Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira spend quality time

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir saying I can explain this. Kartik catches his collar and scolds. Naira shouts no Kartik… The man says Sir, run, the police is here. Everyone runs. Naira asks Kartik what did he do. He asks can’t you see what’s happening, Mihir had the bag in his hands. She says Mihir didn’t do anything. He says I took the bag from him. She says I asked him to come here, he faked this deal with someone, Manish asked me to find jewellery, you all were trying a lot, I asked Mihir to help me, I didn’t understand anything, I asked him and he agreed, he guessed about Uday and it worked, there was no guarantee that we will get jewellery, so police and I didn’t come out, I was hiding there. He asks about the robbery.

She says driver did this, that accident was

just a drama. Mihir says Kartik, here is your deposit, check it well before giving to Jadejas, so that there is no damage, I believe in competition, I didn’t learn stealing and cheating. He goes. Naira says we got the jewellery, now everything will get fine, they can’t file any case on you, we are safe. She hugs him. She asks what happened, aren’t you happy. He says you know meaning of safety, why did you come here, are you a secret agent, what if anything happened to you, would Mihir save you, how did he get you here, act responsibly sometimes. She cries. He says stop crying, why are you crying. His imagination ends. She says I m crying with happiness, check jewellery and give it to Jadejas, I m going to thank Mihir, he helped us a lot, I will go home, you also come home. She goes.

She thanks Mihir. He says it was imp for me also, first blame comes on competitor, I hope you work hard and prepare designs, get started. He goes. She says he is mad for work, but he isn’t bad at heart. She thanks Lord for saving Kartik. Akhilesh thanks Naira. Manish says we are lucky that you are our bahu. Naira says our fate was good. Suwarna says we shall have sweets. Manish says no problem can be here until Kartik and Naira are here. Naira says I will make everyone’s fav food. She goes. Dadi asks Manish to rest for some time. Akhilesh asks what are you thinking. Samarth says I feel Mihir is behind this, he ruined our name and then helped us. Surekha says maybe. Everyone waits for Kartik. Naira says you all start the dinner, I will wait for Kartik. Everyone dines. Suwarna blesses Naira and asks her to celebrate well with Kartik. Kartik comes and says sorry to come late, you had to wait. She says we shall have food. He kisses her. He says we shall have dinner under the table. She says I have no problem. Her dream ends. She smiles and says Kartik, please come home.

Kartik sees the jewellery and recalls everyone’s words. He says we did everything together, but not this time, why Naira. He comes home. He sees Naira sleeping. He sees the food served. He says sorry Naira, I made you wait. Her phone rings. She wakes up and sees him. She says sorry, maybe I slept. She says I will heat the food and come. He says I m not hungry, you take the call. He also gets a call. Its morning, Akhilesh reads praises of Kartik. Manish says we shall call Mihir for dinner, we should thank him.

Naira says let it be, I don’t think he will come, he is very professional. Kartik says yes, he may not feel wrong. Samarth signs Kartik. Kirti, Naksh and Krish come home and greet everyone. Manish says you came now and I m going out to visit the doctor. He takes Krish in arms. Naksh and Kirti ask Manish to stay happy. Kirti says I got prasad halwa, Bhabhimaa has made this. She feeds the prasad to everyone. She asks them to keep Krish till evening, she is going in a fashion show meeting, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani went out. Naira says Krish and I will have fun. Dadi asks Kirti to stay at home and look after Krish. Naksh says she rarely goes out, I have no problem with her work. Dadi says work has become imp than family. Naira talks to Krish. She says I got work again.

Suwarna gets medicines for Manish. She teases him and laughs. He says I m thinking to invite Mihir home, he has helped us by going out of the way. She says you do what you feel right, Kartik supported Naira, you can invite Mihir, he may refuse if he wants. Manish calls Mihir and thanks him for help. He says if you could come home for lunch or dinner, we would be glad. Naira dances with Krish. Kartik comes and smiles seeing them. She asks Krish to teach dance to Kartik. He says I didn’t go to meeting and heard you, Krish will be with me, go and do your work. She says you go and work. Krish cries. They cheer up Krish and dance. Itti si hasi….plays… Dadi comes and sees them. She smiles and wards off bad sight. She says they look so happy when they are together, maybe this is a solution of my tension, if Naira gets a child, she will leave her work, then they will be together for most of the times.

Kartik gets angry hearing the watchmen talking about Mihir and Naira. A lady stops Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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