Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhabhimaa steals the phones

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jhaveri asking everyone to ask Gayu, she knows something, she has fear on her face, while everyone is worried. The guy says it stopped at 95%, we will try again, I need a software, my friend stays nearby, I will go and get it. He goes. Kartik says Lav and Kush would have realized that his phones are not with them. Gayu comes home. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Gayu cries and hugs her. Gayu recalls everyone scolding her and asking her to get the phones back.

Gayu asks what shall I do, Kartik and Naira won’t give me the mobiles, they didn’t agree to compromise, Kairav’s life is also affected, he is scared and can’t say that he wants mumma, I m much scared for my pregnancy, please talk to them. Bhabhimaa says I can’t help. Gayu asks her to do something. Kartik and Naira look on. He says Gayu is in this state because of us, I feel bad. Naira says yes, what’s her mistake, Samarth should have supported her. Kartik says Manish would have not heard him, Jhaveri will see his profit, his son will get saved, we will check the downloading. Someone stops the downloading. Kartik says call her and ask her to take tension. They see phones gone. Kartik asks where did the phones go. Naira says maybe Dhruv took it.

Dhruv comes and says sorry, I got late, where are the phones. Naira says you had it. Dhruv says I left it here. Kartik says we will ask everyone. They call out everyone and ask for the phones. Kartik asks did anyone come. Naksh and Devyaani say we don’t know. Naira recalls Gayu. Dadi gets the phones to Manish. Manish asks did you go there. Dadi says it doesn’t matter how we got it. Naira comes home. Guard says sorry, but Sir asked you not to come. Naira says ask Gayu to meet me outside, its urgent. She says its fine if I can’t go inside my house. Gayu comes. Naira asks do you know about the phones, its stolen. Gayu says you doubt on me. Naira says no, you would be knowing and helping me. Gayu says I don’t know, I can’t help, everyone is annoyed. Naira says I m sorry.

Gayu says you are blaming me, please go, if anyone sees us, then I will hear the taunts, my sister and Samarth aren’t with me in this pregnancy, you are busy in fights and he is upset with me, are you fighting for this justice. Naira says I m sorry. Gayu asks her to go and fight, but not blame her, she didn’t steal the phone. Kartik says where did Naira go. Devyaani asks will Lav and Kush get free. Kartik says we will lose now, if we lose, then others will also get courage, did Naira go home in anger. Naira leaves. She sees Kairav coming and crying. She stops and runs to the car. She hugs Kairav and asks what happened. Vansh says he has your and Kartik’s pic, the big boys broke it, he fought and his hand got a cut. Naira does the aid and says you will be fine now. She hugs Kairav. Gayu asks did you see everyone’s state. Naira asks did you see my state. She asks Kairav to please come with her, there is dad also. Kairav says I will come. He hears police siren. He says I won’t come and runs. She runs after him inside the house. Dadi stops her.

She asks Suwarna to see what Kairav wants. Suwarna goes. Dadi says we will take care of him, he is our blood. Naira says I know, thanks. Dadi and Surekha scold Naira a lot. Surekha demands to check Naira’s purse. She says you are separating me from my sons, what kind of woman are you, you can’t live without your son for a day. Naira throws her purse on the sofa and walks out. Dadi cries and prays. Naira comes home and hugs Kartik. She says Kairav is missing us a lot. Kartik asks why did you go. She says I went to ask Gayu, she got upset, they got the phones, what will happen now. Kartik says the copied data isn’t getting decoded. Naira says who gave the phone. Bhabhimaa asks is everything fine, Gayu, I spoke to Rama, I promised her that you won’t get any trouble, I will do anything for this. Kartik and Naira come to her and rest in her lap. They ask will everything get fine, is it not right to support truth, if they win, will they get right, they will regret all life if they don’t understand, it will be too late. Bhabhimaa cries.

They ask are you fine. She says I always wanted everyone to stay together and happy, I wish my children stay happy. Devyaani asks what happened. She takes Bhabhimaa. Naksh looks on. Naira recalls Bhabhimaa’s words. Naksh asks what happened. Kartik says she was crying. Naira thinks of Gayu. She asks why did you give them the phones. She says you knew the data is imp, you are supporting the wrong, why not us. Bhabhimaa cries and says I don’t want any fight, stop it now, this isn’t right for anyone, so I have stolen the phones and given to Suhasini ji, I have two daughters in that house, I can’t see Kairav away, and you both crying, I thought this is the right way, I know I did wrong, but fine, I did this for children’s happiness.

Naira asks Trisha to recall everything again. Trisha recalls. Shivani says we can get the balloon seller.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ufff this is getting frustrating.. I wonder what bhabhima will do.. if the girl molested was NAIRA.. they still will support someone like luv kush.. I’m too eager to know

  2. Verma4

    Bhabhimaa you f**ken b*t*h and Gayu, what if it happened to you ?? you would have laid back and enjoyed it Yeah ?? Really getting irritated with Manish go wanker. I really hope the boys get their dues .

  3. What bullshit!! this naira is pathetic as hell.. all she knows and does it to be a cry baby or act as if she is the most intelligent of all and knows everything and all others are dunb stupid and idiots..cwhile she is one.. she doesn’t even know the meaning of family and relations.. and ayi badi dusro ko sikhane wali!! wish shivangi ne iss show ko barbaad nah kiya hota!!

    1. I know how this Naira getting on to our nerves with her ever and alwalys crying and awful facial expression all the time as if she is going to die next minute.

      She plays the victim card while Trish who should have given evidence in court is silent and Naira talks talks and screams in the open court like hell.

      I expected a tight slap from Bhabhima like last time so that she can slow down .

      Naira should facilite Trisha to be in the front end to fight and not act like she is the real victim and overact.

      1. i know.. she always does this with the overacting and over the top reactions. .and when something happens then she blames someone else..and run away like a coward.. then after a few years comes back with all the mahan devi and shed her crocodile tears.. she is the worst lead ever.. Akshara was the best.. during hina’s time.. the show was so relatable and also it was interesting to watch.. ever since shivangi came.. i left seeing the show cz of her pathetic acting her disguisting and constipated expression and face and her over the top acting and cheap romance and disguisting story line as her!

      2. So pathetic of you guys. Litrally! You would rather like to support crime. What is Naira’s fault? And you should not comment on others acting skills. If you don’t like then don’t put bad comments too. So cheap on your part. If you can do better acting then do it….

  4. Kairav is walking on Naira footsteps. In her childhood she left the house as she was scared 9f the police and started hating Akshara. And now the same thing is happening with her .

  5. There is a funny scene where Bhabhima says Naira mai tera gunegaar huu. And her offence : chori huva maal ko firse chori karke unka owners ko wapus kardiya. Kaira instead of handing over the evidence to police they themselves investigating and now they go in search of witness also. Ideal and proper way was to take the police and seize the mobile phones for investigation. But they, Mr Satyavan and Savitri whoes mission is “Logo Ka Soch badalna” have become theives- with all moral values , virtues talking, preaching.

  6. Surekha before taunting naira look at yourself,surekha you are proud of your husband and sons right let me tell you your husband akhilesh has an affair with liza shameless and your two stupid sons kuv kush who molested trisha and your supporting your so called sons. Dadi and surekha your bloods are disgusting not naira.

    1. Fenil

      Dont forget….her daughter Mansi killed Akshara by accident when she was underage.

  7. @shreya your beloved naira’s fault is that instead of focusing on her own life and problems she has to involve herself into other’s problems troubles and lives and then get herself into the bad situation and then try to become mahan! that’s her problem and her fault!! and who the hell are you to tell what to comment and what not?? this problem is of trisha who should have guts enough to fight her own fight for her own rights.. which she clearly isn’t capable off or interested in.. that’s wgere your beloved mahanta ki devi naira’s fault lies!

  8. @sherya. Watch your words carefully. Commenting on Naira is not supporting the crime. Your own beloved Naira committed a series of crime First the theft. (Please remember that. She has all the opportunity to take the police and sieze the mobiles of Luv Kush for investigation). The next crime is calling hacker to steal the data from the
    the stolen devices. Who gave her the right?

  9. NN n Aku as much as u have the right to comment Sherya has her right to comment too!!! Be respectful before you are respected!!!!

    1. Who the hell are you advising us without verifying facts . We were independently making our own comments whereas it is @Shreya who made an offensive comments like we are pathetic and cheap. I restrained myself befor making any personal comment. Are you in senses and wish to go though messages before making stupid comment.

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