Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Raksha bandhan celebrations

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi getting Rukmani’s call. She says you aren’t doing this right. Everyone meets at the hotel. Rukmani greets Manish and Akhilesh. Kartik says Rukmani has convinced them some how, thanks. Dadi asks where is Kirti. Nandini says she went to ashram to be with mum, mum isn’t well. Dadi says anyone else could have gone. Devyaani says Kirti insisted that she will go, she couldn’t manage home if I went there. Lav and Kush say we would have got rakhi tied by her.

Naksh says she has sent message for you. He reads Kirti’s message to them. He reads… I had to go, Mansi is there, I have told her to tie rakhi on my behalf, we will celebrate Raksha bandhan when I come there, I want your smile as my gift, Kartik I don’t feel like tying rakhi this time, forgive me for now, love you all. Surekha says Kirti asked us not to be sad. Rukmani says everyone would have been upset if we were not together. Dadi says you shouldn’t blackmail us. Rukmani says I just said children will go away to US, its better to stay together, what wrong did I say. Suwarna says don’t talk about right and wrong, you did what you wanted. Devyaani says we are not interested in gathering here, we agreed for Kirti and Mansi’s sake. Suwarna says Kirti isn’t here. Devyaani says so what, Mansi is here.

Suwarna says you should have sent Mansi to our house. Devyaani says you mean its our mistake that we came here for the sake of children’s happiness. Suwarna says don’t drag the matter, I didn’t say anything such. Devyaani says no, you complain about everything. Suwarna asks is anything left yet, everyone scolded me. Devyaani says everyone has a right to express own views. Suwarna says you have all the rights, we just come here to do our duty. Devyaani says you are putting blames on others. Kartik and Naira ask them to stop it. Naira says we don’t like this. Kartik says we feel guilty. Naira says please keep relations normal. Suwarna says nothing can be normal, we have met for the last time for Mansi’s sake, everything will happen separately now. Devyaani says even I agree, there won’t be any request or stubbornness, everything will be separated, its all over.

Kartik says don’t say this. Naira says yes, there shouldn’t be tension between you all. Naksh says we have come to celebrate, at least for Kirti’s sake, she wants everyone to smile. Kartik says even for Mansi and Anmol’s sake. Naira says they shouldn’t have bitter memories. Rukmani says we shall start rituals. Kartik and Naira see each other. Naira thinks he will caress his hair now. He does so. Chukar gai…….plays….He thinks she will get irritated now and lower her hair, this color suits her a lot. They look at each other and bump into the pillar. Yahan wahan….plays…. Lav and Kush go to have food.

Suwarna says where has Kartik gone. She calls him. Rajshri says he went after Lav and Kush towards the food counter, sorry, you looked worried, so I have told you. Suwarna says thanks, it was much hurtful that day to see you upset, so sorry, you tried but couldn’t stop that happening. Rajshri says yes, its failure of mothers, our pledge broke along with their marriage, their love failed, it means our upbringing failed, we both failed, right. She goes. Kartik and Naira keep their hands over the dish to save Lav and Kush from getting their hands burnt. They serve the food, while seeing each other.

Lav and Kush ask them what did they do, they have mixed things, are they fine. Naira says no, I mean I m fine. Kartik says I m fine, Lav says you maybe in a shock, so you are behaving this way. Naira looks for her earring. Kartik helps her. Aahatein….plays…..They recall old moment. The helper asks are you finding this. He gives her earring. She goes. Naitik gives a drink to Manish and asks are you fine. Manish says yes, and you. Naitik nods. Manish says ask your family to stop misunderstanding everything. Naitik says it depends, I was about to request you, you people also think, I mean what was the need to send Naira’s stuff so soon. Manish says we didn’t intend to hurt anyone. Naitik says I hope this doesn’t happen again. Manish says exactly, you too remember what I said. Rajshri says we should support one another at such times, so that storm doesn’t hurt anyone. Ashi says come with me, there is a function at fort. Kartik says I get bored there. Ashi says I will do a stand up comedy, promise. He says sorry. She says please come, I will take you to your fav restaurant. He goes.

Naira says he doesn’t like such places, don’t force him. Ashi says sorry, I didn’t know he meant it, I won’t ask him. Naira says sorry, I shouldn’t have said in between. She goes and says by what right did I stop Ashi, what would she be thinking about me. Rukmani asks them not to be upset. She asks them to think for others, the memories will be with them, everyone should be happy, get the Rakhi plates, we shall tie Rakhis to our brothers. Rukmani ties Rakhis to Manish and Akhilesh. Naira sings Dil se bandhi ek dor….. Kartik, Lav and Kush hug Mansi.

Lav says I miss Kirti. Kartik says Kirti has sent a video message. Kirti says sorry I had to go, get Rakhis from Mansi, click pics and send me, love you all. Nandini ties Rakhi to Naitik and does his aarti. Suwarna sees her brother’s pic and thinks when will he forgive me, I couldn’t take care of Shubham, the one I trusted the most broke my trust. She sees Naira. Naira does Naksh’s aarti and ties Rakhi. She wishes he gets all the happiness. Naksh wishes he could give her all the happiness. Mansi ties Rakhi to Kartik and gives wishes from her and Kirti’s side. Kartik thinks sorry Kirti, I will try not to trouble you again. Everyone sings and dances. Naira and Ashi fall. Suwrna holds Ashi. Kartik holds Naira in arms.

Karan says Suwarna wants to get you and Kartik married. Ashi, Kartik, Naira and everyone get shocked and see Suwarna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Soofia bhatti

    it just goes to show wot people r really like behind ur back coz u do something for someone they don’t appreciate it u say something to someone they still don’t appreciate it wot is the point of doing something for someone else if they r not going to appreciate it anymore coz they will turn around throw everything right back in ur face rather u like it or not people just have a mazzive attitude towards other people all the time

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