Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik saying he is not Jignesh. Everyone start laughing that they fool someone who is new here. Naitik says it’s the limit, how can you do this is this a joke, you can’t play with anyone’s emotions, I will do police complain against you all. They are stunned. Vipul says no, sorry, don’t be angry, they were joking, I apologize on their behalf. Everyone say sorry. Naitik laughs and says he has fooled them now. He says do you all know acting, and not me. They laugh. Naitik says lets play Dandiya now. Naitik calls Akshara and she says she is missing him. He says he is missing her a lot as everyone is playing with their partners. She says you will be with me tomorrow. He says what about now. She says yes, close your eyes. He imagines Akshara there with him.

He goes to her and she looks stunning in Dandiya costumes. They dance and smile having an eyelock. Dadi tells Rajshri not to worry, as they have to end this matter now. Kaki says what happened tomorrow, is hard to forget. Anshu looks on. Dadi says we don’t have to take the matter further. Rajshri says yes, we will go there tomorrow. Jasmeet says she does not want to. Dadi says I told you, we all will go. Anshu talks to Jasmeet and asks her to go as everyone is going. Jasmeet says Karishma will be there, Naman will invite her, there can be another fight. He asks her to ignore Karishma.

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Akshara says I invited everyone. Muskaan says wow, it will be great Bhabhimaa worries for Nandini. Devyaani says don’t worry, we will take care. The voltage fluctuates. Akshara says she will unplug all lights and electronics. Devyaani says she will tell Girja. Anshu asks Jasmeet not to be worried, as she has a lahenga. Jasmeet says she wants a new lahenga to show off to Karishma, she will be jealous seeing me tomorrow, I will look the best.

Naksh says he wants the kheer which Rajshri makes and asks what happened to phone. Akshara says I forgot to pay the bill. Devyaani says we all have mobiles. Akshara says I will pay bill tomorrow, else Naitik will be angry. Naksh says Naitik will be having fun playing Dandiya. The power goes. Naskh worries. The bulbs break. Bhabhimaa says did Dadda ji get the glass pieces on his bed. Muskaan us hurt by the glass. Naman says he will get the emergency torch. Naksh asks is this power gone because of ghost. Bau ji says no, don’t worry, we all are here.

Naitik practices to teach Naksh after going there. Chitti and Girja cleans the glass. Muskaan asks Naman to see if security system is working. He checks it and says no working. Akshara says we will use the old method of licking the door. Naitik calls Akshara and she does not tell him anything. He says he is having fun and learnt Dandiya. He asks did she tell anyone that he is coming. She says no. Naksh talks to Naitik. The thieves come there seeing power off in the house. Akshara locks the door and says its strange as new method was easy. Bhabhimaa says many things are heard about thefts. They leave.

Naman calls Karishma. He says he has to go office now, and says about short circuit at home. He says he could not sleep all night. She asks is anyone hurt. He asks her to wear good clothes, as everyone will know Naman’s GF is hot. She agrees. He says I can’t control myself. She says just forget it, lets see in evening. Naitik talks to Akshara. Vipul and Heral come to him. Heral talks to Akshara. Akshara thanks them for taking care of Naitik. Heral says Naitik is excited to dance with you there.

Jasmeet asks the tailor why can’t he come. Kaki says we told you to prepare before. Jasmeet says I did everything, but he did not come. Rajshri says can we stitch it. Shaurya says great. They smile. Muskaan’s feet is treated by Devyaani. The men says they have to change security system. Akshara says we will change security system and lights afterwards. The men go to do their work. Akshara asks Naksh to talk to Naitik in evening. Bhabhimaa asks is Naitik coming. Akshara says no, I always say this like habitual. The men leave talking about repairing security system. The thieves hear them and wait to know when the family goes.

Akshara helps Jasmeet and says she did not think what to wear. Muskaan asks is she missing Naitik. Akshara says it will be fun, my face looks dull. Muskaan says as you did not sleep well, when you do makeup and wear good dress, you will look good. Akshara says sorry Naitik, but I will try to get ready well for you.

Everyone stitch the lahengas on old machines, as they don’t know how to use new machines. Jasmeet says sorry. Rajshri says its fine, you learnt a lot today. Jasmeet says yes, I will learn everything. Kaki says they will do Pandal. Varsha says no, Akshara called us at her home. Akshara looks beautiful and Muskaan compliments her. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa also smile. Naksh says it would have been if dad was here. Akshara says but I m here. She says Rashmi can’t come, as she is going with Nikhil. Rajshri and family come and wait for Rukmani to come. Akshara says Nandini won’t come as there will be much crowd. Jasmeet’s parents also come. Rukmani comes and greets everyone. The kids meet. Rukmani starts the matter again. Bhabhimaa says Rajshri was saying you did right to keep Nandini at home. Rukmani tuants them. Muskaan says her anger did not go. Akshara prays all problems go in this function.

Everyone leave in the cars. Naksh goes to loo and Akshara locks the door. Naksh shouts mumma and knocks the door.

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