Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s interview gets spoiled

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira coming to Krishna and seeing her crying. He asks do you want to go to Kairav’s school, you have to prepare a lot. Naira says she has done a lot till now. Krishna says I will do everything, I have to go to school. She goes. He says we have won half the battle. Naira says I know, Kairav…. Naksh says I m your brother, take my side also. Naira says I want you to be happy, just think about it. Naksh ends the call. Devyaani asks what did Naira say. Naksh says I have to call Kirti and tell her about school brochures. Krish calls him and says I m very happy, I will go to Kairav and Vansh’s school from new term, Manish got the admission done, won’t you say congrats. Naksh says congrats. He ends call. He says how can they decide and not tell me. He gets angry. Bhabhimaa asks him to calm down. Naksh says I have to go and ask Kirti about it. She says stop, anger spoils things, don’t get angry.

Naira falls in Kartik’s arms. He goes close to kiss. She says you don’t leave a chance. He stops her. Chukar gai….plays….. They dance. Naksh comes home. He sees Manish and others at the gate. Manish asks why did you call Kirti alone here. Naksh says kids are at home. Manish argues. Naksh says I want to ask Kirti why did she choose Krish’s school. Manish says I have decided it. Kirti says Kairav and Vansh study there. Manish says I decided well, it won’t change. Naksh says Krish is my son, I will decide for him, if anyone takes the decision, then I have to go to court and fight for custody. Naira and Kartik look on. Manish says don’t threaten me, just leave. Kartik says Naksh, sorry, its your mistake, please go now, I promise this won’t happen again. Naksh leaves. Manish sees Naira and says both sister and brother are stubborn, explain your brother, I will not let Krish get away from Kirti, whatever it takes. Naira gets sad.

Its night, Naira packs the gifts. She asks Kartik to be with baby, she has to go to Kairav. Kartik says I really think Naksh overreacted, it was about school admission, its a good school. Naira says you said you will change Akshara’s name if Kirti doesn’t keep a good name, why. He says she is our daughter, we have first right on her. Naira says Naksh has first right on Krish, Manish decided for him. He says Kirti didn’t react like Naksh. She says I think you are thinking as a brother. He says you are thinking as a sister. They argue. Baby wakes up and cries. They say sorry baby and calm her. She asks why do we always fight, we should end it here. He says sorry. She says I m sorry too. She hugs him. She says we should sort their problem too. He says else they will make same mistake as us and regret later. He says Naira, when did we realize our mistake. She says it took time, our love didn’t end, we fought and got angry, but love was there. He says we will find if there is love between Naksh and Kirti, how to awaken that love. Baby laughs. He says baby is laughing, it means she liked my idea. She says I will give this gift to Kairav. Kairav comes to see baby. Naira gives the gift. He says wow, gift, but why, is there a special day. Kartik and Naira say you are world’s best brother and son. They praise Kairav. Kairav likes the colours. Kairav hugs them and thanks them. They thank him. Kartik says we love you. Kairav says I love you too. He goes. Naira gets a message. Krishna comes.

Naira says you have to give interview for admission, its tomorrow. Kartik says we will prepare you. Kairav, Vansh and Krish look on. Kairav says if she gets admission in our school, then boys will make fun of us. Krish asks shall we talk to Kartik. Kairav says no, I hope some magic happens and she doesn’t get admission in our school. Its morning, Kartik and Naira wish Krishna all the best for online interview. Dadi says they are wasting time. Surekha says yes. The man asks Kartik and Naira to leave the room, they won’t allow parents for tests or interview. Krishna gives the interview. Kairav looks on and prays that Krishna doesn’t get the admission in his school. Krish says we will enter the room by window. Kairav says no, I won’t go. Krish asks are you scared. Kairav says it is cheating, good boys don’t cheat, I have prayed. Vansh says we should help ourselves also. Kairav says that means hard work, not cheating. Krish says think again. Naira asks where is Kairav, I was thinking to order painting stuff, I will find a good art teacher for him. Kartik says I will find out a good art teacher. She goes to see kids. Kairav hides from her.

Krish and Vansh enter the room and distract Krishna. Krishna gets worried seeing the moving objects. She answers the questions well. Naira asks where are the kids. He says they would be playing. She asks Kairav where was he, should they order paints. He says no. Gayu asks where are Vansh and Krish. The man asks Krishna to go and call Kartik and Naira. She goes. Krish and Vansh say it was a good idea, Sir won’t pass her in interview. Naira asks Kairav what happened, is he scared. Krishna comes. Naira asks why did you come. Krishna says he called you. Kartik says you gave answers right. She says I didn’t remember english answers. Manish taunts her.

Kartik says we will have Ram leela this time. Manish says Kairav will become Ram. Kairav and Vansh argue. Kartik and Naira try to sort the fight by chit system. Kairav sees chit and says I don’t want to become Raavan.

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    Just like boys are pampered too much in this show girls are pampered too much and known for their over reacting see the difference keerthi didnt think of calling naksh and informing but naksh did and keerthi didnt even think of explaining naksh see the difference

  2. Verma4

    Manish needs to grow up. Fkenc wanker

  3. Is Krishna is the first child of kaira ..

  4. Keerti did a big blunder mistakes….1.she knows Naksh also suffered with love failures … he don’t like cheating, even he was angry with naira too .
    She might have not hided when Aditya blackmailing her
    2.On top of it she was funding him atleast she might have admitted that when Naksh confronted her and when Aditya made a melo drama in manishs house.
    From her mouth in front of family.
    3. serial makers please show the show in a sensible way because Manish and Dadi always pass statements to younger that we have seen so much world than you guys… Can’t they give some sensible suggestion to their daughter Keerti…
    Instead of breaking relationships … Bhabimaa is trying to control Naksh but in this house elders are making mistakes….
    Please makers looks like u guys are having so much fun of showing divorce , marriage etc…..
    Marriage is not a joke and show some respect for that… And elders should act like elders

  5. Manish is behaving erratic. Are you sure he has fully recovered. When are they going to be aware of Krishna as their blood. Bhabimma should talk some sense to Manish

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