi…
    Wer r U? If u r buzy in studies, prepr welll. All d best!!
    Hi Pawan, U r missing frm a long time,.Pls come back bro, we all r waitng fr ua commnt!! Study hard, All d best for ua preprtn bro….
    Ishika dii & Aliyaa, prepare best for ua xams..
    best of Luck!!!

  10. A TRUCK….wow….sweiously…..what a perfect place to celebrate your sangeet…i wonder what the rest of the family will think….
    PS: Love ‘The Humma Song’….#Bashah

    1. Badshah*

  11. Nice episode

  12. Good entry by Manish and suvarna

  13. Hi Sophie dii…
    How r u?
    Hi Fenil bhaiya, I’m good!!
    Hey Aniket, wer r U bro?? Buzy in studies r Slept???Coz, U luv to sleep na,So Asked! Since morning, noo comment frm U…Y??? R u fine?? Hope, U r fine..
    Hi Twana, buzy in preprtns?? Y u didn’t comment since morning?
    Hey Lasya, U 2 buzy today??Many membrs r missing…
    Waiting for ua comments guys!!

    1. I am very good and how are you?

  14. Hi everyone iam tasha from south Africa always read comments but dont comment

  15. !.GooD EveninG.! Sorry I know I am late but I was preparing the Script 4 Annual Day Anchoring n was in college since morning.! Yo Fenil bro, Ur last name is Soni that means u r also Maheshwari-Marwadi right? Can u speak in Marwadi? My Intro- I am Aniket Maheshwari. I will turn 18years old in next month. I am in 12th n my stream is PCB. I live in KALAMNURI- A small town in district of Hingoli of Maharashtra.! Hi Suha, this is my intro.!

    1. Fenil

      Yes Aniketbhai , my last name is soni but i’m not maheshwari , I’m Shreemali Marwadi Soni .
      yeah i can speak in marwadi well .

      Good to know about u .

  16. Hi Gayu, Here I am.! Yo its always 5n if u 4gt me, but dont dare to 4gt this virtual family.! Lol.! If any1n of u will ever 4gt me then I will not 4gt 2 remind u 2 remember me 4 ever.! So all of u pls dont 4gt me.! I am good, How r u? Where is every1n? Almost all of the members of the family r missing.! Missing u all dears.! Keep commenting.!

  17. Yo here is my 1st special comment n is dedicated to my BFF.! Yo BFF, Where r u? If not possibl 2 type a long comment then atleast try 4 a short one.!

    1. Twana

      Hiii BFF… thankz for ur Special comment.. sorry I was busy the whole day… studying… got the 4n just a while ago… I’m fine… Hiw r u? Study well coz exams r getting much closer.. thankz for ur advice… I started studying after those functions n Birthdays I had to attend.. TYSM for ur valuable piece of advice.. Trying a short one? now itz nust five minutes left for the new ep of YRKKH…
      See ya soon Guys.. Hope u all r fine… Bye bye… Love u all… n dr Su I will give my intro as soon as possible… Just for ur info Pat dii also lives in London…
      I’m 17 yrs old.. Name Twana…. Turns 18 on 11th of April… Studies in 12th grd.. Biology student..

  18. Soumya85

    Hii my yrkkh family members…how r u all?
    The episode was full of music becoz of badsha…love the precap
    Captain we can’t forget u..hi raf di oo sorry gayu di?how r u??u eill give board exam this year too’s ur preparations? ya many members r missing…do comment.
    I want u all to read my comment on written update page of 27 jan becoz I have written very important thing of my life as everyone has told there problems so I even want to share my problem to all of u so pls do read it.

    1. Soumya85

      Sorry on 26 jan page

    2. Twana

      Yeah Dear Like Raf said We all r with u!! Don’t worry U have all of us as ur Friendzzz!!!!
      Study well dear

    3. Hey Soumya
      How are you dear – I just read your comments and the one you left on 26th. My dear many of us come across very different to others. Sometimes because of how we look or how we behave. I am one such person. Very very very different in my looks & in my behaviour – which comes across as weird to some. But guess what I have learned to love my unique ways & embrace my weirdness. I don’t keep many friends & the few that I have I keep them very close as family. I am very close to my family & cherish every moment I have with them. In school, college right through to University days I could not fit into any group, I used to try but then I get hurt by their rejection. So I stay on my home & guess what random people just come up to me & be friend me.
      Do you know once, a very long time ago, around 2003 I think when I first qualified & started my career – I went to work for this company. During lunch time (remember I am new, to the profession and the company) I saw a bunch of ladies sitting at a table having lunch – about the same age as me – so I went over & sat with them. Throughout their lunch not a single one of them spoke to me. I tried to speak to them but they ignored me, after they had their meal – they got up & left without saying a word to me.
      That day I went home & told a friend of mine, who is like a mother to me & she gave me a good advice – she said learn to sit by yourself, act as if you are enjoying your own company & others will see that & wants to be part of your world; guess what it works when I left that company a year later guess what those ladies were my colleague friends. The next company I went to practice that advice to this day & stayed for 11years until I took a sabbatical.
      You have greatness in you & always be yourself. I have a 13 year old niece who entered secondary school 2years ago & she is experiencing the same thing I went through but you know because I have gone through it, I am in a better position to help her, which I do & she follows my advice & she is happier – she concentrates on her studies & reads a lot.
      This is my story of not fitting in. God is fair; He will send the ones who will appreciate your uniqueness.

    4. On my *own

  19. Hey Aniket!!
    I’l never frgt U bro, Don’t worry..! U 2 don’t frgt Me & dis family…. I’m also good!! Yess, U r soo late today.!

  20. Hey soumya!
    I’m good.. How r U?.Yeah I’m preprng best fr my boards…..U 2 prepr welll Lil Angel.! I’m lil buzy now, I’l c dat comment later soumya,. Don’t mind but will reply U.!

    Those who have boards prepr welll guys..
    best of luck!!!

  21. Hi Soumya!!
    U have shared about ua eye problm on written update page of 26 Jan..Right?
    Don’t worry about ua eye lil Angel! R u takng medicines for dat? I mean as a treatmnt for dat…Follow d doctor’s advise & i hope, it will b alright & U can able to c proprly from dat eye too… Dont feel dat u dnt hv much friends & bff…….V all r with u lil Angel.! Take care!!

    Prepare well for ua Xams Soumya.! All d very best!! BTW, I’m a computer sci student…

    1. Twana

      Hi Raf!!! Gayu of the family!!!! Hey Worry at least a lil abt urself girl!!!! Exam z on the way!! Study well dear!!!!
      What r ur subjectz other than ICT?

  22. Good morning my wonderful & blessed family
    I pray you all are keeping well.
    I have not been commenting because there was some mess going on here that I definitely did not want to be part of but I am happy that Lasya & Sachu has addressed it and they both carry my sentiments exactly about the matter. So it is close.
    I love the funny nicknames that you have given yourselves – beautiful.
    Raf, you are so funny the way you write is so similar to Aniket – sometimes I even wonder if it is not Aniket twin posing as you ?????????????????
    You both have good imagination.
    Su; I am Patricia, I live & work in London. I took a sabbatical from my career and did a postgraduate course in education and international development. At present I am preparing to go back to work. I love watching star plus well I am a big or can you say Bollywood fan.
    All those taking their exams or about to take their exams I pray for great success for you all. Study hard and well. ???
    I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed day/week ???

    1. I am a big or massive Bollywood fan

  23. Now coming to the episode
    The families rock
    My Kartik was looking well groomed
    I love Naira’s outfit
    The new Naksh is awesome – I love him – he is playing the role better than Rohan – sorry R fans but truth cannot be hidden.
    My cuties Luv & Kush were rocking but I wanted to see more of them with the rap star B
    Manish & Suwarna made a superb entrance and I love their dance.
    Keerti was so free dancing you can tell she needs to escape from that mad man Aditya – not to be confused with our own lovely Adi
    We get to see another side of Dadi Goenka
    Everyone keeps going on about Naira went to jail – did she & when was that? Can someone enlighten me.
    Coming to Kartik’s problem – you can tell that he is very hurt & in pain but he needs to control it when strangers around so as not to humiliate his family. I love him to bits in fact more than Naira but I was not happy with his behaviour at his own sangeet. He knows Naira’s family well and knows that they are all about family.
    Naira cannot treat Manish & Suwarna badly – firstly, they haven’t done anything to her. Secondly, she is Akshara’s daughter they are peaceful and will do anything to maintain the peace. I am happy she is trying to bridge the gap.
    As for Kartik, he needs to stop & think if his dad was really guilty of killing the mum then why is her sister so friendly with Manish and gets on really well with Suwarna. Even me, when Priyanka entered I thought she was Manish’s sister because of their bond but when I found out that she is Kartik’s mum’s sister, I then realised that there is a very big misunderstanding between these three and it is destroying their happiness.
    I agree Keerti & Naksh look so good together and she deserves a better husband like Naksh but I am afraid that this does not spoil the image of the show
    I will love for their closeness to happen after Aditya has been exposed & dealt with.
    Saying that Keerti is going to be so love in the Singhania house. And they will show the Goenkas how a bahu can be treated as beta in their family.
    Yes you all I miss Akshara so much – I keep seeing her organising everyone.
    Any way I stop here
    Have a great day all ??????

  24. Soumya85

    Good morning my yrkkh family members…how r u all??
    Thanks twana di,pat di and raf di…It means a lot.
    U know pat di I have to face the same thing everyday..ya i even have 4 friends who r very close to me.but in other places where i m with unknown people they saw me as I m out of this world and that time I feel very bad but now habituated to this things…thanks for ur advice pat di

  25. Lasyashree.10

    ❤️Hi My YRKKH family – Rahul bhaiya, Aniket, Twana, Ishika dii, Pat Dii, Sophie dii, Sachu di, Chanya, Trishi, Ponkuri, Fan, Raf, Aliyaa,Ridz,Adi,Fenil,Pawan, Tanu dii, Suha,123, irum, Shesha, Soumya, Trusna dii,Cassie(Rosa),Dona & All YRKKH fans & silent readers..❤️

    How are you all??

    I’m sorry!! I was unable to comment as I went to meet my family!! I was spending time with them so I didn’t get time to comment here??

    Yea!! Episode was awesome ? and Dadi toh ????
    Dance in truck?? innovative idea…

    All the ladies…???

    ? amazing episode……

    That’s the charm of YRKKH ❤️

    Marvellous performances and I hope ki This ADITHYA drama ends soon….?

  26. Lasyashree.10

    HEY!! GAYU(raf) ??

    I’m sorry ya!! I was busy!! Actually I went to meet my family and all of them locked me up thief they took my mobile and all….we were spending time with each other….. sorry!!

    And thanks for remembering me and also for the message!!! ❤️?

    Hw z uh?? RAF what are you studying?? Just asking don’t feel bad…anyways I know you won’t feel bad!!? Kyunki tum hamaare pyaari Gayu Hein….Right???

    And ya…PAT DI she is really funny!!

    HEY RAHUL BRO ?? ?

    Are you enjoying with your family time!! And yea….I know obviously you will…..
    and bro….you are going to picnic right?? Don’t expose your eyes….. ?


    Hwz your preparation going on?? ? ??
    Prepare well bro!! Hit a great score and yea… don’t ? ?
    And don’t ever dare to forget me!! ?

    Same thing!!prepare well and enjoy too….. ?❤️
    And yea… I’m missing your long comments but still I can understand!! Prepare well buddy and yea…I hope ki you don’t have any nick name….so I want to call as Ms.BOOKWORM ?

    I hope you’ll like it and please tell me If you have any nickname already here…?

    1. Twana

      Hey Thankz Lasya.. I love reading bks ??
      I hv my BFF’s nick name.. thatz all.. I hd many nick names from time to time… ?
      And thankz for ur nick name…. ?
      BFF what do u say abt the nick name?
      And Lasya enjoy ur life with ur family to the fullest dear… see ya soon…

  27. Lasyashree.10

    Hey FENIL!! (BFF)

    Writing your ff well dear…. and sorry I didn’t watch MERI DURGA and hope so I will watch all the episodes soon….. because now I have to prepare for MY BOARDS AND ALSO GO TO INTERN as well so that’s no possible!!??
    By the way?I’m gonna call you FENU…

    HEY CASSIE(rosa)

    Hwz uh!! Hwz your preparation going on??

    Prepare well and feeling very good by seeing your comment here dear❤️❤️
    And yea… don’t forget to eat and sleep in between preparing for exams…

    HEY VRUSHY!!(Writer)✍?✍?

    Well going with your new ff and also DILSE BANDI EK DORR…I’m loving them and I didn’t read the latest updates sorry ya!! I’ll read then and comment even..?❤️

    Hey Pat Di!!

    Hwz you?? Seeing your comment After long tym!! And I’m happy that even your thought was the same…


    I’m happy ki even you both are being doctors…. ??‍⚕️??‍⚕️


    Finally you defeated Aniket and Raf!!

    Good Di…and you are missing?? Busy?? It’s okay ??‍♀️

    Tanu Di is missing please bring her if found

    Welcome all new members!!

    And I’m sorry for not mentioning others …..shesha…Soumya…and all…

    1. Fenil

      Hello Lasiii , how are u ?
      Yes ,I’ll try my best to improve my ff .
      Yes lasiii , call me fenu

  28. Hi Gayu, No dude I wont 4gt u unless I die.! Yes yesterday I was late n 2day u r.! Hi London Sis, As far as I know I was born single I mean I had no twin with me.! Yet I will confirm 4m my parents.! Lol.! Hi Writer cum Fenil bhai ki BFF, i.e. Hi Lasya, thnks 4 ua wishes.! Would like to say u the same, I wont 4gt u unless I die.! Where r the remaining members? This is really hurting that all of sudden every1n got busy.! No1n is free.! (Puppy Face.!).!

  29. Hi BFF, I know u r studyng so I wont fight with u. I make a compromise here that if not posibl to comment twice then atleast comment once everyday.! One comment everyday will do 4 us.! Hi Lil angel, I read that comment on the very same day but didnt replied to this thing as I thot if I discus this matter u will b feeling odd.! Sory yar.! See having 10friends is like having 10books but having 1 best n true friend is like having a library.! Always try to have a library rather than collecting some books.!

  30. I am saying that make few friends only but then they should b the best ones. Dont keep on collecting some random, nonsense, jealous ppl as ur friends.! As Pat di said, Enjoy ua own company n ua own world, some time later those ppl will b wishing to join u in that world.! And the biggest soothing comment 4 u 4m me is U CAN ALWAYS MAKE ME AS UR LIBRARY. I MEAN BEST FRIEND.! Dont worry Lil Angel, We all r with u.!

    1. Soumya85

      Thanks aniket bhaiya…It really means a lot to me and I would be very happy to get u as my best friend because u r very caring..tysm

  31. Fenil

    Spoiler :
    Naira and Kartik’s compatibility test is taken in cocktail party. Everyone cheer for them. Both Naira and Kartik are blind folded. They are given the task to make the glasses tower together. They argue a bit and then work together. They make the glasses castle by their love. They make a beautiful castle by the glasses.

    Kirti says when the lovers won, we should celebrate. A couple sees Naira and asks did you stay in Rishikesh before. Naira says yes, maybe you have seen me at ashram. The man says Naira had her name Tina there. The couple tells Manish about Naira’s past in Rishikesh. Kartik did not know that Naira/Tina used to fool rich people for money. How will Goenkas react knowing Naira went to jail and spent her childhood in an ashram? Kartik supports Naira and decides to marry her soon before his family creates hurdle. Kartik takes Naira to the marriage registration office.

  32. Hi Aniket.!
    Yeah, Sorry I’m late 2day coz, Was buzy in studies.
    Well said to Soumya!! Best of luck for ua board xams bro..& ua message to Pat dii made me laugh!!! If U don’t mind, Can u pls tell me ua birth date??

    Hi Lasya!
    I’m good, How r U? Of course U r right, I’l not feel bad lasya. I’m in grade 12…Y u & Pat dii r sayng dat I’m funny???

    Hey Twana,!
    Here r my subjcts..Language, Eng, Maths, Physics, Chemistry& Computr Sci….Urs??Thanx for ua advice..Ya, I’m preprng well..U 2 studyhard,.Best of luck!!

    Hi Rahul bhaiya, Still u r bzy in family togethr? Enjoy bro & Take care…..

  33. Oh, God! Evryone is buzy……pls do comment guys,…….I’m lil free now..!! Hey Lasya, Dont b sorry.! U 2 r preprng fr ua boards??All d very best.! Prepr welll!!!

  34. Hi guys i am soni from Nepal

    1. Twana

      HI Soni!!

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