Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik convinces Dadi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Naira what happened. Naira says Dadi got upset, she didn’t know about many guests. He says it happens, its no one’s fault, we didn’t think this confusion will happen, don’t worry, who is Dadi’s fav. she says Kittu. He says yes, go and enjoy, I will convince Dadi and come, you have to dance with me too, go and talk to Gayu. She agrees. She calls Gayu and says phone isn’t connecting, I hope she is in flight. She thanks everyone for coming. Dadi asks Kartik to come. He asks her to scold him and say anything. She refuses.

He says it means you aren’t annoyed, come with me, its fun, you will get better there. She says I won’t come. He says fine, make my sandwich. She asks am I doing this. He says yes, you are emotionally blackmailing me, you don’t care for my happiness. He cries and says Naira was right, its my mistake, we should have not done this. She pulls his ears and says you are making me crazy. He asks her to come for his sake. Dadi greets everyone and says I m glad you all have come. Vishwamber says thanks for inviting us, but we are thinking to go, it will be discomfort for you, we have a house and hotel in this city. Dadi says no, everyone will stay here. Varsha says no, we don’t want to trouble you. She mentions things. Dadi recalls her words and sees Naira. Varsha says it will be better that we leave at night and come in morning. Naira says no. Varsha says I m saying the practical thing. Dadi says when everyone has come… Baisa says we have a right to come here, none can stop us from coming here, and we have come on invitation. Varsha argues with Dadi.

Naira says sorry, its my mistake to make this plan and trouble you all. Kartik asks why are you saying sorry, we should be thankful to get everyone together, we don’t meet often. Naira cries and says let them do what they want. Varsha says we want to stay back. Everyone agrees to stay back. They smile. Kartik says congrats, give me my fees, some romance. Naira smiles and goes. Baisa asks Ananya about her pregnancy. Ananya says I will plan my child when I want to, why shall I think of it now. Baisa asks Mansi when did she get married. Mansi also goes. Baisa asks Devyaani about Naira’s good news. Devyaani says we didn’t ask her. Baisa says Naitik will become Nana and Dada when Naira also gives the good news. They laugh. Naira looks on and smiles. Kartik gets upset. He goes to discuss with Naksh. Ananya discusses with Ananya. Kartik says its wrong to plan other’s children. Ananya says they are worried for me to have children. Naksh says sorry.

Kartik says that’s not the point. Naira says they want to see my child too. Kartik says Naira has health issues. Ananya says don’t take anyone’s advice. Naira says its good, see Kirti, she looks so happy. Kartik says I won’t compromise with Naira’s happiness. Kartik and Naira see everyone busy on their phones. Kids get bored. Suwarna says everyone is spending time on phone. Naksh says what’s the use to have get together then. Naira says see how we have fun now. Naira starts the Antakshari, so that they get everyone’s attention. Kartik sings mera dil bhi kitna….plays…. Suwarna says no one is looking here, what shall we do. Kartik and Naira sing and dance. Everyone looks on laughing. Kartik says hero danced like this in that picture too. They continue singing. They make two teams. They sit to play well. Everyone plays Antakshari well and enjoy. Akshara’s Dadi comes singing. Dadi sees her and gets shocked. Akshara’s Dadi also sees her. Kartik and Naira look at them.

Naira sings Kaante nai katte….. and dances with Kartik. Gayu comes and slips. Kartik holds her hand. Naira says Gayu di….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Romil Surubhi

    finish this serial for everyone’s sake


  2. Ya seriously stop dis serial
    Its boring nw
    It should hav ended wid ur fav kaira being reunited
    Bt no we hav to tolerate ur kairas cheap romance nd dadagiri uff
    Finish it yaar

  3. Don’t goenkas have any other family other than nairas? I know they wanted a reunion of the serial cast, but this is heights. What about suvarna or surekhas family? What about samarths maternal family?

    Oh I forgot, these people make couples only in goenka-maheshwari-singhania families. Where else will they get another family from.

    Why can’t they ever show people working hard? I thought the older episodes of yrkkh were stupid where it was all random home problems like burnt subzi or lost saree. But at least that ahd some emotional value, it was the growth of a married couple, as well as the growth of a family and it’s opinions. Elders and their opinions we’re respected and also corrected when they were wrong. Younger ones were loved and also imbibed all the good culture that the older generation had.

    But now this is heights. It’s only kaira kaira kaira. They are the God’s of this serial- the shiv Parvati, Radha Krishna, mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela, police-state, national, international, RAW agent, spy, lawyer, dancers, actors, doctors, Noble prize winners for peace science literature everything, mensa toppers, PhD holders; someone please make me as all rounder as them.

    And now they’ve introduced poor gayu to spice up things. Hope they don’t turn her also negative to make the great naira more mahaan. Dude, she has a career, she’s doing well for herself, away from this stupid kaira. Please let her be. She’s way above this league of stupid romance and mahanta all the time.

    I’m done with this serial. No one works. This naira started a dance school with basically zero dancing skills and that also she left incomplete. She joined a college in Mumbai and that also left in two months. She said she took a transfer here and that also incomplete. What work of hers does she complete I don’t understand. And then they’ll preach that women need to be educated and learned and independent. I don’t know, why exactly did they marry off this child to another child. Dsuch broad minded Singhanias and they don’t see one flaw in their own daughter.

    The only sane people I see here are naksh and keerti. Despite having their own family business, they’re having their own careers. It’s a good thing.

    Naira behaves like a kid who is romancing her boyfriend in summer holidays. Basically they don’t do anything other than romance. Now thank God their fights have ended, else I’d have puked at their innumerable Garland exchanges and weddings. Kartik aslo doent work, idk what made singhanias hire him back then. If he wasn’t a goenka, he wouldn’t have landed even half a decent job in such a company. He’d keep bunking work for his dear wife.

    So so annoying. I was done with watching this serial, now I guess I’m done with even reading the updates.

    I’ll probably watch it if they make a redux with kartik naira as high school students who are dating; they’re best suited for stupid and cute high school romances and nothing else.

    1. Hahaha???on point!!!
      Exactly what I think and you have written the same sunshine

  4. Haha thanks Jaya. This serial has lost it’s charm. I hope they give a nice and respectful goodbye to it and finish it off.

    Parul started as ragini in bidai and came to aksharas house. Now she’s aksharas daughters mother in law. Shows that this serious has been running for way too long. This Jan it’ll turn a decade. High time they end it on a good note. Else that day won’t be far when shivangi and mohsin will marry in real life and that also they’ll show as another kaira Milan.

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