Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone coming to Akshara. Akshara says she has chest pain. Bau ji asks Naman to call doctor. Naman says doctor is coming. They all take her to the room. The doctor checks her and says nothing to worry, it was acidity attack. Devyaani says she does not eat anything such. She says stress level also is one reason. She leaves. Naksh wakes up, and Muskaan makes him sleep. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara why did she not wake up Naitik. Karishma says yes, what if you fell. Muskaan asks how can she be so careless. Devyaani asks her to sleep, and now wake up early, we will not leave her alone. Akshara says Naitik I did not know this, I m sorry, don’t be annoyed. He says you feel what you is right, and you can do the work.

He asks her to rest as doctor said sleep is important. He says I don’t want you and baby to have any problem. He makes her rest. Everyone talk about fashion contest in the hotel. Jasmeet says it will be good. Shaurya says he has done all arrangements. He says the fashion show is in swimming costumes. The ladies look on. Akshara wakes up late. Naitik asks her to rest and gives her tea. She says I have to bath and do puja. He says I told Lord that you are ill and puja is done. He says all the works are done. She says she won’t have tea. She kisses his hand asking him not to be annoyed. Rajshri asks Vishwamber why he wants to go to meet models. Shaurya says ladies are getting jealous. Anshu makes Varsha jealous. Varsha says we will also go, no one needs us here.

Shaurya says the fashion show is on boys. They are surprised and smile. The man laugh saying jealousy males people blind. Dadi says this is their love. Shaurya says we are not jealous, and trust ourselves and our wives. Varsha says fine, we will come there. The men ask them not to come. Kaki says who is jealous now. They all smile. Naman says I m going office, Naitik will be at home with Akshara. Karishma says we are newly married and you are going office. Karishma talks to Naitik directly, and says I told this to Akshara too. Devyaani asks what did she say, is she the reason for Akshara’s unwell state. Karisma gets angry and leaves.

Muskaan smiles seeing Alok. He comes to meet her. He says looking very pretty, going anywhere out. She says no. He says you are looking really good. He gives the pics and says I will leave. She says so soon, you can have coffee. He says fine and orders coffee. She asks how does he know your choice. Alok says this is my fav place, I m coming here since years. She asks about the wall. He says people write their feelings on that wall. She says how nice, did you write anything. Few people come and greet him, asking him to sing a song or play guitar. Muskaan nods yes. Alok plays the guitar. She smiles seeing him.

Naitik tells Akshara that I know why you are worried, why are they doing this. Akshara says I know, this happens. He says you don’t take tension by this, we can do anything for them. She smiles and says yes, I will try my best. Everyone clap for Alok. Alok thanks them. Muskaan claps a lot and says wow, beautiful. He says thanks, shall we leave. She says I want to write something there. He says fine, come. She asks did he write anything here. He shows her. She reads that he has written about his past love. She thinks shall I ask about his past GF. Alok says he forgot the car keys, and goes to get it. She writes her feelings on the wall. He reads it and is shocked, that Muskaan wants to keep meeting him.

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Bhabhimaa sees Devyaani happy and talks to her. She says she will give medicines to Dadda ji and leaves. Devyaani is shocked seeing Karishma bring the bag. Karishma does not talk to her and walks out. She cries and goes to Akshara and Naitik. She says Karishma has left the house. They are shocked. He asks who told you. She says I saw it myself, she went. Akshara asks why did she not stop her. Devyaani says please stop her, bring her home. Akshara says I will get her and they leave.

Akshara calls driver and asks where did he drop Karishma. He says the address and says I have come back now. Rajshri says all sarees have come by dry cleaning. They arrange it. Jasmeet likes a saree and says give it to me, I will make a dress of it. Kaki says no, saree will be spoiled. Jasmeet asks will she wear it, its very heavy, its better if I use it. Kaki says fine. Akshara and Naitik reach the place and go to meet Karishma. Akshara starts scolding her for taking this step, and explains her. She asks her to keep her point if she is right, whats this to leave home.

Karishma says you all blame me, I m hurt by all this, I m not leaving home, no one trusts me or understand my point of view, I came here to donate my old items to my NGO, no one understands me. Akshara says sorry, you came without telling anyone, we felt you…. She says I can’t keep anyone happy, you also don’t understand me, you proved this from coming here. She gets annoyed.

Akshara tells Devyaani to change her mindset and we have to make efforts to accept Karishma, we are doing injustice with Karishma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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