Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira reaches Udaipur

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying I called the jeweller to see designs, come you also sit. Akhilesh looks on. Vedika sees Kartik and smiles. Kartik sees the ring and gets shocked. Vansh says this ring is beautiful, its blue, I have seen this in your and Naira’s pic. Samarth asks him to go and not interfere in elders talk. Gayu looks on. Kartik says I have no choice, Vedika take anything you like, Dadi is here to help you. Akhilesh goes to Kartik. Kartik says relax, I m not going to do anything wrong, rings don’t matter to me, its better if marriage happens tomorrow and this ends. He goes. Vedika asks everyone to decide it.

Gayu says you felt bad, Kartik can never forget Naira, even if marriage happens. Dadi looks on. Naira says you can take my blood and put me in MRI machine,

take my tests, make my son fine. Doctor says sorry, we need your old reports, get that, treatment has started, Kairav will get conscious, you can take him home, don’t worry, don’t be late. Liza asks Naira to go to Kairav, she will just come. She goes to clear the bill. Naira says how shall I get reports.

Suwarna comes to Dadi. Dadi says no one explained Gayu, its fine, I m hurrying. Suwarna says Kartik isn’t happy. Dadi says I know him well, I won’t let anyone come between this happiness, his engagement will be good for him, it will be a day of happiness for us. Naira says I will go Udaipur tomorrow.

Naira, Liza and Kairav reach Udaipur. He says my dad stays here, we had to come, we finally reached here. Naira thinks mum got me here many years ago and today my son got me here, I m so lonely. Kairav asks why did Naira swear the scarf. Naira says I get irritated by strong wind. She goes to get water. Her scarf flies off to Kartik. She gets shocked. The guy gets her scarf and gives it to her. She looks around and cries. Kartik and Naira do the aarti and puja as pandit tells them. Dadi asks them to light the diya. She asks Gayu does she still have a problem with the marriage. She asks Suwarna are Lav and Kush coming in marriage. Suwarna says no, they said they can’t give Naira’s place to anyone.

Dadi says I will talk to them, remove Naira’s things from Kartik’s room, Vedika will need space there, Naira isn’t alive, you also understand this and explain him. Naira comes to the hospital. Kairav says my dad is in Udaipur, why are we not living with him at his house. Liza says you stay in Goa, your dad is on secret mission. He says sorry I forgot. Naira thinks no one will remember me now, I will take reports and go. She goes to ask for old medical reports. She tells her name Naira Goenka. Her doctor hears her and stops. She comes to see and says Naira Goenka is dead, who are you. The man checks and says there are two Naira Goenka here. Doctor says sorry. She goes. Naira thinks I was wrong, if doctor remembers then nurse would also remember. The man says you have to get Dr. Sheetal’s sign first.

Naira thinks how can I go in front of her. She asks is there any other way. He says you can get hospital card. She says I don’t have it. He says sorry, I can’t help. Kartik sees everyone and ends the call. He asks what happened. Manish says no, we were thinking to renovate your room. Kartik says client shipment isn’t ready, we will go to factory and see. He goes. Dadi says don’t wait for his approval, you all remove all the things, tell him I did this, Naira’s place will be same in our hearts. Naira sees a girl scared for MRI. She recalls Kartik. Sajna….plays…. She cries and says I wish to get reports and my child gets a new life, how shall I get that card, shall I go home and try to find it.

Naira says Kartik made this account for my reports. She logs in the mail. Kartik says how can this happen, just Naira and I knew this id. He comes to the hospital and turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. finally mother of kairav meets papa of kairav # tada !!!! emojis of claps to all kaira fans

    1. NOT SO SOON…

  2. Stupidity at its extreme level

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    that Dadi is just a pain in the arse 😡 I just feel so sorry for all the women in the household 😟 no one seems to have a say… it’s just like living in a remand home 😡 … so glad Naira didn’t take any of her crap 😡 n haters… it’s ur business if u don’t like the fact that Naira stands up against hitler Dadi… but she is the strongest female character on Indian television this present moment 😘 n if you watch the spinoff with her sister Mishti (yrhpk) then you will see the same spunky heroine there too 😘😘 love these sisters to the maxxxx !!! 😍😍

    1. no one in the real world accepts this kind of rude and arrogant behaviour from their daughter in law.. for a matter of fact even from their daughter . your mahan naira isn’t strong or independent.. she is the most weak person and idiotic and selfish person!! all she cares and knows is how to break relations in the name of family.. uske sath jh ho raha hai.. if she thinks she did right by leaving karthik and her family then why the hell does she keep sheding her crocodile tears!! and shivangi.. sucks!! her acting her voice her face.. si so so so annoying!!

  4. how can someone be so so so selfish.. even now all she is thinking about is herself!! bullshit! and shivangi sucks!! ewww

  5. Thanks ameena…
    most stupid person naira:(

  6. Naira never cared about her parents, in-laws who love her so much before leaving the house. just because karthik behaved wrong she went away…what about hte other relationships..where is the ‘mahaanta’…she could have returned to singhanias at least and then dealt the husband-wife issue.

    and dont worry..she will come back as the mahaan savior of gayu and samarth’s married life…. till then gayu will have to wait and suffer…

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