Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik apologizes to Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jhaveri saying threatening someone is a big crime. Trisha stops Naira. Naksh says we will get a better lawyer. Jhaveri laughs and asks is there anyone better than me, sorry, I couldn’t control. They leave. Naira cries and imagines Trisha asking for justice, reminding her promise. Surekha, Lav and Kush say nothing can happen to them, they are Goenkas. Jhaveri says I can easily suppress the weak voice of the poor. She cries. Kartik runs to her. She hugs him and cries.

She says Jhaveri blamed Trisha for doing this for money, our truth failed, money has won. He says I just know that you still have to fight the battle, you and Trisha will win, your truth will win. She asks how. He says this would happen, I m with you, I m sorry, I couldn’t understand you, our Kairav is learning wrong things. She asks what, Kairav? What did he do? FB shows Kartik asking Kairav why did you hurt Vinod, you will be punished. Kairav says you can punish me and tell police. Kartik asks aren’t you scared of police. Kairav says no, I know we have much power, nothing will happen to Lav and Kush also, Manish said he will give money and get them freed, it means he will not let anything happen to us. Kartik gets shocked. FB ends.

Naira asks what. Kartik says yes, we have to fight a battle at home with our son, I couldn’t see Lav and Kush here and lost badly, you were right, I have set a wrong example for our son, he feels money is the biggest power, money will save us, he will also do such a thing. She says no, he can’t be like this. He says he can be, we have to make truth win, for Trisha’s sake, sorry, you were right. She says we will make truth win. He says even if we have to go against family. She says yes, together. They hug.

Lav and Kush come home. They play on dhol with kids. Akhilesh says look at them, its shameless thing. Dadi and Manish get angry. Manish says they got saved because of us. Suwarna asks who did this. Jhaveri comes and says I did. Naksh consoles Trisha. Kartik and Naira come. Kartik gives her the water bottle. He says sorry Trisha, I went on wrong path for some time. He hugs her and consoles. Naksh asks what did you think now. Naira says we will deal with Jhaveri first. Kartik says he will get punished. Manish says why are we celebrating. Jhaveri says we have to keep our image better, Lav and Kush got the bail, I did this for the public image, I won’t take the dhol bill from you. Samarth says its right, its for media.

Manish asks Jhaveri to make sure that they win the case. Jhaveri says think its done. Surekha does aarti of Lav and Kush. Kartik and Naira come and apply black colour to their face. Kartik says we also love Lav and Kush, we can’t see them going on wrong path, we are against them now. Naira says you are celebrating on dhol. Kartik says we got a gift for them. Police comes. Kairav and Vansh hide. Vansh asks why did they come. Kairav says I have hit on Vinod’s head. He recalls Kartik and Naira’s words. He runs away. Kartik says don’t worry, police didn’t come to take you, you got the bail, police came to take Jhaveri. Jhaveri asks did you get mad. Naira says no.

Kartik says you knew details of the case, how. Naira says I have something to show you. She shows the pic and says Abhishek Jhaveri, he is the son of Shaktiman Jhaveri, Trisha took his name with Lav and Kush, Abhishek went to US before case started. Kartik says Jhaveri would have sent him to US. Surekha asks Lav and Kush. Naira says you cheated me and my family. Kartik says you saved your son, who will save you now.

Manish and Kartik argue. Manish asks him to get out. Naira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. And then wats up with Manish, they shouldn’t drag this storyline. It should be fast. The culprits shld be arrested.

    1. Luv kush are disgusting.

  2. Verma4

    What a disgusting show. Thank god Kartik has finally grown a couple and Jhaveri what a f**ken wanker. Still cannot stand how the f**king twins were dancing and the family not saying a word. f**king boils my blood.

  3. wat is wrong with this family….I knew it kartik and naira will end up leaving the house and that’s how there’s going to be a leap. The goenka family is beyond shameless thank god kartik realized his mistake but wow this is just disappointing…..was this track rly necessary I mean couldn’t the makers have thought of a better storyline than this…

  4. Nianjan Sabhahit

    The ever crying Naira- all the time crying and making same face as if she is going to die next minute. Sick of her and her court room drama is better to forget. In reality if any one does in court like her will be sent to jail for contempt of court. The judge also appeared as a joker.

    Trish is well aware that Kush was just part of Luv and Abhijit and was all the time trying to prevent these two- but still she made me accused on the same degree. He is of course accomplice but the way it has been projected he was against all acts committed.

  5. Actually, this show acts what happens in reality

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