Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2013 Written Update

Akshara tells duggu lets plan about naitik’s b’day as its coming.. akshara suggests duggu to plan something duggu says yes I will plan something naitik enters at that moment he asks what planning duggu escapes from there by excuses & akshara too. M’s kaki varsha cooking, gy3 thanks akshara she did a good job as duggu attention will also not go goldie now when he will plan b’day for naitik. duggu enters gy3 tells she is making paratha by which duggu will get energy. duggu says give me in a plate I will also feed goldie just then he realizes.. he says sorry everyday I feed goldie.. he asks akshara whether angel will feed goldie? akshara nodes yes!

Dj is drinking tea,bm feels something is fishy duggu comes to meet dj he says he is going but he can’t concentrate. dj consoles him by saying as one person goes another person comes he succeeds cheering up duggu .dj tells bm to sit he tells he wants to spend time with bm till he is alive bm confused hearing this. Duggu,akshara,gy3 planning about b’day duggu says akshara he will ananya,yash,ayush etc.. gy3 tells b’day is of naitik what will kids do?

Duggu he will also invite naitik’s friends & asks name list of naitik’s friends he will call them up. Gy3 tells now akshara do the work duggu has given it. duggu notices naitik,he starts act of laughing gy3 also notices him she to joins him. Akshara puts duggu’s bag & tell him not to let naitik know of it. duggu shows knife,party hats etc.. RB asks what is duggu doing? duggu says he is supervising that whether everyone is doing their work properly or not!

naitik arrives naitik asks for tea everyone says no. naitik is shocked hearing no?akshara tells how can u drink tea w/o even washing hands duggu cuts there is germs. naitik agrees to wash his hand, he walks past courtyard just then he hears duggu’s voice. Here Dj falls ill, naitik & rb take him to his room & call doctor. @ Night NaKsh sitting beside their window naitik looks quite worried akshara consoles him saying don’t worry dj’s health is better now,naitik says I’m worried about Dj.

Naitik asks what planning is going on? Akshara feels embarrassed, she tries to hide by saying its nothing. Naitik shows akshara candles & knife from music can be heard. Akshara is shocked how did naitik came to knew about all this? Naitik tells from gossip going on SS & from this. He also knew akshara will do something special for naitik’s b’day. Akshara tells it was duggu’s plan, he is planning each & everything for you.

Naitik tells akshara not to tell duggu that he has came to know about his b’day surprise let that it surprise for duggu’s happiness. Morning akshara comes with a towel, she sees naitik adoring duggu. Naitik shares with akshara one of his friend’s experience of b’day. He also tells her it will be his b’day after 4 years & for akshara to same thing. duggu wakes up..

Naitik feels embarrassed so he excuses himself from there. Duggu understands it he asks akshara why did she tell naitik about surprise?Akshara tells no I didn’t. Naitik is excited about his work.. Duggu I’m not fool Akshara replies I know both son & father are smart. Naitik doesn’t know anything about his b’day surprise. Duggu tells Akshara not to disclose about surprise to naitik.

precap: Duggu notices the CD is horror movie


Update Credit to: -Rasmi24-

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