Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik arrives to look for Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish asking what happened Kartik. Kartik asks what. Kairav says I saw mumma and hugged her, she didn’t do anything, is she angry with me. Kartik says this didn’t happen. Kairav asks does she hide and stay here, I m not a bad boy now. He says no, you are my good boy, mumma isn’t here. Kairav says it was not a dream, trust me. Kartik says I know you don’t lie, don’t cry, I m coming. Kairav goes with teacher. Manish asks what was Kairav saying. Kartik shouts what was the need to send him away, see what happened, he is so scared that he isn’t able to talk, he saw his mum. They all get shocked. Kartik says yes, he has seen his mum. Gayu says Naira and smiles. Surekha asks how can this happen. Kartik says I know Naira is dead, but what would I explain Kairav, maybe he saw someone else or imagined Naira, I didn’t want this, so I was busy with him all day, I have to go to him and explain him, take care of Akshu. He leaves. Gayu says I knew Naira can’t die until she forgives me, why would Kairav lie. Surekha asks what did Kairav see that….

Sirat meets the coach. Her friend asks him to coach her. Coach asks do you want a job in railway or police in sports quota. Sirat says no, I have to win gold medal in national and international also. Coach says I have seen someone like you after a long time, but I regret that I got transferred to Delhi boxing federation, I hope to see you there soon. Her friend asks about some local coach. The coach says Mukesh Rathod. Sirat recalls her stepdad. Her friend asks is there any way to learn from you. Coach says if it was there, I would have never refused. She asks would you have taught me if you didn’t go. Coach says 100 %, teachers want such great students. She says thanks for encouraging me, we will meet in the federation hopefully.

Kartik is on the way. Kairav says it was mumma. He cries. Nanko spoils Sirat’s boxing coach. She gets angry and says kids are just a trouble. Kartik says I m coming Kairav, it can’t be your mumma. Mukesh trains the girls on the terrace. Sirat’s friend says you can’t go Delhi, coach can’t come here, how will you get coaching from Mukesh, better go to Dronaacharya and become Eklavya. Sirat says you said it right, I have to do something, my training will start here, I will get gold medal. Kartik comes to Kairav. Kairav hugs him and says I have seen mumma in hostel boxing ring and today in the field trip, no one is listening, you trust me, right. Kartik says yes, I trust you. Kairav says I really saw her. Kartik says she is no more. Kairav asks why did you come if you don’t trust me. Kartik says I trust you.

Kairav asks don’t I know mumma, I won’t talk to you. Kartik says no, I believe you. He thinks you are missing her a lot, so you are imagining her. Kairav says you think I have imagined her. Kartik says no. He thinks what’s happening now. Sirat fixes a phone to record Mukesh’s training. She says I will learn from him and break his hand. Nanko sees this and shows the phone to Mukesh. Mukesh throws the phone in the water barrel. Sirat runs to get the phone. She checks and says it shouldn’t get spoiled. Mukesh says this was just a trailer. They argue.

He says you can’t become a boxer in this birth, like father, like daughter. She throws a stone at him. He says I will insult your family. Sirat insults Eela, Nanko and Mukesh. Mukesh says you have to practice to become Mary Kom, just keeping her pic won’t make you Mary Kom. Nani comes and asks what happened. She sees the arguments. Sirat challenges him. Her friend says he is a coach, you will be knocked out. He asks her to come in. Sirat says I will bash you up one day. Mukesh asks Eela to make tea for him.

Kartik says calm down, I will find out, have water, please, trust me, recall everything and tell me. Kairav tells everything. He asks warden if anyone comes here for practice. Warden says no one is allowed here from outside, it can’t happen. Kairav says but she had come. Kartik says my son won’t lie, he had seen someone. Kairav says I have seen someone. Kartik says maybe security doesn’t know. Watchman goes. Kartik says we will try best to find her. Kairav says she is really there. Kartik hugs her. Sirat says I won’t leave Nanko. Nani says enough. Sirat gives her medicines. Nani asks what will you have now, what shall I cook.

Sirat says nothing, I want top class coach. Her friend asks her to take money from him and return it later with interest. Sirat says no, the coach is going to Delhi, how can I go by leaving Maudi, I know the sorrow when someone leaves you and goes. Her friend asks her to leave boxing and do acting. She says I have to go for practice. He asks where. Watchman calls her and says I have to tell her that she shouldn’t come from today. Sirat comes to the hostel. She sees the security. She runs upstairs. Kartik asks Kairav to go to the room. Kairav says she may come today, I m not lying. Kartik says I know you are not lying. Warden asks Kairav to come. Kairav says I have to be with my dad. Kartik says I will clear Kairav’s confusion. He sits there. Sirat comes inside. Kartik gets up and looks at her. He uses a mobile flash light to see her.

Kairav says please make Papa meet mumma, else he won’t trust me. Kartik asks who are you. He sees Sirat and says Naira…..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I want Sirat to kick her step-papas butt 💪 … then become his friend to irritate her wayward mom lol

  2. Lol sirat is naira she needs to get her memory back. Oh bagwaan please help the pachari

    1. This is only serial not a real life.

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