Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira breaks the Matki

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri and Dadi saying the matki is too high, what’s the need to do all this. The men get ready and come. Everyone sees the matki. Ananya says we won’t participate, we will go. Manish says no, we will participate and win. Naira says Kartik is annoyed, if he was here…. Manish says even then we will try. Aditya applies red color to his face and joins them. The man announces about the competition. Naksh says its really tough. Yash agrees. The man says we have tried to make this game interesting, some rules are changed, every team will just get 5 mins for making pyramid and breaking Matki. They all get worried. The man says Matki will rotate, it will not be fixed straight. Kirti says its already tough and now this Matki will rotate, how to catch and break it. Naira says its okay. Suwarna says I think we should encourage them. Aditya thinks thank God, if they moved back, my plan would have…..

Other team goes first, but fails. Naksh says this team which won since 5 years, if they couldn’t, how will we do. Manish says maybe we will win this time, it would have been good if Kartik was here. Naira says where are you Kartik. Second team attempts and breaks Matki. Everyone claps. The man says the one who breaks Matki first will win. Naitik says time got more less now.

Naitik and Manish go with the team. The man says one member is less in your team. Kartik comes and says its me. They all get glad and smile. Manish says thanks. Kartik says I m also part of this team, we will make everyone lose. Naira prays for all of them. Kartik says none should get hurt, that’s our biggest challenge and biggest prize. Naksh says yes Katik, we will try our best. Aditya thinks I will make your attempts fail. They all try. Naksh and Yash climb up. Manish asks Kartik to come on his shoulder. Aditya bends and makes Naksh fall down. They all scream.

Yash says why are we falling, we did well in practice time. They all try again. Everyone cheers for them. Aditya smiles seeing Kartik and Naksh. He pushes the man and makes Kartik fall. Manish holds Kartik in time and falls down. Everyone gets worried. Kartik asks are you fine. Manish says I m fine, break Matki, its imp, we have to pray for Kirti. Kartik says being with you is more imp. The other team makes fun of them. Manish says 30 seconds are left, just go. They form pyramid. Kartik doesn’t leave Manish. Naira looks on and ties her dupatta to her waist. She goes.

Manish asks Kartik to stop her. Kartik says you don’t know her. Aditya thinks climb high and then see how I make you fall. Kartik asks Naira to break other team’s record. Naira kicks Aditya unknowingly. He gets away. Kartik takes his place and holds her feet. Naira climbs up and breaks matki. Everyone claps for her and smiles. Aditya moves back and gets hurt. Kirti hears his scream and says it was Aditya’s voice….Manish says I m fine, nothing happened to me. Everyone hugs. Naira asks Manish is she fine. Manish says yes, you did amazing, well done. Naira says we will pray for Naksh and Kirti’s lifelong happiness. Dadi and everyone pray.

The man says you played well, but we can’t announce you winners, because there is a girl in your team. Everyone asks what does this matter. Even other team say its a thing of proud that a girl did this. The man announces Naira as winner and calls her on stage to receive the trophy. Naira gets the trophy. Everyone gets glad. Bau ji says we got prize and blessings also. Dadi says yes, Kirti and Naksh’s life will fill by happiness. Manish says thank God, my son didn’t got hurt. Kartik looks on. Dadi says its because of you. Manish says I will do anything for him, I m fine if he is fine. Kartik asks Naira not to say anything. Naira says I won’t say and goes. Manish asks everyone not to worry, pain will get less. Naitik asks him not to try to get up on own.

Naira goes to get something. Aditya answers a call. Naira hears him and turns. She sees Aditya and says will tell Kartik. Kirti says why do I feel Aditya is close. Lav asks Naira about Kirti, where did she go. Naira worries if Aditya did something. She asks kids to be with family.

Kartik asks Kirti why is she worried. Naira says Aditya came here. Dadi asks Naira why did you tell that in front of everyone, I m scared she can take any other decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now thats too much kartik..just stop being so stubborn…how can you not see love of your father….though i liked that kartik didn’t leave him at the time of matki fod and gave him support when he was not even able to stand …i dont know guys how many of you agree but seriously manish is so caring towards his son…. Without thinking anything he just dived to his rescue…thats really how our fathers are so selfless…respect to mr. Goenka…..but kartik kab samjhoge unka pyaar jab woh sach mei apni jaan de denge tumhare liye…but then the realisation would be of no use…wake up kartik.. Realise his love for u… I found this scene more better those stupid kaira scenes atleast it convyes a strong message and make now days children realise that their parents love them so much and yes happy to see the change in mr. Goenka he was even encouraging naira when she was going to receive award….naksh and keerti are amazing…loving the screen space given to all the actors these days and the last thing why theybare always behinf making naira mahaan…Nannu was also standing there he could also have gone and helped the guys but no the all focus is on kaira and lastly kartik now wake up realising your fathers love after his death wont be any worth

    1. I totally agree with you

    2. Fenil

      Totally agree…You just took my word .
      Nice to hear you

    3. I agree with everything you said Feriha – they are dragging this issue to give more screen space to Kaira.

  2. Kaina1

    Hi guys I hope everyone is going great
    I mean let me start from the beginning in Friday episode karthik was angry with manish for challenging the other team and then in anger he goes away seriously even naksh and yash were angry but they didn’t back off they knew that now they have challenged the other team and there is no use in backing off so better show some maturity and lets support the elder where karthik just back off like a child who didn’t got his favourite toy so he is angry this the reason that I simply love naksh this time both naksh and karthik were given same situation both of them had same reaction (both were angry )but the reason that naksh got upper hand was the way he showed his anger unlike karthik he didn’t back off instead understanding the need of hour he decided to support his elders well thats like akshara’s duggu .and then like any mother whos son is angry becoz he didn’t got his favourite toy our naira went to karthik and explain him and the like a good child karthik understood SERIOUSLY CVS U NEED TO GET BETTER THAN THIS . I mean to show naira great you showed karthik as ill tempered well you think that people like us who are watching your show from 9 yrs will take kaira as nakshara REALLY?? Need to apply some brain cvs to promote one you cant show others down becoz at the end of the day they are all part of your show now the first scene of todays episode rajshri and all ladies worried and then our great yet childish naira tell them to support men and then like good student every lady follow the so called “our naira is just like akshara” naira ok cvs you showed naira great again congrats but I am not buying it now moving ahead we have karthik making a entry like hero and saying ‘me bhi isi team ka hissa hoon’ really when you back off dear karthik you at that time were also part of this team only and at the end when you have to came back dear then why the hell you even back off well I know the reason becoz naira was to be shown great and you were to be shown as loving husband who understand his wife but sorry to disappointment you both of this target were un-achieved now moving ahead oh dear aditya its pleasant to see you atleast you are the only one who can give us some keesh scene so thanks well at first naksh fall well I expect that to be more dramatic and then leaving everything kirti running to naksh aid but know that didn’t happen alright I can manage with 0.2 sec of naksh fake smile (it hurt me to see him like that neither happy nor crying he isn’t sad neither angry but at the end he isn’t happy also) for kirti real concern now again everyone make pyramid and this time karthik fall and manish saves him well I like this scene a lot a father is like that only he will take every problem on himself before it comes to his children I really really like that scene AND THEN COMES A MAJOR DISSAPPOINTED NAIRA HITTING THE MATKI what hell was that I mean seriously cvs I totally totally hated it I mean seriously I don’t want to sound harsh but now the word naira is also so irritating to mean that the moment she is screen I wish to break my own dearest tv I mean that’s how much irritation she has forced on me and its above my tolerance so guys sorry for being harsh AND I BAN ANYONE FROM SAYING THAT CVS WERE TRYING TO PROTRAY NAYI SOCH BECOZ IF THEY WERE TRYING TO DO THAT THEY COULD HAVE SHOWN THAT WHEN NOBODY AGREE THEN NAIRA AND KEERTI ALONG WITH OTHER GIRL MAKES GROUP AND THEN ALL GIRLS WOMEN TOGATHER MAKE PYRAMID AND HIT THE MATKI AND YES CVS ARE TRYING TO SHOW NAIRA GREAT SO ONLY NAIRA well cvs I would have been totally happy if naksh would have done it as he did it when he was 1 yrs old and since then it has been a ritual on yrkkh that naksh and only naksh will hit matki common cvs atleast care for viewers sentiment .and guys I don’t know about you but I find it hilarious that kirti can still feel adityas presence now that is making me think that she hasn’t move on and baisa was correct about all that puja which she was as keerti still hasnt said or showed any kind of attachment or symptoms of love she hasn’t yet boldly enough told anyone that she loves naksh and neither when naksh is around she has shown a bit more care towards him all she does is cry cry or shy shy or traumatic and traumatic nothing else
    RAHUL BHAIYA AM GETTING BETTER AND BHAI EVEN I UNDERSTOOD YOU THAT YOU WERE KIDDING FOR Raf so thought of pulling you leg bhai thanks for your concern u are always so sweet I live in bhopal
    Raf katti how dare you thank me remember you called me you sis
    Fenil bro aap aise hi comment karte rahiye aur hum sab pe apni kripa ban ke rakhiye
    Anjana missy girls you both read my mind literally
    Ponkuri di and sachu di comeback soon plz

    1. Agreed with your points.they are showing karthik’s anger unnecesarly just to give more kaira scenes .

    2. Dear you are right. Yrkkh was always about relation the leads were there linking all characters together and maintain harmony they were present in every track but somehow they were not dominating the screen. It looked so natural, smooth and realistic. They were relatable in real life , managed to give good exemple but didn’t looked overdone or fake.
      I don’t like the way they are showing naira. She started with in a refreshing way she was bold but loving, direct but good intentioned, understanding but immature. I wish writers showed a naira slowly growing and turning into a women like her mother by facing different concerns, doings sometimes mistakes & learning from them, seeking others help…akshara in her debut was not the strong women we remember infact whenever something wrong happened she would start shaking but with time and by facing obstacles she learnt to stand for right, whatever she believes & convince others softly. There was a character development, a progression & experience making her an ideal but realistic character. I feel to see development in naira she is a superwoman, everyone’s pb solver, family head, detective, more learned than pundits…(the list is long) . Displaying all these qualities in one person moreover who didn’t even trusted her mother enough and run away breaking her heart for years is kinda astonishing. Once again if it was shown that through experience naira became mature and strong i would understand but her being “perfect” out of nowhere gives fake vibes. She is turning to the typical indian show female lead, sadutal ki chamchi that everyone feel irritated seeing.

    3. You said it..Sina….

    4. Fenil

      Sina…u came back,…..Awesome talks…Agree with you for each words.

    5. Sina perfect commentary – I keep saying the same thing how can Naira keep relationships when she herself broke her parents heart and nearly destroyed their marriage. We would have been more accepting of her mahan if she has been allowed to grow gradually

    6. Fenil i am working part time besides uni so most of time i miss the show but when I manage to watch i come to comment ?
      Anjana ?
      Missy writers are rushing with naira’s character shaping. It is all about trp now

    7. Fenil

      Yaa..Right absolutely.
      But I like episode.

    8. Hey Kaina sis
      I agree with every points
      I haven’t watched it yet and don’t think I will after reading TU.
      they are spoiling the show for just a few people.

  3. awesome episode…got to see more karthik n manish was sooo adorable when naira hit the matki…tht was like really a nayi soch…hate tht aditya…overall superb episode….luv u kaira n keesh…
    yrkkh rocks…

    1. Fenil

      I too liked Manish and Karthik’s scenes most.
      Yrkkh will rock always

  4. Fenil

    Hello Sisters an Brothers.

    Episode was good.

    First toh Salute to FATHER Manish jumps to save HIS SON.Without any second thought in mind he jumped.Karthik was just watching His Father listening His words but Karthik when you will go to him and hug him when you will call him Daddy.I know Karthik you are know him and understand everything BUT pain of loosing your MOTHER IS MORE.I m with you i understand your side ur pain No worry one day you will call him Papa i m waiting.
    Loved Manish Goenka.

    @Fariha…i m agree with you.

    @Kaina…..agree with your comment.Superb views.

  5. Fenil

    #Nayi Soch….Love the Matki phod especially Naira hits Aditya and make him away.I mean to say She removes Bad thing from Holly pure Matki Phod Rasam.I’m really Happy.

    May be its also Overdoing of Naira or Kaira…..But nothing is bigger than my above point.

    No Offense….hahaha.

    Karthik didn’t leaves Manish saying STAYING WITH YOU IS MORE IMPORTANT.I Love This Scene.

    @Kainaji…aap na ab kuch jyada tarif kar rahe ho :P:P:P:P

    1. Hey Fenil bro I do agree that there was a Nayi Soch in these but they could have got Mishti to do it – she is also gutsy
      What about the twins?
      We love the Nayi Soch of it but it gave us too much Kaira/Naira
      I haven’t watched the episode so can’t comment as I have only read TU

  6. Fenil


    Hello Sachu Dii,Ponkuri Sissy,Raf Sis,Soumya,Chanya,Preeti,Rufi,Ruhi,Fariha,Missy,Mahimaa,Kaina,Rahul…..and all.

  7. Hello everyone
    Hope you are doing great.
    There are people who likes today’s episode and who don’t like episode.everyone have their own rights so I respect all views.

    After seeing the promo of Naira climbing the pyramid I was totally disappointed so I didn’t watch today’s episode. I am happy that I didn’t because it was just a kaira show.very rarely they are showing our old YRKKH.
    @kaina , I was also thinking when akshara was handling the situation v didn’t felt that it was nakshara show.

    I think their marriages started with varsha and have shown lots of marriage with different cultures and different was famous for that.there are always very small problem associated with it and they were solving it.everytime they have shown bride and groom love, misunderstanding and small fights,even differences of families also.everyone were equally performing in all functions. in anya’s wedding was also like that.a usual YRKKH wedding.i am not aganist changes but if it was good v can accept.even I like the way Naira came in bike to the mandap.however I can’t accept overdose of kaira like this.

    What rubbish how come keerthi feel the presence of Aditya,it can show only when they are in love.please don’t break keesh only because they are getting lots of attention.

    1. Fenil

      Hello…Good Noon.
      Agree with we love each marriage tracks in YRKKH just because there was always something new and good twist no single wedding went with without any problems.

    2. Hi Anjana
      I with you – you and Kaina sis said all I want to say and Feriha too.
      Pushing Kaira constantly down our throats is too much to bear.
      Yes Akshara and Naitik used to help solve problems but not always them sometimes Varsha will other family members. Akshara had a close bond with her Dadi Maheshwari and will constantly consult her and sometimes her mum or dad. Or sometimes Bhabima or Devyani.

  8. Just too gud episodes nw a days….Yrkkh

    1. Fenil

      yeah now days Episodes coming like old charm.

  9. Ponkuri

    Hello my YRKKH sisters n brothers??????

    I hve not watch the Friday n today episodes yet…but hve read the updates…
    Agreed wit wat u guys hve said abt Kaira…

    Thank you Bro Fenil Sis Kaina Missy TuttiFruitti Anjana for ur well wishes???

    Hi Bro Rahul Sis Raf Sachu n all new members Good day to all??????

    Please take care my Bros n Sistas ??? I will drop by again as soon as I can???

    1. Take care ponkuri

    2. Fenil

      Hii Sissy, What r you saying Thanks !! katti.
      come soon.

  10. Tvfan1

    Star Plus recently went all out to promote the wedding sequences in three of their shows Ishqbaaaz, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? And Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. While the weddings of Iss Pyaar… and Ishqbaaaz will be telecast soon, there seems to be a delay in Yeh Rishta’s wedding track.

    If reports in a daily are to be believed, Naksh (Rishi Dev) and Keerti’s (Mohena Singh) wedding, which was to be telecast this month (August), will now be telecast in September.

    And the reason for this delay is said to be the leads of the show, Mohsin Khan (Kartik) and Shivangi (Naira). The report states that the leads are insecure of the screen space and also the focus shift from them to the parallel leads Rishi and Mohena’s characters. And in order to make Mohsin and Shivangi happy, the makers have suddenly shifted the track.

    We got in touch with Rishi who said, “I honestly do not interfere in these matters (wedding track shift). Shifting the wedding track was clearly the writers’ and production’s call.”

    When we quizzed the actor about Mohsin and Shivangi getting insecure of the screen space he and his co-actors were getting, he laughed off the statement and said, “There is no such insecurity or competition on the sets. Also, the show has been running for 9 years now and every character has been given equal importance. Nobody in the show has been sidelined and I am sure that these are just rumours and there is no truth to it.”

    The wedding track of Naksh and Keerti will now be telecast sometime around the third or fourth week of September.


  11. read rishi comment too on india forum ..its just a rumour

  12. Soumya85

    Hello my yrkkh family members
    How are you all??

    The episode was nice my favourite part was when naira kick aditya?it was soo funny and he deserves it. I’m happy that a girl broke the matki but why always naira I don’t know but I’m not liking naira…he is soooo mahan nowdays
    Loved manish he really loves Karthik a lot and i know everything will be fine soon?
    Keesh are looking sooo good

  13. Personally I feel that these two cannot take the concept of the show far as they themselves cannot hold down relationships.
    Kartik is rude with the dad and stepmom all the time. He does not care for their feelings and talk any how to them rudely. (I know they have their own issues too) but we as kids should respect our parents regardless.
    He does not want them to even have a relationship with Naira
    It has been long time now – I am sure Manish has proved many times how he cared for him and Suwarna too. This guy took all parental rights from his parents and gave them to his uncle and wife during his wedding – I am sorry that is not done. And he continues his rudeness. So one episode that he fell and now he wants to play the good son – NO I am not buying it.
    Naira you got a misunderstanding about your mum and ran away from home – did not think about your dad who called you princess. What about your brother? What about the other family members? Not once did you pick up phone to call them – you rather live as an ophan stealing and duping people to survive instead of being home with your loving family. You failed to see their love and just saw your anger. You nearly broke up your parents marriage and made both your parents ill from worrying and searching for you. You made your mother look like she was awful and allowed others to raise questions on their parenting. Now you want to be the central character to relationships.
    Some of us have good memories and have stayed loyal to this show because of the concept; which is about MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS.
    So Kaira WHAT can you teach us about THIS when you two haven’t been such good children to your parents – questions are constantly raised about your upbringing because of your mannerless behaviour.
    Romance isn’t everything mr producers and CVs – LOVE is and it is not onesided. Stop pushing these two down our throats for it is making it difficult to stay loyal to this show.
    REMIND yourselves what the concept of this show is – equate it to what you are giving us now.
    I am not going to apologise for my thoughts and opinions. Whoever has theirs, please let us have it.
    It is good to see Ameena back – thanks for the update

    1. Tvfan1

      u r nikkitansx right?

    2. Missy it is true that akshara was getting advice from varsha as a friend and daadi who explained everything with examples.most of elders were part of decision making.moreover I was also happy if it was Misti or lav kush who break the matki even though it’s difficult but ok rather than Naira

  14. So true missy.. intact this show is concept driven and was never about the hero heroine type.. even naithik akshara time they never dominated or we haven’t being irritated like this. On the contrary naksh n keerthi match perfectly in to yeh rishta charm n I would love to see them as the next lead couple!!!!

  15. I agree with all your comments, the show was always about those small moments & now it’s just the Naira show… even in this episode, fair enough cvs made her the one to break the mathki (with kartik’s support) but even to collect the award they had to call out Naira’s name- as though the victory was all down to just her! I’m all for girl power but if every episode they are showing her as some ‘mahaan’ princess, which the whole show revolves around.The way cvs keep pushing her into the limelight feels so forced and annoying for us viewers to watch. I would really like to see more about Kartik & manish’s relationship breakdown so we can fully understand karthiks behaviour. I remember watching an interview with akshara & she spoke about how difficult it was to keep a character/show running for 8 years without the role become boring or predictable & boy was she right…. there seems to be no dimension or substance in the show & I’m really starting to lose interest ?

    1. Yes v understand the value of Hina acting now.v know that she was great , never thought this serial will get spoiled with out her.

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