Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with ladies praising Naira. Dadi asks them to do ghat, we will come. Lady asks are you waiting for Kartik, he can come there directly. Dadi says yes, he will come. Reporter asks will we get Kartik and Naira’s pics. Dadi says yes, you can wait at ghat. Kirti tells Naira that everything will be managed. Lav and Kush tell Mishti that Naira and Kartik do not stay here, they stay in different house. Mishti talks to Lav and Kush and does not believe them. She says you are trying to fool me.

Aditya asks Kirti about Kartik, is everything fine, Naitik is here, so is Kartik managing his office work. Naksh says I will call him. Naira says no. Aditya taunts on Kartik who is not here to welcome his inlaws. Naitik asks Naira what’s the matter. Aditya asks is there any fight. Naira says no, there is no fight, else we would have solved, you don’t need to worry Aditya. Naitik and Naksh ask Naira to say. Mishti says I will say what happened, Naira and Kartik don’t stay in this house now. They get shocked. Mishti says Lav and Kush told me that Kartik and Naira left home by some fight in house on pagphere day. Naksh asks what, you told me that day there is no problem. Aditya says now you all understand. Dadi asks them did they not know this. Devyaani says no. Dadi says you can ask them after puja, we are getting late. She asks Naira to come. They all leave for puja. Naira sees herself in mirror and says I can see same reflection in all mirrors, Kartik, Maayka and Sasural are not with me, I maybe left alone. She goes for Gangaur puja. Dadi says people will talk and ruin our respect, if Kartik does not come.

Naira says Kartik and I will do puja together, else I won’t do this puja. He stumbles. Naksh holds her. He looks annoyed and goes. Naira prays to Lord. Kartik comes and asks her to come. She gets glad seeing Kartik. He smiles seeing the idol she made. Naira says I did not wish to hurt your heart, I thought of family emotions and thought of their trouble, I was right, everyone was asking about you, what would family answer them. She says I have made you annoyed, I should have found some way. He holds her hand and says I m not annoyed, else I would have not come here, I m not lying, you have hurt me just for some time, I understood you. She thanks him and says I thought a lot to go or not, what will family think, what would I explain people that we got away from house and hearts. He says no, we have to maintain boundaries, if we meet so often, what’s the use to stay away, this can affect our relation, we won’t talk about this, we came to save our family from becoming a news, I m sorry, we have to tell truth to your family, its good you met them here else…. She says they got to know.

Kirti says Kartik has come. Dadi and everyone get happy. Yeh rishta kya….plays………. Dadi blesses Kartik and hugs him. Manish smiles. Kartik apologizes that they had to wait. He meets everyone. Reporter says we thought you won’t come. Kartik asks what are you saying, its my wife’s first Gangaur, you know my family, they are so traditional, I can’t hurt them, I had to come. Dadi asks them to come for puja.

Kartik says one thing is true, its first Gangaur of my lovely wife. Naira smiles. Yeh rishta….plays……… Kartik meets Akhilesh and hugs him. He meets Naitik and Naksh and goes. Manish looks on. Kartik meets kids and asks them not to be sad, such steps are needed to balance relations, if things get fine by getting away, what’s wrong, you all trust me and Naira that we can never go against family, whatever happens. He asks Naitik to trust him, Naira did not take me there, I went there by my wish, sorry this is truth, I promised to keep Naira happy, I m fulfilling it.

Naitik says Naira is lucky that you care for her happiness, but others… Kartik says no, I thought well. Naitik says I wish you both always stay happy. He hugs Kartik. Naira says don’t misunderstand us, we had a reason to… Bhabhimaa says we knew there will be some reason. Naira says we will go back soon, trust me, give me some time. Devyaani says we trust you and Kartik.

They all dance. Pyaar miljaye…..plays…………Kartik smiles seeing Naira. The ladies go near the lake and do the Gangaur puja.

Naira thinks Kartik’s heart is like this shadow, it will spoil when I try to touch it. Aditya and Naksh hear Akhilesh saying Mansi wanted to tell everyone that she did Akshara’s accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!
    Aniket Bhai all the best for your Neet Exams !!

    pls check this linnk :

    Something Special for Soumya Sissy !!
    Good Night !!

  2. Helloooo my dear siblings. Hope all are doing well ? Hello Preeti nice meeting u. I cant believe what u told about Captain. Tell him to report back soon after his exams. Me and ur nephew r perfectly fine and healthy thanks for all ur concern for us.
    Where is Pat ? I guess she did not comment in my absence also. Missing good old days when everyone used to keep commenting even between their busy life schedule.
    About Yrkkh I just hate to see Aaditya and dadi scenes. Precap seems interesting. Waiting to see dadi n Surekha’s face when accident truth would be revealed.
    Please do comment guys. When my mobile was broken I used to worry thinking all would be back and having fun together but no I was wrong. Many members left this ship to sink. When captain himself is not bothered what to say about others. Plzzzzzzzzzz comment my dear little siblings.

  3. Hii guys…..y noo cmnts..well im a big fan of yrkkh bt a silent reader here….
    episode was superbbbb….at late d song was awesome n dance was fab yaar…luvd d episode n kaira moments..hate dt adi..always he comes in middle idiot..n dadi is really too rude.she always misunderstands naira..
    .n d precap is really ntrstng naksh n adi also gt to know abt mansi bt nw i thnk dt adi will tk it as advantage….n naksh gt to know abt dt bt i thnk he wont tell it to naira..waiting for d truth to come out….infront of both dadi n surekha..2 proudish ladies….
    yrkkh always rocks..luv u kaira…..

  4. sry dts atlast*

  5. Episode was just amazing……
    Loved the dance scene……
    Loved it soo much…..
    Precap was soo interesting…..
    Ab ye aditya naira ko sach batayega i know…..

  6. Episode was amazing…..
    Loved the dance scene…..
    Loved it soo much…..
    Precap was interesting…..
    Ab ye aditya zaroor naira ko sach bataega i know…..
    Dhamaka hone wala hai…..
    Waiting for the next episode n also Eagerly waiting for star parivaar awards…..

  7. Some members r missing
    Hiiii guys how r u all???

  8. Lo maine khud hi 4 comments kar diya…… Hahahaha….

  9. Hiiiiii Sachu diii…very happy to c Ua comment di…yess dii our captain has left us alone. He is not even commenting in weekends n he has made mind to quit TU forever!! He is letting this ship to sink dii!! I just hope he comes back after his exams!!!!!!Plzzz Lakhan come back sooon! As I already told u crew members r not enough to manage this ship. We want our captain back!!!! So please come back bro!! We all r waiting for ua comment n missing u a lot!!!!!!! Plz change ua decision n come back sooon! Yess sachu di,Pat dii is also not commenting from a looong time. Don’t know what happened! I just hope she is fine!!Plz Pat diiii u too come back naa..
    PREETI.. Convey my special wishes to LAKHAN for his NEET n CET…How r u n ua bro Preeti?
    RAHUL BHAIYA,Even today u have not yet commented! U knw I waited a lot yesterday!!
    Mahima,Lasya n all please comment guys!! Waiting for u all…
    Aliyaa n twana…All the very best for ua NEET exams!!
    FENIL BHAIYA….soo glad to c ua comment r u??? R u too busy in exams? If yess all the very best bhaiya!!!

  10. Thanks Fenil bro nd Raf di for ur lovely wishes………………from lakhan

    Sorry sachu di n raf di actually I tried a lot convincing him but he isn’t listening to me……..plzzzz give me some clue

    Sachu di we both r fine how is ur son??

    I know raf di ur very upset with me also as I could not make bhai come back but I am sorry plz…

    Hey Rahul bro where r u????

    Fenil bro r u a fan of ishqbaaz????nice dp

    All the very best for everyone’s exams…..twana di fenil bhai aliya di ( sorry I don’t know whose whose exams r der)

  11. Thanks Fenil bro n Raf di for your lovely wishes……………..lakhan

    Sorry Sachu di n raf di I tried to convince him alot but he isn’t listening to me…….plzz give me some clue di

    Sachu di we both r fine how is ur son???

    Raf di I’m really sorry I know you r upset with me also bcz I am unable to convince him I am really sorrrrrrrry di

    Fenil bro r u a ishqbaaz fan.. nice dp

    Rahul bro where r u?????

    All the very best to everyone who r preparing for your examinations. ………

    1. Preeti I really didn’t expected this from him….Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzz convince him anyhow naa…Tell him that I too won’t comment if he won’t. Say anythng to make him convince na. U know am praying for his NEET n CET exams. If he won’t come back,Tell him that I won’t pray!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Lakhan come back na bro.. Y u r doing like this?? Do u know how important u r to this family? Pls Lakhan try to understand n pls come back bro…… missing ua funny comments a lot! Yesssss Preeti am very muchhh upsetttt!! Guys this time am saying seriously that i’l never comment if he won’t come back!!
      Take care everyone!!
      All the very best to all those who have exams!!
      Good bye to everyone guys.. missing u allll llll……………. I’l miss u all everyday but won’t comment… I’LL B WAITING FOR UA COMMENT LAKHAN… I’ll comment only if u come back!!!
      Rahul bhaiya,Preeti,Sachu dii,Lakhan,Pat dii,Tanu dii,Swara dii,Ponkuri dii,Sophie dii,Lasya,Soumya,Chanya,Trishi,Ananya,Aliyaa, Ishika dii, Fenil bhaiya, Sonal, Mahima, zainab, Zaira, Marshmellow, Pawan,Adi bro, vrushy….(I think I’ve missed many names) But sorry guys.! How r u alllll?? I’ll b missing u all everyday..take care everyone.
      ADI BRO…y u r not commenting?????? Is everything fine??
      RAHUL BRO… waiting for ua comments..
      I’m realllyyyyyy sorrryyy for quitting guys! I’l come back if our FAMILY MAKER will comment else I won’t!! Bye….

  12. Lasyashree.10

    hey everyone!!! how are you all??
    RAF!! today I’m completely disappointed with your comment…. I’m now fed up saying you to think practically not personally!
    Why do you think like this raf? if aniket is not here you don’t comment here and tomorrow someone will come here and tell as raf is quitting i’ll quit as well….then the nextday we will get another comment that as so and so quitted i’ll quit too…. and in my opinion that’s a biggest blunder comments….
    i’m very much disappointed RAF! When aniket is not here instead of managing this virtual family to keep strong you are making it more weaker!
    Aniket conveyed his message here through her sister hoping and trusting that we will understand his situation but NO….that’s not happening here…unfortunately!!
    and RAF we gave you the name GAYU but i’m sorry i’m not finding our gayu in you today!!!
    I think we are mistaken that you are gayu of the family! because GAYU actually understands other’s situation! she tries to solve the problems and manage the family bond…i hope you saw the serial and know that hpw gayu managed the lives of singhania’s and maheshwaries even when NAIRA is in rishikesh! but you RAF! you instead of managing this family like that you are worsening it more….you are making our ship sink! you are making our bond break by doing such comments..

    you are really crazy raf! here we are tryingto play games and increase the family members but you are trying to quit from here….is that your affection towards your family?? NEVER EXPECTED THIS FROM YOU…i think GAYU OF THE FAMILY IS PREETHI…she trying to save our bond even in the absence of her brother by commenting but you are……huh!!! that’s all i wanted to say!

    and i’m very much annoyed with you and your comments !


  13. Lasyashree.10

    even we are missing aniket’s comments his jokes his words but we are not leaving the page…i know everybody is not same!
    we are not thinking that he isnot with us!!! we named this group as family and in family we still have bond in between us whether we comment or not but unfortunately you are not understanding that raf! where ever aniket may be or whatever he do i’m sure he will remember us and wish us… and that’s enough for people in family RAF! we have his memories whyv are you thinking that he is not with us

    and now even after you quit too may be you will feel that you left us but we will not think that one because we will definitely include you in all those we do here!!!
    i pity you raf!! i hope you understand how foolish decision you took!!

  14. Noooooo raf dii plzz plzz don’t leave i request u plzz….
    And all the old family members plzz come back soon….
    I request to lakhan bhai plzz plzz come back……

  15. Lasyashree.10

    life of medical students is not that easy raf! they will even not have timwe to talk with their parents and eat food atleast… so raf understand even after one month i’ll be busy….after i ennter intoMBBS…growup raf for god sake!

  16. Fenil

    Hii all of u !! Hope u all r fine ?

    Pretty Prieeti , yes i used to watched Ishqbaaz but after Ishana’s removal i stopped i m reading only spoilers of IB N DBO. I love Shivika,Ishkara and Rumya.they lost one loyal viewer.

    I totally agree with my Bff lasiii and her whole comment is meaningful.

    Dear Raf Dii, i m also upset with u for your comment. AniketBro has exams so we can’t force him.Not only medical but CA is the toughest course in world but i try whenever i get time i post comment which was small.

    I stopped my ff few days back as now i can’t able to manage as my both exams are going to start. Still i manage and post one OS also.

    We attached wid eo with TU platform so u r right . Sorry if i said much .

    Dear preeti , just convey my msg to bro that we r fine if u told him abt Raf dii and other’s comments then he will not able to concentrate on his exams.

    Thanks !! Fenu here.

  17. Hi LASYA…
    Thank u Sooo muchhh for making me to realise that I’m doing wrong!! Thanks a lot!! It’s just that I want him to comment here at least after his exams.!! But as Preeti told that she is trying to convince him n he is not even listening so that made me mucchhh Upset!! I’m realllyyyyyy sorrryyy for taking such decision! Hope u will forgive me…!! If you feel that i am not managing this family like GAYU then let Preeti b ‘GAYU OF THIS FAMILY’…what say??? I’m really sorry dear. I just thought that Lakhan wil come back if he knows that even I left but am wrong! Thanks a lot dear!!! FENI BHAIYA thank u Sooo mchh bhaiya.. U r right. If Lakhan wil cm to know about my comment he won’t b able to concentrate in his studies n am mad to say like that.. am really sorry! Now I’l never tell like that!! LASYA I’l b waiting for ua comment…..Now I won’t quit!! But always I’l b waiting for lakhan’s comment.!! Pls forgive I’l never take such stupid decisions. MAHIMA…thanks to u also dear.. c I accepted ua request!! Happy??? I think now I have lost my nickname!!! I’m sorry lasya… I’l never make u annoyed n disappointed hence forth!! I’l manage this family very welll till he returns!! Plssss don’t b annoyed n reply me plzzz!!!!!

    1. Rahul96

      You are stupid Raf !!! Don’t dare to leave again !!! Nhi toh muh tor denge !!!

    2. Fenil

      U were Gayu of this family , u r and U will be only Gayu of this family !!

      My sissy is not stupid

  18. Lasya dii n fenil bhai is write….
    Thank u to accept my request….
    Raf dii aap GAYU hi ho aapne apna decision badal diya but promise aap phir aisa nahi karoge….

    And hii family members how r u all??

  19. Rahul bhaiya..Yes u r right! I am stupid to take such decision.. sorry bhaiya! Then Y u didn’t replied to my yesterday’s comments?? I waited a lot,u know? Plz bhaiya reply me na else I’l quit…hahaha..juz joking bro..I won’t quit!!
    MAHIMA.. no need to thank dear! Even I can’t b able to stay away from u all for a long time.! U know Aftr posting that comment I was wondering whether I’l able to stay away from u alll r not..but I really can’t!!!Thanks once again mujhe ‘GAYU’ kehne k liye!!!
    LASYA..PLS reply me sorry.i know u r angry with me but pls don’t b angry for a long time. Pls forgive me na..!! U know,I really think that I have lost my Nick name.. I’m so upset for this!! Sorry.. it’s all my foolishness!!! I assure u that I wil nevverrr do such things here after!! Just reply me plssss…
    RAHUL BRO….plssssssss reply to my yesterday’s comments!!!!! plssss bhaiya b regular missing ua comments a lot whenever u r not commenting!!!

  20. Hey I really can’t be “GAYU OF THE FAMILY” n raf di dont ever think of giving ur title to somebody else u haven’t lost ur nickname u r still “GAYU OF THE FAMILY” nd will be it forever di anybofy can’t take ur place nd dont ever again think of quiting TU lasya di fenil bro is right ab aap aisa decision loge toh lasya di ko hi nahi sab ko gussa aayega naa even he cant stay away from u all he misses u all a lot nd mahima too is right promise u will never do such stupid talks and jaise rahul bhaiya ne kaha agar aap nahi comment karoge toh………………….. just think aapki kya halat hogi….I mean ki aap bina comment kiye chain se nahi reh paoge

    Samjhe ????????
    Yaa aur bada comment dalu?????????

  21. Lasyashree.10

    heylo everyone
    raf i’m sorry for whatever i said you aarey bhai gusse mein char panch ulta seedha kaha yaar!
    no body can take you place!! how innocent you are and i’m happy that you withdrew your ghatiya decision!
    and letb preethi be our Jr.gayu of the family! what say?

    an now i have to russh sorry i’m in clinicall trials see you tomorrow bye rushing

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