Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Dadi pamper Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik thinking why is Dadi taking Naira to that strange place. Manish calls him for work. Kartik looks on. Dadi asks Naira to come. Naira thinks Dadi got me here, she can do anything for family. Kartik reaches there and asks driver about them. Manish asks where is Kartik. Dadi asks are you tired Naira, we have reached. The man says we will raid now, its time. Naira says stop, we will have golgappas. Police raids the hospital. Dadi gets shocked seeing doctor arrested. Police take the people also. Inspector sees Naira with the medical file. He says you have also come here, its a s*x determination centre. Naira says you think we have come for this. Manish says its a blunder, what if Kartik goes there. Inspector asks them to come. Kartik stops inspector. He says

do you know what you are talking, my Dadi and wife had come to meet old doctor, not for this. Naira says we don’t do such things. Kartik says we don’t need such tests, we know we will have a daughter, a renowned pandit had told this. Inspector goes. Dadi says I came to meet doctor here, we shall go home. Someone looks on.

Naksh and Kirti walk on the road. A car is about to hit them. Aditya pushes them away on them. He falls down. Naksh asks Kirti is she fine. She says yes. They see Aditya. He picks the file and gives to them. He asks are you both fine, Naksh ask Kirti if she is fine, she is pregnant. Kirti says I m fine. Aditya says really sorry. Naksh says its not your fault, we should thank you since you saved us. Aditya goes. Kartik asks Naira why was she looking at the golgappa stall. Naira says no, Dadi got us too far and now we are leaving. Dadi gets a call from Manish. He says Kartik will be there. She says he has come, everything is fine, I will come home and talk. Dadi gets in the car. The man says call me on this number, your work can be done, I will tell you all the details. He gives the card and goes. Dadi hides the card. Kartik says no panipuri… Naira gets in the car. They leave.

Naksh gets a call. He gets shocked. Bhabhimaa asks is there any trouble. He says South Africa. Kartik and Naira come home. Naira says we will celebrate Christmas and dance. Kartik says no, you shouldn’t jump around. Dadi gets tensed. Kids ask them to stop fighting, they have a way to decide. They ask them to throw the ball at the Christmas tree, if their ball gets stuck, they will win. Dadi thinks of pandit’s words.

Kartik wins. He says now Naira will do what I want. Naira agrees. Dadi says I should not proceed with any test, I got saved, I would have been humiliated. The guy calls Dadi and says I can do the test at your home, I know for what you have come there, no one will know about it, I will do the set up in a van, people come and get test done, I have never failed, I will be in your neighborhood tomorrow. She says no. He says you will attain salvation if you get a grandson. Devyaani asks is this imp to go to South africa. Naksh says yes, its my responsibility. Devyaani says Kirti’s happiness is more imp. He says its imp to go. Devyaani says talk to Kirti once, if she agrees, then go. He says not so soon. Kirti says I have heard everything. Kartik gets juice for Naira. Dadi gets laddoos for her.

Kartik gets dry fruits, fruit salad. Dadi gives her prasad. Kids decorate the tree. Kartik asks Naira to have a ten min lap. He asks her not to watch action movies, child will become violent. Dadi asks her to read two pages of spiritual books before sleeping. Naira gets worried seeing too many things on the table. She says I feel like they have overloaded me like the tree. Surekha says Lav Kush you have overdecorated the tree, I pity it. Naira says its same with me. Kirti asks Naksh not to worry, she has entire family with her. He hugs her and says I love you. She says just try to come back soon. Kartik wakes up Naira. She says I don’t want to eat more. He says yes, its a Christmas eve, don’t you want the gift. He says its the pregnancy diaries. She checks the gift and says so cute… They smile.

Dadi says give me the heir of the family. Naira in Santa’s disguise, asks what if its a girl. Dadi says I only want a boy, so I was going to take some measures on time. Naira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this is too much , why they are showing elders of the family wrong ? anyways dadi just wants male heir , but naira she went for abortion itself

  2. Because they want to show it Naira is mahan. She is the only one knows everything and also knows about the everyone. She is the one only problem solver in the whole serial crew. Stupid Naira and stupid serial. I don’t understand how this serial would be still in top 5.

  3. Kartik &naira don’t want to lose baby but when kirti abortion happened kartik react normal.His & nair’s only child others not.

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