Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira apologizes to Naksh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kairav waking up. Kartik and Naira ask how are you, do you have any pain. Kairav says no, why are you sad. Kartik says no. Naira says we are happy that you got fine. Kairav says what did the doctor do of germs. Nurse says injection time. Kartik asks why. Nurse says not for you, but Kairav. Nurse says the kid isn’t scared, you are scared, step aside, let me do my work. Kartik turns away. She injects the saline bottle. She says poor bottle would be in pain. Naira and Kairav laugh. Kairav says you are so silly. Kartik says I was saying for you. Kairav says you are scared of injection. Kartik says everyone is scared of something. Naira says your dad gets too scared. Kairav asks her to tell more stories.

Kairav asks why did you tell my fainting story to him. Naira says yes, so what, Kartik falls like a ripe mango falls from the tree. Kartik says fine, you both have become a team. Naira says his time had come in Greece also. Kartik says no, wait. Naira says few goons kidnapped him, I saved him. Kartik says your mom gets into trouble always, I save her. She says I m brave. He asks who made you brave, you gave you tigress name. She says frog. Kairav says I m a tadpole. He smiles seeing them arguing.

Pallavi comes and sees them. She checks Kairav and goes. Kairav says why are you scared, she didn’t scold anyone. O jhoke…..plays….. Vedika gives clothes to maid and says send this to hospital. She sees the gifts in the room. She recalls Naira’s words. Naksh cries. Devyaani says prasad may get spoiled. Bhabhimaa says we will distribute it in neighborhood. Naksh says I hate her, the pain she caused to all of us, I m angry, Kartik was wrong to say that, what Naira did was even worse, I m not going to forgive her ever, I hate her. Kairav says Ayush’s dad is a pilot, he said there are beds in some flight, really. Kartik says yes. Naira sees the ward boy with rakhi tied on wrist. Kartik sees her. He says you got emotional seeing his rakhi, did you ever think of your own brother, don’t tell me that this is also because of Kairav, I m here with him.

Manish says Rukmani has sent Rakhis. Servant says Mansi and Kirti’s parcels have come. Akhilesh says we forgot its Rakshabandhan. Dadi asks Suwarna to go if she wants. She says Gayu you can go to Singhania house, what about you Surekha. Surekha says I had sent rakhi to my brother. Dadi says once Kairav comes, we will celebrate all the festivals. Vedika says Naira told me that once Kairav recovers, she will go away, she doesn’t want to interfere in our lives. Dadi says she is free to go alone, Kairav will come here, Surekha call your friend, she is interior designer, right, I want to design Kairav’s room. Naira cries and says sorry Naksh, I have also cried for long, I will try. She takes a rose and thread to make a rakhi. Naksh says stop right there, you remember Rakhi now, it means something is there for me, since my sister died, I don’t celebrate this.

He throws rakhi. Her imagination ends. She says what did I think that its going to be easy, will Naksh forget everything. Gayu ties rakhi to Naksh. Vansh sits smiling. Naksh gifts money and says sorry I couldn’t get gift for you. Vansh says I m starving. Bhabhimaa asks what will you like to have. Gayu says Naksh’s fav dish. Naksh says you all have it, I m not hungry. Bhabhimaa says why to wait for Naira. Naksh says no, I hate her. Devyaani asks him to have food. He says I m not hungry.

Naksh cries and thinks of Naira. Naira sees the gate and turns. She says no, I should go in and rectify my mistakes. Guard stops her and says its not some govt office, but someone’s home. She says yes I know that, the people who love inside is my family, you are new here, this is my home. He jokes. She says this is my home, I m the daughter of this family. He says I m working here since two years, I haven’t seen you before, you have no proof, I can’t let you in. She says I m going to slap you, I have to tie rakhi to my brother. Naksh asks after five years?

Kartik says Mansi and Kirti are your Bua. Kairav asks why didn’t they come and send Rakhi. He says they are busy. Kairav says mum used to make Rakhi and keep near Ganpati idol, why don’t I have a sister, Ayush told me that only mum and dad can give a sister, his mum and dad gave him a sister, convince mum. Kartik says I can’t just say it to your mum. Kairav says I will get rakhi tied by my sister. Kartik says I can’t do this, I can’t explain you. Kairav says try, I will understand. Kartik says first it was Vansh and now Kairav, I m already running out of answers. Kairav says I will ask mum, she knows everything, she will give me a sister, I thought of a matching name, Kairav and Kaira.

Naira goes to Naksh and slips down. She falls. Naksh looks at the rakhi. He laughs. He also falls down. She laughs. They start crying. He says i hate you. She says I m sorry. She slips again. He holds her and says I hate you, I don’t want your sorry. She says please, stop, I know I did a mistake, sorry. He says I hate you. She hugs him and says sorry. He says I love you more than I hate you. She says I m sorry.

He asks why, why didn’t you come to me, didn’t you trust me, I would have not asked anything. She says I thought as a mum, not as a daughter or a sister, I m really sorry. Vansh shouts ghost. He runs to Gayu. Naira says please take the Rakhi, ask Gayu to tie it, I have to go. He stops her. Yeh rishta….plays….. She says let me go. Vansh gets everyone and shouts ghost…. They see Naira.

Naira says I have no problem if they meet Kairav, they can meet him anytime. Dadi says Kairav will come here. Naksh says it will be good if you and Kairav come to our home. Dadi says Kartik and we can’t leave Kairav now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow i got tear in my eyes seeing naira naksh reunion. dadi is as usual selfish.

  2. she has always been selfish as naira was not accepted by her as a bahu
    However, custody twist is only going to happen due to vedika and dadi I hope kaira realize what they are doing before filing the case

  3. Dadi should realize her mistake as vedika is also suffering just because of her she forced Kartik to marry vedika. Moreover,dadi is also responsible for kaira situation as she has also filled Kartik’s ears with poison for naira’s work with mihir.
    She should realze her mistake as vedika,naira and even gayu is suffering because of her as she never accepted gayu and her child as a goenka. °°EVIL DADI ???????°°

    1. Athira Ramesh


  4. Dadi should realize her injustice as vedika is also suffering just because of her she forced Kartik to marry vedika. Moreover,dadi is also responsible for kaira situation as she has also filled Kartik’s ears with poison for naira’s work with mihir.
    She should realze her mistake as vedika,naira and even gayu is suffering because of her as she never accepted gayu and her child as a goenka. °°EVIL DADI ???????°°

    1. dadi is evil with both positive and negative shades.but naira is not suffering because of her.kdadi has even before been against naira many times but kaira have not separated always.karthik had doubt on naira if we have faith in other person then even 100 people cannot break a relation.but what naira did is also so wrong .she wronged her whole family as kid and ran away always give them pain rather than planning her in laws and maayka weddings what else she does???vedika is not 10 yr child that dadi forced her to marry kartik .she married him out of love for him .she could have seen undying love of kartik naira but she turned deaf ears.and gayu!!!seriously she is suffering.she was a orphan yet thought more right on her uncle aunt than their kids.what was need for child so early.she is suffering because of ger own actions.her son is born out of wedlock yet given a respectful society status .noone knows except family not even rukmani of her child s real parentage .is it not wnough after being a unwed mother that u are respectfully living in society .what has she done in return .misbehaviour and insecurity always .from one kairav she is too jealous then what if in future luv kush have kids afterall kartik and lu kush are dadi s biological grandsons .she is also samarth s aunt not his mother that so much should be expected from november episodes we have seen how samarth s father made his brother s family life miserable thanklesslt never supported his widow and kids.all goenkas have is maybe ancestral but till now with them due to evil puru mama s help and manish ,karthik and akhilesh s hardwork techinally samarth has no right on goenka villa or any other property but still he and his wife along with a kid are alllowed to live there is more than greatful on dadi s part .a selfish woman like suhasini is allowing her devar s child to live with her family (who almost left her on street ) and because of whose selfishness her family suffered had he been responsible and tahankful he would have supported his brother s family and been head of family maybe mansi would never have to undergo puru s torture .i have personally never seen vansh beingh ill treated .from first day of school to every festival he and his mother are included .but that s a reality blood and biological relations are always first favoured so if kairav is more loved then it should not be insecurity for gayu .she should be content with whatever she has.

  5. So true Ekam,,,first time i am seeing someone who shows the just points rather than blindly following Naira,,,these Naira followers are just blindly supporting without seeing what is right an

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