Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani crying saying why did Muskaan lie to me. Akshara says she needs our love and support now, she is much scared. Devyaani says yes, and thanks Naitik for saving Muskaan. Bau ji says Naitik did what he had to do. Akshara says go to Muskaan, she needs you now. Devyaan goes to Muskaan. Anshu and Jasmeet tell everyone about Muskaan. Everyone scold hem for hiding such a big thing. Jasmeet says it was Muskaan’s decision to stay alone. Rajshri says yes, we would have sent Varsha there. Jasmeet says sorry. Kaki says its good that nothing happened.

Varsha says Muskaan told her to do this, they will decide about their age, Jasmeet also stayed in Mumbai alone. Naksh talks to Muksaan. Devyaani comes to talk to Muskaan. Naksh leaves. Devyaani hugs her. Muskaan cries. Devyaani says you ddi so that I should not have any problem, why, you should have told me. Muskaan says I did not know this would happen, we stayed in Mumbai alone, I did not wish to trouble anyone. Devyaani says I m sorry, I m unable to do my duty as a mum. Muskaan says no, I m sorry, I have troubled you again. Devyaani cries and hugs her.

Naitik says I have complained against those boys. He says she should have told us. Akshara says she lied to us because of us. Bhabhimaa asks when is Naman coming back, will she be alone there. Devyaani comes and hears them talking. Naitik says no, she won’t live alone there. He says till Naman comes back, she will stay with us here. He says she is our responsibility. Devyaani smiles hearing this. Bau ji and Akshara smile. Naitik says don’t tell this to Naman, else he will leave his work and come back, don’t tell this to Suresh also, he knows they came here to live with Devyaani, so he will blame us.

Naitik asks everyone why they are looking like this. He says I m doing what I feel is right, Naksh has accepted Naman and Muskaan, but its tough for me, so when they left the home, I felt good, I m not their enemy, you all know. Bau ji says you are right. He asks Akshara to tell Devyaani that Muskaan will stay here till Naman comes back. Devyaani comes to them. She thanks them. She says Naitik, you are very good human being. Naitik says its not a favor, I just want her to be safe. He leaves.

Everyone smile. Bau ji asks Devyaani is Muskaan fine. Devyaani says yes, she was hungry so I came to take food for her. Muskaan talks to Naman on phone and tells everything. Naman is shocked knowing the boys teased her. She says Naitik came on right time and saved me. Naman says he is good, he saved me on accident time, I don’t understand, he made us leave the house and this happened because of him. Naman says I m coming tomorrow. Muskaan says no, you do your work.

Devyaani says Naman, don’t worry, Muskaan will stay with us now, Naitik told this to everyone. Naman is puzzled. Naksh, Yash and Ananya talk on phone about their projects. Akshara comes to Naitik and talks to him. She says you are very good human being. I m proud of you. Naitik is upset thinking everyone were uncomfortable seeing Naman and Muskaan, what if anything happens again, how will I explain them. She says don’t worry. He says we don’t have any option. She says you did not do anything wrong. Naksh comes to them and says I m feeling sleepy.

Akshara comes to Muskaan. Muskaan says I was trying to sleep. Akshara says I can understand, I went through this phase, but my family supported me much. Devyaani and Bau ji comes to them and hears them talking. Muskaan thanks Akshara for her supportive words. Bau ji comes and blesses Muskaan with a smile. He asks Devyaani to sleep with Muskaan. Rajshri talks to everyone and says Muskaan is back with Devyaani again. Dadi says Lord is uniting them, why should we be worried. Naitik puts screen lock and is unable to open it. He says he forgot the pin.

Muskaan greets him and says she can help him in opening the lock. She says let me try, I did this before, as I wanted to become official legal hacker. She opens his lock and gives him. Naitik is surprised. Rajshri tells Varsha will she come with her to market. Varsha says I have a meeting in office. Rajshri says fine, I will ask Kaki. Kaki says I have to go somewhere. Rajshri says fine. She says how can I go alone, whom should I take. Muksaan makes special cold coffee for everyone. She uses the blender and it falls on Bhabhimaa. Muskaan says sorry.

Devyaani scolds Muskaan and Bhabhimaa supports her. Muskaan cleans the kitchen slab. Bhabhimaa says that cloth is apron, not dusting cloth. Muskaan says sorry, I will wash. Devyaani says I will wash it, sorry. Bhabhimaa smiles and leaves. Aksgara and Naitik bring Naksh from school. They meet his teacher. Naitik says we have to talk about football championship, can Naksh take part. The teacher says Naksh is out star player, but he is not performing well. Naitik says he brought us here. The teacher says Naksh stays tired. Naitik says that’s very surprising.

The teacher says we want best players in our team, explain him that he will be selected if he plays well. She says ask him to perform well tomorrow. Naitik says thanks, we will talk to him. The teacher says even I want Naksh to get selected, all the best. She leaves. Naitik talks to Naksh what teacher said. Akshara asks what did he do. Naitik scolds him. Naksh goes in to play the match. Naksh says sorry to them. They leave. Yash asks Naksh what happened, lets go in class. Naksh gets upset and says teacher complained about me. Yash says its her work to do so. Naksh says I m working hard, I have to get selected in football team, else my parents will be upset.

Naksh tells everyone that he is not selected in football team. Everyone is shocked.

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