Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Manish keeps a condition for Abhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish saying I m fine, can I come in. Abhi says yes. Harsh and Anand ask Manish how can he come this way when he had to rest. Manish says I have come to doctors’ place, you all have saved me. Harsh asks the reason for his coming. Manish says I have to talk to Abhi. Abhi asks him to say. Manish says in private. Akshu says don’t know where did Manish go. Kairav asks did you check cctv footage. Akshu says I m going to check that. He says I m also coming. Abhi says I can’t take him upstairs, can you all leave me alone. He sends everyone. He makes Manish sit and gives him aarti. He messages Akshu…. Manish has come home to meet me, don’t worry, I will update you. Akshu worries.

Manish asks what’s the matter. Harsh gets angry and says don’t know what is he talking to Abhi. Anand says maybe they want to talk something. Harsh says he is teaching Abhi to break our family, he will do black magic, Abhi can leave the house. Manish looks at Abhi. Abhi holds his hand and says sorry, I m your doctor first. He checks his pulse and says its normal, promise you won’t take stress now. Manish says promise, its about Akshu. Abhi says I know, its just Akshu, for whom you can come here. Manish says I m not so strict, I love my family and children a lot, I have regrets, I felt like, I might lose the life.

He says I have the most memories with Akshu, I raised her, Kairav was in Goa and Aarohi was raised by Akhilesh, Akshu was away from the house for three years, I passed that time thinking my daughter will come back and I will shower love on her, she came back and you also came, also the issues, my thinking about you also, now I feel that my thinking about you was wrong, you are not wrong, you are different, you are right. Abhi looks at him. Manish says I wanted to say… Abhi asks him to say. Akshu and Kairav worry. Kairav says he is not well, if anything happens. Akshu says no, Abhi is there, but what would Manish tell them. Manish says I m ready for your and Akshu’s marriage. Abhi asks really. Manish says I want your and Akshu’s marriage to happen soon. Abhi thanks him and lies in his lap.

Manish smiles. Harsh asks the servant what’s happening downstairs. Mahima and Manjiri ask him to relax. Harsh asks what’s happening. Servant says Manish is sitting, Abhi is on his knees, Manish has hugged him. Harsh says I will go and see what’s happening. Parth says we will find out, calm down. Manjiri says don’t fight with Abhi. Harsh says he didn’t give me aarti, he is hugging Manish. Anand says Manish can get unwell, then hospital reputation can spoil, your son can get angry, calm down. Harsh says don’t know what is Manish asking him to do.

Manish says I have a condition for this relation, I want to see Akshu happy, are you okay. Abhi asks him to say. Manish says it’s a big day for you, I have come here with Akshu’s alliance, I know that relations can’t be made on conditions, but life has taught me that some conditions are imp to keep relations, she has tolerated a lot, I don’t want her to tolerate more, this marriage can happen when you listen to me. Kairav and Akshu are on the way. She asks are you sure we should go there. He says yes. She prays. Manish says after marriage, Akshu’s bidaai will happen, she will come here for rasams, then you will bring her back for pagphere, but after that she won’t come back in this house. Abhi gets shocked.

Harsh asks someone to go downstairs and see. Abhi says you won’t come back here with Akshu, you will go to a new house, sorry. He coughs. Abhi gives him water. Manish says sorry, it was in my heart, I don’t want Akshu to stay in this house, she can come here to celebrate festivals, but I can’t see tears in her eyes, she can come here but she can’t stay with this family. Abhi asks why. Manish says because marriage happens between two families, your family won’t accept her, Harsh wanted Aarohi as his bahu, will he accept Akshu, your mum and siblings would be okay, but others won’t be happy because of Kairav and Anisha’s matter, there will be daily fights here, you will stand by her but it won’t bring peace, I have seen a lot and decided this, I m also hurt to think of this, but this is final, I have kept my condition, you decide if you agree or not. Kairav says there is much traffic. Akshu prays. Abhi says thanks, Akshu and I were longing for this day, about your condition, you want to know if I accept it. Kairav and Akshu reach there. They rush inside. Harsh says its enough, I will go and see what’s happening. Everyone goes after Harsh. They all see Manish and Abhi. Akshu asks what’s the matter, why did you come here, is everything fine. Manish recalls Abhi’s reply. Abhi says I agree with you, you worry for Akshu, you don’t know to what extent I can fight for Akshu, I thought to leave the house, but couldn’t go, because I can’t leave my mum here. FB ends. Akshu asks what happened.

Manjiri asks did Manish keep any condition. Akshu calls Abhi to come and check Manish. Abhi checks Manish and says he is okay, why are you panicking. Akshu says Manish told me everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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