Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik, Naira and others getting shocked seeing the dead body. Inspector says you are lucky, we got madam, she got some wounds and maybe her bone also broke, its big thing to survive after falling from such height. Naira and Naitik move the cloth from the body’s face and they all get shocked. Kartik gets conscious and says Naira…. where is she. Kirti says its me, Kirti, she is coming. Naira comes to the hospital and thinks of their lovely moments, the accident, inspector’s words. She sees Kartik and cries. Akhilesh stops her and says Kartik is unconscious, doctor stopped from going inside. Naira says but Kirti. He says someone has to be there. Naira says I will send her out, I have to talk to Kartik. He says we got to know about your mum, did you find anything. Naira thinks of seeing the body’s face, it was not Akshara.

Naitik says this is not my Akshara, where is she. Naira says we did not get mumma, maybe she did not fall down cliff. I have to talk to Kartik and know of Akshara, maybe he can help. He says no, doctor asked not to meet him. Manish asks her to stop. Akhilesh says he is Kartik’s father. Manish says no outsider can talk to Kartik, if you have to talk, go and meet my lawyer. He asks the guards not to allow anyone and goes. The guards stop Naira. Naira says please let me go. She cries and says try to understand, my mumma is lost. She gets a call from Shaurya. Shaurya says come back fast, where are you. Naira asks did you find about mumma. He says come back fast. She says I m coming and runs. She sees Kartik through the glass window and cries. She thinks of her fears and goes.

Dadi asks everyone not to cry, they will get Akshara home. She asks anyone to make breakfast for Akshara. She asks Akshara to come fast. Mishti says the same. Inspector asks Naitik and everyone to go, its landslide. Naitik says we did not get Akshara. Inspector says we have to save more lives, go from here. Naitik says I will not go. The big boulders fall. Naira comes there and screams. Naitik and everyone rush to her and ask is she fine. Inspector makes all of them sit in the police jeep and sends them. Kartik asks doctor what happened to me. Doctor says you met with an accident last night, don’t worry, you are fine. Kirti says you are fine. Kartik sees Manish and gets angry. Manish asks how are you feeling. Kartik asks who called him here, please ask him to leave. Akhilesh and Kirti ask him to calm down. Kartik says tell him to go, and not pretend that he cares for me, else I will leave.

Manish says its okay and leaves. He gets Suwarna’s call. He says if you come, he will talk to you rudely, he is fine, there is nothing to worry, except that accident case, I will make sure accident case is not registered on his name, I did not earn this name and reputation to lose it this way. Kartik asks for Naira. Kirti says she did not come, I m here. Kartik says she loves me a lot, maybe she came till outside and went, Kirti tell them to send Naira. Kirti says I will call Naira. Akhilesh says Kirti, we will go out and call, come. Kartik says tell Naira I m waiting for her. Akhilesh says yes, you take rest. Kartik says I swear Naira, I did not do this intentionally.

Vishwamber talks to Rajshri and says I will call later. He gets fainting. Bau ji holds him. Inspector tells senior that they are fine, did you find about madam. Senior says no, survival chances are less, its big thing if body is found. Naitik and Naira cry. Inspector tells Manish and Akhilesh about landslide and says its good to get Kartik on time, Akshara’s survival chances are less, landslide also happened, think she is dead now.

Baisa lights a diya. Mishti asks what is she doing. Bhabhimaa says now no sorrow will touch our home. Everyone pray. Naira sees everyone sad and goes away. They all pray at the temple. Varsha sings aarti and prays. She gives aarti to everyone and cries. Naira too sings Akshara’s aarti and prays. Naitik hugs Naira and cries. Gayu holds Akshara’s footprints and cries. Rajshri starts feeling bad and cries. She says something bad happened Bhabhimaa, my heart is sinking. The diya blows off. They all get shocked.

Kartik asks what was they all talking, why is no one telling me. Inspector says experts believe Akshara did not survive. Naira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So Akshara’s body s nt found. Chances fr her to come back. Either karthik did nt do the accident or Akshara ll back aftr some time to unite kaira. Frnds could nt watch todays episode and cant watch few more days. Iam expecting my frst baby and s hospitalised today. Thnx telly updates fr the written track.

    1. Hey congratulations n good health n good wishes to u
      karthik didn’t di accident. …it will be naira or karthik step mom who will prove his innocence

  2. very bad poor kaira now naira will hate kartik miss u akshara and where is naksh yrr?

    1. Funclubs

      Naksh too quitted the show dear..for big boss I think

      1. Yep he is stuck in big boss these days with Karan (nathik)

  3. Amalina

    emotional epi! akshara will definitely not survive, bt plz directorji confirm Kartik’s innocence before naira starts developing misundertsandings!
    guys plz watch dis promo, its very emotional! I legit started crying after watching it. tears started rolling down my eyes after watching it! Mothers are very important in life, naira has a ryt to develop hatred for kartik for knocking down akshara, on the other hand it was also akshara’s fault for sitting in the middle of the main road! But coz its a show, we expect miralces! Do u agree guys??!!

    1. Yes I do agree did uh d video is damn emotional I also started crying…. N off course a miracle is expected in d show. Let’s hope. P.s. -I can’t see naira crying! Hope kaira reunites soon!!

    2. yes dear , the promo was too emotional , and they did not show karthik’s face after akshara had an accident , usually people who have done an accident ,but here they did not show karthik because i think he did not hit akshara . hope they unite kaira soon

      1. i wanted to say usually people who have done the accident would run away and moreover if karthik hit akshara , he would have not got hurt is it not ?

    3. Cynthia

      It is emotional….It reminded me of my mum, sometimes she shouts at me and I take it as “why does she shout at me?!!!” but actually she shouts at me for my betterment. I think if my mum dies how will I live???, but everyone has to die one day.???

    4. Cynthia

      It is emotional….It reminded me of my mum, sometimes she shouts at me and I take it as “why does she shout at me?!!!” but actually she shouts at me for my betterment. I think if my mum dies how will I live???, but everyone has to die one day.?

  4. just not done. please please please bring akshara back and dont separate kaira. what rubbish are you guys showing.

    this serial has to show good things. please dont let goenkas spoil the whole prog orelse we all will stop watching this prog if you can show viewers choice.
    very sick of the producers etc.

  5. please is there any way how we could send our message till the producers?????

    this is no way. they just started kaira love story and how could they break it when everyones been dieing to see him together forever.

    how will their trp increase if they are not showing wat viewers wants or likes.

    please stop this nonsence and atleast unite kaira and get them married asap. already there not much interest left after akshara left.

  6. Naksh is in bigboss. house

  7. I think aksara is kidnapped by Nonam…..

  8. Akshara (hina khan) has left the show yrkk that is why they have killed her character in the show. Akshara will never be bck.

    1. Amalina

      yeah true, she’s gone for now but she will be seen in flashbacks for the next few episodes!

  9. It’s very emotional at the moment.. hope akshara is alive miss her.

  10. Hi all
    I feel that the cvs should have ended this show as season 1 with Akshara alive and they could have started season 2 focusing on Kaira story and replace Hina’s role in season 2 if she didn’t want to be a part of it. Killing the face of the serial whom we watched for 8 years and related to is disheartening ? Miss you Akshara aka Hina

    1. Cynthia

      Thats what I commented on the 25th November epi…yeah the cvs made season 2 focusing on Kaira, at least we wouldn’t have to watch Karan and Hina leave the show.

  11. If akashara ‘s body doesn’t found than their are chances that she will be back in the upcoming story with same face or with another face.

  12. Hina has already left the show…So she will not come back…And Naira can’t never take akshara’s place…

    1. She is not taking anyone’s place she is not replacing for u to say it…
      she is making a place for herself …she ia different character ….people are already loving her.

    2. Yes naira isn’t taking akshara’s place. She is creating her own place… N d characters of both are different so don’t think dis way.. Also akshara is important as well as our naira!!

  13. Its just not done. If u want your trp to be increased then y dont u people show wat the viewers want to see. If Hina has left the show then atleast don’t let Kaira to seperate.I m sure u don’t want ur show’s packup soon!

  14. A verrrrryyyy big fan of kaira

    Osam na!u guys seriously!it seems u want your shows packup soon!
    If already decided the shows move on withiut akshara then atleast don’t seperate kaira..

  15. Naira kabhi bhi akshara ki jagah nahi le payegi i really miss you akshara Hina ne aisa role nibhaya ki fans ke dilo me salo tak jinda rahega and some hina khan hater bhokate raho kutto ki tarah kuch nahi hoga aur ha kaira ke fan kaira ki mala japate raho aur show jan tak band ho jayega yeh rishta hamesha karan hina ke nam se jana jayega

    1. fake fan of hk true fan of ak

      Hahah look at ur language that shows ur mindset
      so much hatred just for a freaking show and a celebrity
      at least some manners u should have learned from onscreen akshara eight years she was teaching and u guys just learnt nothing ..sadly she wasted her energy ….
      move on dear…everybody moved on…
      Just get she left the show she was not kicked out for u to show so much hatred
      Peace madamji….learn from onscreen not offscreen

  16. Are tumhe to big boss ke ghar me hona chahiyeta

  17. I aree with rk for me akshara and hina similar hai onscreen aur offscreen alag alag nahi hai do you get that whatever

  18. Maybe they want to change and put another ashara believing that somebody else came to rescue her there they can now change her face just as banny. If they didn’t see her that will be the result

  19. Do you know guys as akshara was the main lead of the show , my mom used to call the show as akshara not yeh ridhta

  20. What do the makers think Naira and Kartik will be able to replace Naitik and Akshara!!??Oh plzz YRKHH can never be the same without Naksh.Now this show has lost its charm its better to end this show now

  21. What do the makers think Naira and Kartik will be able to replace Naitik and Akshara!!??Oh plzz YRKHH can never be the same without Naksh.Now this show has lost its charm its better to end this show now.Rather then doing all this crap they could show a happy ending and start a new season with Naira and Kartik as leads. Akshara’s exit like this is not at all fair ???

  22. This is all too predictable… Its the same thing that happened earlier. Last time Akshara wanted to leave the show, she has an accident and Naitik searched for her in the jungle. History repeating itself. Gayatri also had the same end to her character!! Birthday party and her being happy etc and then she dies. How boring.
    Cant the writers think of anything new? And why does every happy occasion have to turn into a sad situation??
    Please improve the show before you lose all your viewers!!

  23. Do whatever you want but please don’t break kaira’s relationship because almost 70% of people watch this show because of kaira ‘s relationship. So please don’t break the relationship between naira and kartik.?????????

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