Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh talking to Dadda ji and asking him to get up. He says he knows he is angry as he left him alone in room, but now end this game. Dadda ji blinks and Naksh tells the nurse. He thanks Lord and goes out to say. Bhabhimaa scolds Akshara for not allowing her to give medicine. Naksh tells them that Dadda ji blinked and they all get happy. Bhabhimaa says its by the oil she applied and she will bring the medicine again from Swami ji. The doctor comes and checks Dadda ji. He says its nothing is proved by blinking, its tough to say anything, Bhabhimaa says doctor does not know anything. Bau ji asks her to come home. Naksh says yes, he will get fine.

Devyaani talks to Muskaan and says we are praying that Dadda ji gets fine. Muskaan says she could not go hospital. Devyaani says when he comes home, you can come and meet him. Everyone worry for Bhabhimaa who did not eat food and sitting in temple. Naksh gets food for her and asks her to have it, as Dadda ji asked him to take care of him till he comes back getting fine. He says no one has food, everyone is waiting for her. Bhabhimaa eats some and asks them to have food.

Akshara asks Naitik did he talk to doctor. He says he will talk and think what to do. Bhabhimaa comes to him and says she spoke to Swami ji and he said if we do jaap, Dadda ji will get fine, I m thinking to start tomorrow. Naitik says its of no use. Devyaani says we will see later, its not harmful, we can do this. Akshara says yes, there is no problem in jaap and says she will do arrangements. Bhabhimaa says no need, I will call Swami ji’s assistants. Naitik says I don’t like this, having trust on Lord is good, but getting blind is bad.

The kids have a talk and call Ananya. Naksh says he wants to do something good for Dadda ji. Ananya says make get well soon card. Swami ji asks for Rs 11000 and Bhabhimaa pays him. He says its for charity, put in the box. Naitik says I told you they are duping us. Akshara says Bhabhimaa will feel bad. She asks why this mic, Lord hears the heart voice. He says whoever hears it, will have purity. Naitik says how to explain Bhabhimaa. They start the Jaap. He says I will talk to Bau ji. He asks Bau ji why such noise, puja can be done silently.

Bau ji says Bhabhimaa has hopes in this, and I have hope from her, if Dadda ji gets fine, it will be good, I was small when my parents died, Dadda ji has taught me to walk, talk and live, I will get alone if anything happens to him. Naitik asks him to be strong. Bau ji says he feels strong in Dadda ji’s health. Naitik hugs him. The Jaap goes on for few days and family goes to see Dadda ji’s state.

Naitik asks doctor about Dadda ji. The doctor says his health is getting more worse, his surviving chances are very low. They cry. Naitik says this can’t happen, consult anyone else. The doctor says he is critical, we are providing best facilities, you can get better facilities abroad. Akshara asks what will we do now. Naitik says don’t know. Shaurya says I will stay here, go home and tell everyone. Naitik says I can’t face Bhabhimaa. Shaurya says but you have to say. The Jaap ends and Swami ji tells Bhabhimaa that she will get positive results now. She touches his feet and takes blessings.

He says he has seen a dream in the Jaap, that he was resting in his ashram, and she came there with her husband. She asks when will this happen. He says he will do some puja in ashram and asks for some money. Everyone look on. He asks her to send money and till then he will start preparations. He leaves. Naitik and Akshara come home. They all ask what happened, what did doctor say, Dadda ji is getting fine right. Bhabhimaa says she will go to ashram when Dadda ji comes.

Akshara cries and Naitik says everything is fine, doctor will say when to meet. Nandini asks Akshara is Naitik saying right. Akshara says yes, and takes Naira. Karishma says donating money and jewelry does not save life. Nandini and Naman also say same. Bhabhimaa cries and says she is doing this for Dadda ji, see they did Jaap and he is getting fine. Naitik asks Bau ji to come as he needs to talk. Rajshri and Dadi come to Akshara. Akshara cries and tells them that Dadda ji has less chances to live. Bau ji comes and hears this, being stunned.

He says Dadda ji was not so unwell, what did doctor say, is there no hope. He falls in shock. They make him drink water. Bau ji says we will take him to other hospital, do something, there has to be some treatment, I will go to him. Naitik consoles him. Dadda ji says first Gayatri and now Dadda ji, why do Lord do this, how will we explain Bhabhimaa, she has high hopes. Akshara says but we have to say. Bau ji says I don’t have strength and asks Akshara to say. Rajshri says I think Akshara should not tell her, you and Naitik say her. Naitik says no, Akshara should say. Akshara says I can’t. Dadi says we have seen Bhabhimaa trusts Akshara a lot, she should tell her. They cry.

Bhabhimaa kicks Akshara out of home and says you died for me, don’t show me your face, we don’t have any relation now. Akshara folds hands and cries, while both families are watching this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi YouTube why does bhabhimaa kicks akshara out of the house when it’s not akshara fault at all and akshara dint make daadji die it was the God who made daadji die And who will look after akshara daughter nirha now that akshara has been kicked out of the house? Please YouTube let me know what will happen to akshara in yeh rishta kya kehlata hain on 27th March 2015
    From soofia

    1. Naira and Naksh stay with Naitik and Akshara goes to South Africa they take a ten year leap

      1. Hi YouTube I’m so happy that naitik naksh naira get to stay with akshara Nd I’m looking forward to the leap coming in yeh rishta kya kehlata hain

        From soofia

  2. Why south Africa .she can stay at India too ,I mean she can buy her own house

  3. What did akshara even do??

  4. Yahoo south afrika

  5. How can a mother stay away from her kids 10 years, it doesn’t make sense to me. Also what happened to her loving husband he just let her go like that.

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