Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik reaches Goa to meet Kairav

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking people for a powerbank. He says my child is alone at the bus stand, I have to talk to him, please help. A lady gives him power bank. Naira asks where is Kairav. Teacher says we should ask you, why didn’t he come to school. Naira says Father has dropped him. Father says yes, I got him to school. Teacher says you are a single parent, we thought he didn’t come as there is fathers’ match today. The man asks where is your house, who lives in your family. Kairav says mum told me not to talk to strangers, when will we meet dad. The man asks what’s your mum’s name, sit here, I will get bus ticket and come. Kartik calls Kairav.

Kairav asks why did you cut the call. Kartik asks where are you. Kairav says an uncle made me sit on the bench, bus uncle made me away from boarding the bus. Kartik asks how can you talk to anyone. Kairav says all strangers are not bad, this uncle will help me. Kartik says no need to take help. Kairav says he asked me to sit here. Kartik says just leave from there, go to safe place, you don’t have to come. Kairav says its fathers’ day, I have to meet you and get you to Goa, mum and I miss you a lot, mum cries and doesn’t say. Kartik says we will talk later, you won’t come, I m coming. Kairav says yes, are you coming here. Kartik says yes, I m coming. Naira and Liza look for Kairav. Naira asks where did Kairav go. Teacher says here is some confusion, we didn’t see him in CCTV footage. Guard says that kid came here, he asked me to greet Father, I think when I went, maybe he… Naira asks are you a kid to leave your duty and go. Teacher says go to the police please. The man says I made the kid sit here, inspector I left him here, I thought he will get scared seeing the police, he is innocent, its Carnival time, there is much crowd. Inspector says I will find him.

Kartik asks Kairav to run, the game has begun. Kairav runs and asks what to do now. Kartik says sorry, I can’t cut this call, my son is in danger, can I call police by your phone. Kairav says I reached the park, I came from school, house is far. Kartik asks him to say his mum’s number. Kairav says I won’t call her, don’t call her, she will get angry, I will go home when you come. Kartik says fine, promise to do as I say. Kairav agrees. He calls Goa police and says a kid has run from his phone, my son stays in Goa, he is in some park near the bus station, I will ask him and tell you. Inspector says fine, send his pic. Kartik agrees. Kartik asks where are you exactly. Kairav says there are big fountain and Carnival posters. Kartik says be there, you will be safe, don’t tell your name to anyone. Kairav asks why. Kartik says because I m telling you. He thinks I don’t know your name. He asks are you listening tadpole. Kairav says yes. Naira and Liza come to D’Souza. Naira asks is Kairav with you. He signs no. Kartik asks Kairav to click pics if he can. Kairav says I m smart like you. Kartik says don’t hang up, can you send pics. Kairav says its easy, why do you ask silly questions. He sends pics.

Kartik checks. Naira asks where is my son. D’Souza asks why will I do anything to him, who will hurt your son, he is cute, he took my phone. Liza says we can track his phone. He says you will get your son and I will get my phone. Liza asks him to give his number. Naira says he was desperate to talk to his dad, maybe he called. Inspector says we are finding the kid, we want exact location. Kartik says I will try. Kairav asks what shall I do now. Inspector says you didn’t send your son’s pic. Kartik asks Kairav to send his pic. Kairav asks don’t you have my pics. Kartik says of course, I have the pics, send me your selfie. Kairav clicks selfie.

He checks phone. Kartik worries seeing the disconnected call. Kairav says my phone got dead, what to do now, dad is coming here, I will wait here, mum said sky will get pink when dad comes, there will be rainbow, there is nothing, how can it happen now, it will happen when dad comes. Kartik calls the manager and says get our charter plane ready, its urgent. He runs to airport. Naira comes to police station and says my son Kairav is 4 years old, he is missing. Inspector says a man told me about the kid, the kid wasn’t there when I reached there. Inspector says someone has filed the missing report of the kid. He says we will find out, did you get his pic. Naira shows the pic.

Kairav sits and passes time. He opens the tiffin. It falls down. Naira cries. Liza asks her not to lose courage. Naira says I will find him until I get him. Kairav says my dad will come today….. He says mum doesn’t know you will come, she gets angry and says dad can’t come, but dad is coming. He plays with paper frog and tadpole. Suwarna says Dadi and Vedika reached airport. Manish asks about Kartik, he asked for a charter plane. Suwarna says maybe his meeting got cancelled. Samarth, Gayu and Vansh come home. Vansh shows his trophies. Manish says you are a Goenka, we Goenkas just wins. Vansh says I m also a Goenka, I m also smart. Samarth looks on. Gayu sees him. Vansh sees some people dancing. He goes to see them and smiles. He says that’s me and my dad, come soon dad. Kartik comes in a taxi. He enters the gate. Kairav runs. He sees the sky turning pink. He says maybe dad has come to Goa.

Kartik saves Kairav from getting hit by the van. They fall down. Kairav faints. Naira shouts Kairav and looks for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Yippeeeeee !!! I hv got to see this episode tonite ? Kairav is just “theeee most adorable darling I hv even seen ? his thoughts are just like both his parents ? stubborn, cute, smart ? you name it, he’s got it ?

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