Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji and Vishwamber informing families about Kartik knocking down Akshara by his car. The families get shocked and cry. Vishwamber says Akshara’s car and items are here, but our daughter is not here. Bau ji says police believes Akshara fell in the cliff. Naitik and Naira go to find Akshara. Naitik says last time also, we found her, she is playing hide and seek. Vishwamber says we did not get Akshara. Naira cries thinking of Kartik.

Naitik says don’t think who did this and how, we have to just find Akshara, come. They call out Akshara. Akhilesh calls Manish and says we are in hospital, Kartik is unconscious, come soon, police is doubting him, he can’t do this mistake. Inspector comes and says the we found the accident victim name, the lady is Akshara Singhania. They get shocked. Akhilesh says Lord in which trouble did you put my Kartik. Naitik and Naira try to find Akshara. Rajshri prays for Akshara. She cries.

Naitik shows Naira and they get shocked. Gayu cries and sees Rashmi and Sameer’s pic. Mishti runs to Gayu. Everyone ask Gayu what happened. Devyaani ask Gayu not to think bad. Bhabhimaa says nothing will happen to Akshara. Karishma consoles Mishti. Inspector says search unit has come, call Naitik to sign. Bau ji and Vishwamber look for Naitik. Naitik and Naira shout Akshara and get shocked seeing her clothes. Naitik screams Akshara. Naira says don’t lose courage, we have to find her. She hugs him and they cry. Inspector says you tell me shall we find accident victim or Naitik, its jungle area, and anything can happen. Vishwamber, Bau ji and Shaurya go to find Naitik and Naira. They all look for Akshara.

Mishti prays for Akshara and Kartik. Everyone hear her and cry. Akhilesh asks Kartik to get fine soon, as they have met after a long time. Kartik’s dad Manish walks in the hospital. Manish stops his guards and goes to Akhilesh. He sees Kartik in the ICU. He stops at the door. Akhilesh says he is unconscious, police wants to take his statement, they doubt Kartik did this accident. Manish says clear their doubt, this news should not go out, there should not be any finger pointed to any Goenka, anything else? Akhilesh says yes, the lady who got knocked down by Kartik’s car is……

Naitik asks what to do now. Naira says we have to find mumma. Naitik says I will go alone. Naira says no, we will find her together, come. Some men come to them. They turn and get shocked. Akhilesh says its big thing, Suwarna would have told you, Kartik and Naira love each other, Akshara is Naira’s mum, its big issue. Manish says its over now, think what to do, take action, call big lawyer, end this matter here.

Kartik takes Naira’s name. Naitik and Naira see inspector and search team. Inspector scolds them for not listening to them. Naira says sorry. Naitik says we are helping you. Inspector says the place is risky. Naitik says then its more risky for Akshara. Naira says please let us come, maybe Akshara responds hearing our voice, we will be with you. Naitik sees Akshara’s sandal.

Naitik picks the sandal and shows Naira. Naira confirms its Akshara’s sandal. Naitik says it means she is around. They try finding her till morning. Vishwamber says night passed, where is my daughter. Shaurya says I did not find her. Bau ji says maybe Naitik or Naira got her. Naitik and Naira come and say we did not find anything, we just got her sandal. Shaurya says it means she fell in the cliff, no this can’t happen. Inspector comes and says this is true. Bau ji asks where is she, tell me. Inspector says maybe other search team knows of her. Naira sees Akshara’s purse, pics and jewelry box. She cries and prays for Akshara. Rajshri and everyone come to meet Singhanias. They all pray for Akshara and wish the morning gets a good news. Nannu and Kuhu get Dadi.

Dadi says they will get Akshara home when they find her, we have to be strong to take care of her, we will serve her, we have to take care of ourselves also, have some prasad. They all agree. Mishti says I will take care of Akshara. Dadi says Akshara would be coming. Naitik gets shocked seeing police bringing a dead body and shouts to Naira. They all get shocked.

Naitik and Naira get shocked seeing the dead body’s face …… Naira runs to meet Kartik. Akhilesh stops her. Naira says please let me meet him. Manish asks her to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate u kartik…overacting ki dukaan….my akshara gone

  2. Separation of kaira will bring the trps down for sure and main part is dissapointment in fans….1st is akshra not being in the show 2nd is kairas separation….But 2nd tought which I have is I think itz not karthik who will knock down…may be its someone…as karthik is drunk he might not know what happened but as days pass by he might remember the incident or may be any witness 😛

    1. Funclubs


      1. Arshi

        Its awesome…. ?

    2. Funclubs

      Arshi.. Dear I know that Osam means awesome but how can she say that it’s awesome.that’s what I’m asking dear..

  3. Don’t understand what s happening ? They found Akshara’s body ? Bt Naira looked composed in the precap. Was anyone else hit by Karthik ? Is it her body that s being brought ? Total confusion. No spoilers also since few days. Now only Naira shown in the title display. I just hope that story turns around such that Kaira always stay united.

  4. I hate you Karthik, just die and I hate Manish who the f**k is he? Akshara died because of this f**king loser Karthik and if Naira loves her mother she would never ever look at that blo*dy loser again! f**k you Karthik.

    1. Mind ur language ur on a open forum
      its just freaking show
      if u see the episodes clearly u will know its not karthik who has done it…Just think why will they show a male lead doing it..Black car hit ak n karthik in white car..
      Its just to separate kaira they r doing it
      Everybody can’t be shown as mahaan.manish is a big industrialist .he thinks of status and also loves his son.
      All can’t be naitik or akshara .

      1. you are right anu and pari kartik is mail lead how can he do this.

  5. Guys chill I repeating again karthik hasnot ddone akshara accident
    they r just creating a suspense around it for kaira to undergo test of love
    but what a entry of sachin tyagi as karthik dad awesome performer awesome swag ….character is still a mystery about him…
    shivi n vishal just stole the show

  6. Guys chill. Why you guys started hating Kartik. It was not his fault. He was not having any idea that he is drunk. We cannot blame kartik as he was not in his sense when naira told him to return nor he was having any idea that he is drunk. Naira should have told kartik to stop and I am coming to meet you. I am not blaming naira, but she could have handled the situation. Anyway Akshara is dead and her body will not be found. I think they may or may not introduce a new akshara depending upon TRP of show. It is also not clear that whether kartik’s car hit akshara or someone’s car hit akshara. It would be interesting to see how Kartik is going to handle the situation when he will regain conscious and will come to know about akshara being hitten by his car and how he will prove his innocence. Entry of kartik’s father is going to effect this track. Before coming to any conclusion, guys, i think we should wait for 3-4 episodes. I will miss hina khan her acting was awesome.

  7. Tessie

    I dnt think the body was of akshara.. If it was naira would never come to kartik.. She has hope thar akshara is alive so she wnnts to knw the truth dats y she is in the hospital.. Episode without akshara.. Missed her actually. Did ul noticed the cover pic of the serial now dy remvd aksharas pic n jus nairas is der..

  8. I’m gonna miss Hina Khan badly . I too think that Kartik is innocent . Perhaps somebody else hit Akshara . There was spoiler ki Akshara’s dead body won’t be found because if it is needed show’s producer might bring back Hina . Though I started to watch YRKKH for Kaira , Akshara was soul of the show . Sometimes I felt that Akshara is enough to run the show . Hope she’ll be back….. everybody wants her back . I hope Kaira won’t be separated .

  9. True yaar..kartik can’t do this..I totaly agree with Rahul’s comment

  10. I think akshara will come back soon and today’s episode was just awesome acting of shivi and vishal hope hina di come back

  11. I think like other story’s a leap will happen and when kaira exept eachother akshara will come back they can’t take hina khan of the show she is the main lead if someone didn’t leave after karan exit it was all cuz of hinas acting therefore kartik Is just shown as the culprit but like yeh hai mohabatian some business rival of native would have done this I think

  12. Hiya. Sad that Akshara is gone. I feel her death was too drawn out. I liked the first accident–the one where the car tire burst–that was well set up. After that it became like too longdrawn. Not a fan of foreshadowing and endless premonitions, and really hope Kartik hasn’t caused Akshara’s death. haven’t seen yesterday’s episode yet, but looking forward to Naira’s acting.

  13. I want my kaira back can’t see dem lyk dis.. It is so heartbreaking ???

  14. Kartik hit akshra in ditch…cause akshra death…miss u akshra…

    1. There is no leap
      neither karthik has killed akshara
      Its a track so in one day they won’t reveal everything
      should have patience

  15. Yes…story will be leap…

  16. i dont like it. please please bring akshara back and dont separate kaira.

    yrkkh has always been a very clean show without any negativity. please dont make it bad by bringing karthiks family.

  17. Plz hina mat jao
    We will you alot….

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