Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabeer beats up Naira’s critic

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying its good Kabeer took Aryan out, Aryan will feel better. Naira says Kabeer is his good friends. She says a critic Harish wrote strong comments about my last performance. He says you answer him. She says I will answer in my dance performance, I will ask them to write inspiring comments, they always write comments. He says your fan lucky boy K has given good reply. She says I didn’t like it, what’s the need. He says your fan has a right to protect his sake. Kabeer reaches some guy and hits him with a rod. Manish worries for Aryan. Suwarna says let him be with his friends, he will feel better. Dadi reads the comments and tells everyone about it. They all discuss. Manish sees Naira worried. He says I know media is necessary for website, I think we need to be careful, we have to be alert.

Kartik says he is saying truth, I m there, your bodyguard, don’t worry. Someone comes and shouts to Naira. Guards stop him. The man says let me meet Naira, its about my life. They all go out. The man runs in and asks Naira to forgive him, he won’t do any comment, he will delete his account as well, don’t beat me more. Kartik says he is same critic who commented about your dance. Kabeer looks on and says how dare you hurt Naira’s heart, I can’t see her dad, I love her, she also likes me, so she liked my comment, she will also love me. Kartik says calm down, get up.

Manish says get a wheelchair for him. Kartik asks who did this with you. Harish says that attacker was wearing Naira’s face mask, don’t ask me anything, just write to lucky boy K that you have forgiven me, no need to tell police, else he will beat me again, if I die, Naira will be responsible for my death. Manish asks what nonsense. Naira checks the like on comment. She goes to message and cries. Kartik picks her phone. Kabeer says fine, you send the message. Kartik blocks the fan. Kabeer gets angry and says he blocked me. Manish says calm down, we will call a doctor. Kabeer says why did you block me Kartik, how will I see Naira’s photos now, Kartik you didn’t do this right, I will take revenge.

Manish asks what happened Kartik. Kartik says that man got scared, we shouldn’t be scared, we should file a complaint. Kabeer pushes Aryan’s car and hits it to a tree. They all hear a sound and see Aryan’s car. They shout Shubham and rush to him. They take him home. Kabeer says I can’t stay without Naira, I love you Naira. Kirti checks something and says aw… Naksh says stop it, don’t say Aw, then I will come to you, you will stop me and remind doctor’s words. She shies. He asks what are you seeing. They see clothes and like it. They have an aw moment. Her pic falls. He thinks everything is fine, why do I think wrong. Dadi wards off bad sight from Naira. They ask Aryan to open eyes. Kartik calls Kabeer and says Shubham was with you right.

Kabeer says yes, he dropped me home and went. Kartik says he reached home drunk, he met with an accident near the house, why did you send him. Kabeer asks what, he wasn’t drunk, is he fine, I will come to see him. Kartik says no need, we will handle him. Kabeer insists. Kartik says its okay. Kabeer ends call and says its not okay, I had to come there. Akhilesh says Harish is fine, doctor checked him. Kartik says we have to know what does that man want. Suwarna asks Kartik to manage Naira, what’s happening with me. Manish says you were handling Shubham till now, he is my son, I will handle him my way. Naira says who is this lucky boy K, he has beaten someone so badly.

Kartik says I blocked him, I m sure he is mad. She says I feel guilty for Harish. Kartik says doctor said he is fine. They hug. Kabeer sees Naira’s pic and says no one can say bad about you, I will make everything fine. He whistles. Its morning, Suwarna asks Naira is she fine. Dadi says its not your mistake. Akhilesh says we should meet cyber cell officer. Manish says don’t worry Naira. Naira asks how is Shubham now. Kartik gets Aryan downstairs. Suwarna asks Aryan is he fine. Manish says stop it, he is my son too, I know how to handle him. He asks Aryan to come office, understand his responsibility. Kartik, Aryan and Naira are on the way. Kartik says Naira, come office with us, then we will chill after meeting. Naira says I m going to see an exhibition, you know I don’t get scared of anyone. He says yes, you are a tigress, I shouldn’t stop you. He gets down the car and says you drop me to office daily. He kisses her and asks her to go. She drives off. Kabeer sees Kartik and Aryan, and follows Naira. He says I will tell my feelings, Naira will also tell her feelings.

Naira sees the car tyre puncture. Kabeer stops his car and asks what happened, I came here for some work. She says I was going office, I had come in an exhibition. He recalls puncturing the tyre.

Kabeer and Naira are on the way. Her face mask is in backseat. She looks for her phone and sees something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. black spot above keerthis head…wch is
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