Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids not listening to Akshara and shouting. Akshara says silence and starts leaving. She stops and says no, I can’t lose and go, what will I answer everyone. She says fine, don’t study, we will play a game. She says we will divide the rows in teams, I will put something on board and the team who answers more will get a prize. She teaches them by the game method and covers all subjects. The teachers see this new method of games and study and smile seeing Akshara. Vipul talks on phone and tells his wife Heral to make food for Naitik by asking him. Naitik comes home and brings a gift for Vipul. He asks whats this, if this a necklace for me. Naitik says see this.

He says please see, it’s a small gift for what all you did. Vipul says no, you already did a lot. Naitik says it’s a gift from a younger brother to a elder brother. The box has a paper. Vipul and Heral see this. Vipul and Heral are shocked as Naitik makes Vipul, the manager of Surat branch, Singhania diamonds. Naitik says he is doing this for his benefit, he knows what is a diamond and values him. Vipul hugs hum and cries thanking him. Naitik says thank you, as I have learnt a lot from you. Akshara is glad as the day is over and waves bye to the kids.

The teachers talk to her. Akshara says it was very good, I want to thank all teachers. The tailor comes and Jasmeet asks him to stitch Rukmani’s clothes. Devyaani tells Bhabhimaa that we should also go there and get lahengas stitched. Muskaan says yes, I want to go as well, I want to celebrate Navratri. Bhabhimaa agrees. Naitik tells Akshara about hiring Vipul as manager. Akshara tells about her day in school. They have a talk on phone and call each other their teachers. Naman and Karishma have an argument in office. Akshara hears them and asks them to sort the matter out of office.

Naman apologizes. They start arguing again. Naman asks Akshara to guide her. Karishma says its her life, and she will live as she wants, she has left Jasmeet’s home and will not go back. Akshara says fine, why are you stopping her Naman. Naman says how will she take care of herself. Akshara says lets give her once chance if she is saying. Naitik misses his home. Heral says this is also your home. Vipul says yes, if you are missing, you can go and come, as I m here. Naitik says he has to be here. Heral says lets call Akshara. Naitik says no, she can’t come. Vipul says just go. Naitik says you are always positive, I like this about you and smiles.

Akshara gives a 35 lakh diamond to Karishma and asks her to give it at a shop. Karishma says why me, I m already worried, I have to find the room, whats the connection. Akshara says you do our work, we will do your work, take care, its very costly. Karishma says fine and leaves. Akshara smiles. Naman asks what was this. Akshara calls Pammi and talks to her. Pammi tells about Karishma. Akshara says she is fine. Pammi asks where is she, I did not scold her. Akshara says I know, she will come home, I will send her home. Pammi says fine, I m worried as she is a girl. Akshara says she will understand, don’t worry, I request you if she comes back home, don’t get angry on her. Pammi says fine.

Naman smiles. Karishma goes to the market to deliver the diamond. Akshara talks to Naitik and says she is doing this after thinking, don’t worry. She asks if he coming in Navrati. He says that’s it. She says fine, tell me what you want. He says he wants to come for her. She smiles. He says he will try to come. She becomes happy and says she will wait for him. He says he will also wait to meet her.

Karishma comes to Akshara back in office. Akshara asks what happened, did the diamond get lost. Karishma says no, it did not get lost, I can’t take this big responsibility. Akshara smiles and says think how Pammi is taking your responsibility, you are valuable to them more than diamond, think about them, how bad they feel, daughters are daughters, Pammi has a daughter too, she prays for your safety, she treats you well and is afraid for your safety, its her love and concern, and you think she is enemy of your freedom, think being on their place, go back home, its safe place for you. Karishma understands and nods yes. She takes her bag and leaves. Naman says thanks, you took big risk to explain Karishma. Akshara says it was dummy diamond, but it explained Karishma a valuable thing. Naman says very smart.

Akshara asks him to take care of Karishma, and she has to go to Jasmeet to congratulate her on her boutique, you both can call her too, she will be glad. Jasmeet says Rukmani’s lahenga is made and shows everyone. Rajshri says she is afraid. Rukmani comes and greets them. Jasmeet gives her lahenga. Rukmani says great and beautiful. She says she will wear and try, and can alter it. Jasmeet says don’t worry, go and try. Varsha takes her. Rajshri says its good she likes the design. Jasmeet says thanks Lord, I will get my first salary.

Jasmeet is stunned as Rukmani shouts her name. Rukmani shows her saree torn and says Jasmeet has damaged the saree. Jasmeet says it was already in bad state. I made it the lahenge. Rukmani scolds her. Kaki defends Jasmeet and says she has used the bas saree well. Rajshri says we all show the saree was bad. Rukmani says you are proving me a liar. Muskaan, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa come. Muskaan hugs Jasmeet. They greet everyone. Bhabhimaa asks why are they upset. Rukmani shows the saree and says Jasmeet damaged it. Rajshri says the saree was bad, we told Jasmeet not to make the lahenge, but she did not listen. Devyaani says why did Jasmeet make the lahenga. Jasmeet says the saree was anyhow useless. Devyaani says how can we decide this.

Kaki is annoyed. Rukmani says yes, we are wrong always. Kaki says she will pay for the loss, we don’t care for money, we know the value of relations. Rukmani says she is not begging to take money. They argue. Akshara comes with bouquet and hears them fighting. She is shocked.

Naitik comes in the Garba function. Everyone stare at him. Naitik asks why is everyone looking at me like this, am I looking a joker. Heral defends Naitik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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