Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara asking Chikki to concentrate on her exams. Chikki does not understand her mistake. Chikki says if I say true, I get scolded. Chikki argues with them. Naitik says no one will taunt you, I will make sure. If you have any difficulty, let me know. He gives her phone back. Chikki says I don’t want it. Naitik says no one will scold you, focus on your studies. Akshara says did you fill the form, they see the time, Chikki says I forgot to fill the form. Naitik says hurry up. Naitik asks for the application form, Chikki says she did not fill her details. Naitik rushes. Chikki gets a call from Ankit. She cuts the call. Naitik goes and sees the counter getting closed. Naitik asks for two minutes. Chikki is worried. She thinks how can I make this mistake. Naitik says my sister’s one year will be ruined, the clerk says you people are careless, he closed the counter. Chikki prays.

Scene shifts to Ananya:

Ananya comes home, Dadi asks why are you sad. Ananya says nothing, and goes to her room.
Dadi tells Ananya will make friends soon. Varsha is worried about Ananya.

Scene shifts to Chikki:

Chikki asks Akshara did Naitik reach on time, and submit the form. Akshara says no, he got some help and then he managed to submit the form. Chikki thanks Akshara. She asks Chikki to focus on her studies. Chikki gets Ankit’s msg. He calls on the landline and Maa receives the call. He cuts the call. Maa says Akshara someone is calling again and again. Bhabhi Maa says is that the guy. Maa says Chikki got her phone back, he will call her on her mobile.

Scene shifts to Ananya:

Ananya’s friends come to meet her. Varsha asks them to play. Ananya show them her dolls. Her friends calls her Motu. Ananya feels bad. Varsha stops Ananya, as she is going to her room. Ananya goes from there.

Scene shifts to Maa:

Maa talks about Chikki with Naitik and Akshara. Naitik says Chikki is young, she is unable to tell you, please forgive her. We should be normal and give her another chance. The phone rings again, Maa receives it and Chikki too picks it on another parallel line. Ankit talks to Chikki. He asks her where are you, she asks him not to call on landline, as it will create a problem for her. He asks her to meet him for two minutes, he says if you don’t come, I will come in. She says ok, I will come and meet you. Maa is shocked. She gets furious. She says Ankit called, and Chikki is going to meet him alone at this hour.

Chikki goes to meet Ankit. Ankit says he got afraid what happened, she says I missed you. Maa, Naitik and Akshara come there and hear everything. Chikki says I will not meet you from now on, Ankit asks why. Chikki says I don’t want to hurt my family. Ankit says I like you, and I know you like me. Chikki says I will do what my family wants, as they know whats good for me. She says her family saved her one year. She broke their trust, now I cannot hurt them anymore. She says don’t try to meet me, this is not right. Ankit says your Bhabhi saw me, and maybe she told everyone. Chikki says don’t tell anything against her, she is really good and supports me. Chikki scolds Ankit. Ankit holds her hand.

Naitik asks Ankit to leave Chikki’s hand. Ankit leaves her hand, Naitik goes to them, and asks Ankit to leave. Naitik tells him not to hurt Chikki, else he will see him. Ankit leaves. Chikki says sorry to them, Maa hugs her. Chikki cries. Maa says don’t say anything, we heard everything. Maa says we were worried about you. But now I trust you, and you have grown up.

Scene shifts to Ananya:

Shaurya comes to Ananya and asks why are you sitting alone. Ananya says she is tired and goes to sleep. Shaurya says ok, good night. He asks Varsha what happened, is she fine. Varsha says her mood is off, she was upset today, she did not even play.

Scene shifts to Chikki:

Maa consoles Chikki, everyone sit around them. Everyone are happy Chikki realised her mistake. Maa says this time we were also wrong. Bhabhi Maa and everyone praise Chikki. Naitik says we are happy that we have seen courage in Chikki. Naksh comes and cries. Naitik asks what happened. Chikki says nothing, Naksh says no one loves me, everyone loves Chikki. Maa feels happy. She says we will support Chikki till this matter ends. Naitik says we must be careful. Naksh says I will also support her. Chikki comes to her room, and thinks she has to forget everything and focus on studies.

Maa brings Chikki to the dining table. Maa says Akshara’s birthday is coming, what to do.
Bhabhi Maa says we will something good. Maa asks some idea to Chikki. Naksh also thinks. Akshara comes there. Naksh talks with his grandfather. He says he wants to go to Delhi, as his friends tell him about that city. Naitik says its a good idea, lets go together. The trip will be special. Maa thinks its a good idea. Everyone agree. Maa asks Chikki to come alone, she says she did not want to come. Maa says please. Naksh says why are you imitating me.
Chikki says yes. Everyone laugh with happiness.

IT officials come and stop everyone from going on the trip.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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