Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik reaches Mumbai

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik waking up and hearing Naira’s voice. He coughs and drinks water. He says I don’t want to miss you, don’t dare to come in my thoughts. Suwarna says I don’t wish Kartik to go. Manish stops her. They come to Kartik’s room. Manish says its time for flight. Suwarna applies him black tika and says you have high fever, get the medicine box. Manish says he will get fine. Suwarna says you can send someone else, my son won’t go in this state. Manish says no one else can handle the meeting. She says Kartik won’t go, what’s happening Kartik, are you fine. Manish thinks Kartik has to go Mumbai.

Naitik asks everyone to listen, they should park the cars outside. He gets Naksh’s call. Naksh says I have sent papers, did you check. Naitik says sorry, I had to submit Naira’s admission form and then Kartik’s documents came, I forgot, I will see it after Naira’s admission, I have tension. Naksh says you check and message me, clients have come, I will talk later. Naitik ends call. Kirti gets coffee for Naksh. He asks shall we go for a movie. She says sure, we can go. She thinks storm came in someone else’s life, but relations broke for all, if Kartik and Naira unite, many things can get fine. Naira is somewhere at beach. She gets sad. Yahan wahan….plays….. She sees him everywhere at stalls. She sees frog toy and thinks of him. She cries and rushes to board the bus. She thinks what’s happening with me and why, what does this mean. Kartik is on the way. Naira is at the signal.

Kartik and Naira don’t see each other. He turns to see. She cries and goes. Manish gets Kirti’s call and says Kartik has gone out of city, you didn’t say Naira is in Mumbai. Kirti says I m glad, we have to do something to unite them, did Suwarna let him go. Manish says yes, I had to work hard to convince Suwarna and Kartik, all is well that ends well. Kirti says I understand, sometimes a cut is necessary to heal a wound, I feel they will meet in Mumbai. He says just pray, I m also praying. Kartik and Naira reach the college. Aahatein…..plays…. Kartik talks to someone and goes. Naira gets a banner and gives to someone. They don’t see each other. Kartik sees Singhania on the list. He then reads Naina…. He goes. Naira comes there. He thinks why am I thinking about her.

Naira checks her name on the list. She thinks my name isn’t on the list, I didn’t get the admission. Akhilesh tells everyone about invite from Agarwals. Naksh says Agarwals have sent the invite. Suwarna says we won’t go, there will be crowd. Bhabhimaa says we will surely go, its fine if Devyaani doesn’t want to go, but Dadda ji loved this family, Naksh and Kirti will take me there. Naksh nods. Manish says I will go Suwarna, Akhilesh and Surekha get ready. Surekha says I have kitty in evening. Manish asks Suwarna to come. Suwarna refuses. Manish says don’t do wrong with family, go and get ready. The principal welcomes Kartik and says we are glad to meet you, we are ready with papers, we will do the formalities. Naira comes there. Naira tells the man that her name is printed wrong.

The man says there is spelling mistake, don’t worry. He corrects her name and asks her to deposit fees in account section, her admission has happened. Kartik makes a leave. Naitik says I wish something good happens here. Chitti says we come here to pray for Naira and everyone. Vaidehi goes to pray. Kartik gets a message. Kirti asks him to get medicines for Bhabhimaa. She sends address. He replies you can get it by courier. She replies no, its liquid medicines, you get it. Kartik leaves in the car. Naira hires a taxi. She leaves. Kartik asks driver to take him to the address. Naitik prays that Kartik and Naira meet. Kirti and Manish also pray. Naira and Kartik are on the way to her house.

Manish says if Kartik didn’t go there, where did he go, I wish he gets Naira. Naitik says I m sure your life will get good changes. Manish says I wish something good happens there. Kartik reaches Naira’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a creativity of changing location with same story of kaira fight,Milan and cheap romance,I thought they will improve but no . again the same old wine in new bottle.while family including kids are wishing for kaira milan.when was that rishikesh Milan ?one month or two months back?hmmm.i think they stopped showing rajasri and daadi.two people are doing daadis role like suvarna and devayaani.

    1. Not while,it’s whole family

    2. Yes Anjana dear, they’re showing the same old craps and the infinity number of milan they’re doing is unbearable. down worry after two weeks you will see someone saying the biggest Milan of the world is coming ???? maybe this time the prime minister “” modi”” will gonna United them. I don’t the hell understand why they doing that always separation and patch up, i guess no other story is left.

  2. Please cvs stop alll this , I cant watch anymore please do something about their relation I can’t watch this

  3. Suwarna mata so called the best mum, who even don’t know how to handle her own children. How can she ignored keerti like that ain’t she the first one who call and addresses you as her own mum before anyone else and you acting that she doesn’t exists by your side foolish . Basically the stupid cv’s trying hard to make suwarna as dadi goenka who atleast has a little attitudes but here she fails miserably coz this vamp look didn’t suitable suwarna. Between why every one praying and shouting out load naira naira and chanting around karthik’s relationship as they’re not a mature enough to end their differences then what kind of relationship is this, where one partner allways hiding any matters from other party and making everytime a vows which never get successful, like they never gonna hide any problems from each other, what the joke. Here comes this guy ” karthik” who claimed he loves his wife endless but when it comes the trust parts he never do that. always throwing the things angrily won’t makes everything perfectly. ????? what the stupidity is this.

    1. Agreed to you, karthik fights with the whole world for naira.he is behaving like a psycho sometime.when it comes between him and naira,he hates her to the most.not only this one, Everytime it’s like that

  4. It is wrong to separate the main leads couples of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, and that is kartik naira. Because after naitik akshara, now kartik naira is the main leads couples of this serial yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, so please make kartik naira kaira together. But this is also wrong that kartik always blames naira for his family members or siblings, so kartik should apologize to naira and should says sorry to naira for shubhams death blame, that he put on naira his wife, and then I want that kartik should say to naira that from next time he will never blame naira for his any of the family members or siblings, then I will be very happy. And not only kartik I want that goenka family should also apologize and should says sorry to naira, for shubhams death blame that they put on naira, and also including this goenka family should say this also to naira, that from next time they will never blame naira for any of their family members or daughter or son, then I will be very happy, and not only this naira should also say to kartik that from next time she will also not blame kartik for any of her family members or siblings, whenever bad situations comes to nairas family, then I will be very happy. And last one, that, I want that kartik naira should say to each other, that from next time they will never hide anything from each other and always tell each other everything, then I will be very happy. And i really want this that kartik naira should never hide anything from each other and always tell each other everything, and that also, because whenever any bad situation comes to goenka family then that time naira becomes daughter in law and then goenka family always blames naira for their family members or daughter or son. Especially kartik also blames naira for his family members or siblings, this is wrong.

  5. Krishnaa

    Suwarna’s reaction when karthik had fever was too much! it was as if she got a small reason to make it so big that karthik doesn’t leave for Mumbai!Manish’s reply to her was good! I feel if she hadn’t been this much possessive for karthik or at least hadn’t shown so much hate towards Naira, Karthik would have at least been better or would have searched for her. her constant hate and mourning for her son has ruined her other son’s life. And motherly love is only for son, not for daughter? Up to now it hasnt been shown what really happened after naira fell down. who saved her and if karthik knew about all this.

  6. Agree with krishnaa and geetika. Please unite them please. I can’t see all this. It’s hurting me sooo much

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