Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Puru is exposed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani complimenting Samarth and Gayu’s jodi. She asks why is the marriage happening in a simple way, is something hidden from us. Dadi says yes, Samarth’s mum wanted his marriage to happen in a simple way. Rama nods. Rukmani says I feel something is fishy. Dadi says I can’t help if you think so, be a guest and enjoy the function. Rukmani says I will chit-chat with my brothers. She goes to Puru and says you couldn’t come in Mansi and Anmol’s marriage, I will do tika to you, you give me nek. Manish and Akhilesh joke seeing her. Kartik and Naira come and hug Samarth and Gayu. Gayu asks where were you, I was waiting for you, just be with me, I m feeling nervous. Naira says okay. Kartik says sorry. Samarth says don’t say that. Kartik says I m not able to

enjoy the party. She says its a special day for Samarth and Gayu. He says I m thinking to tell dad, he will file a report against Puru. Naira says Dadi has the proof, I don’t think she will agree, we have to prepare Mansi to give the statement. He says don’t worry, I will convince her. Anmol stares at Puru and takes Mansi.

Puru asks what happened to Anmol, none can do any harm to me, its fine. Samarth and Gayu take the Varmalas. Dadi says something else will happen before that. She goes to Puru and removes his Pagdi. She throws his Pagdi down. Everyone gets shocked. She says turbans are a symbol of pride, the man who doesn’t respect others have no right to wear the turbans, I considered him my brother and loved him, I got to know he doesn’t deserve this. Manish asks what are you saying. She asks Kartik and Naira to come ahead and tell everyone why she did this, tell everyone all the truth. Ila gets shocked. Kartik and Naira come to Puru. Naira says I have met him some time back, many people didn’t see his truth, the girl who saw his truth didn’t had the courage to speak up. Kartik tells them about Mansi. Everyone gets shocked. Naira gets Mansi, and tells them. Manish, Samarth, Akhilesh and everyone get angry and sad. Dadi gives the proof. They see the video and get shocked hearing Puru’s confession.

Naira says we have no clue, what all he did with others, he tried the same thing with me. Singhanias get shocked and angry too. Kartik shouts how dare you…. and catches Puru. Manish says you don’t do anything, police will punish him. Naksh says he will be punished strictly. Naira says yes, social set up blames the girls, not the culprit, we don’t even trust our daughters and sisters, we suppress their voices and this encourages such people. Kartik says we will raise a voice against this man. Dadi says he deserves a lifetime punishment. Naira slaps Puru. She says truth always prevails. Ila cries. Naira says people like you should die, how can you do this. Akhilesh catches Puru and says I had faith in you and regarded you Devta, I m ashamed of you. Surekha says we should be angry on him, he badly eyed our daughter. Manish says we will get this demon punished. Naira says the law will punish him. She calls the police. Inspector comes in. Kartik gives the evidence and says I m sure you won’t need anything else now. Manish says take this devil away.

Naira says you have anger in eyes instead shame and guilt. Puru gets angry and says wait inspector, you can’t arrest me like that, I wish to talk to my lawyer. Kartik says shut up, go out and do this drama, a marriage is happening here, we won’t tolerate him. Ila stops the police and goes to Puru. He says I didn’t do this, I respect women, I have connected with many welfare shelters. Ila says I know, how many needy people you have helped, but I don’t know how much advantage you have taken of them, you must have done wrong with them, you must have hurt them, their helplessness and silence were your strength, I can’t believe that someone can be so dual faced, my father is so pure and good, I was so proud of you, you were my hero, I wanted the world to be like you, but now, not anymore, I pray that no daughter has a father like you. Puru cries. Akhilesh says take him away inspector. Ila says no, there is imp work, dad always wanted me to set his deathbed on fire, I do his pind daan. She shows their pic and burns it.

Puru says don’t do this. She says I have fulfilled your wish, my dad is dead for me. Puru is taken away. Ila cries. Naira hugs her. Ila apologizes to everyone. She says I should have believed you, but I fought with you, so sorry, I blamed you for ruining my dad’s image, he doesn’t deserve any respect, you deserve such respect. She makes Naira wear the Pagdi. She says Dadi said Pagdi is for men, why can’t women wear turbans, we are the honour of the family and we protect it, it means we deserve it more, Kartik you are an ideal partner, you trust your wife, respect her and always stand by her, not every man can do this. Naira smiles.

Puru says always remember one thing, I can become your family’s enemy and ruin you all. Manish gets shocked. Kartik gives a bravery award trophy to Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel they should also focus on the trauma Mansi went through…and give her importance

  2. There was much to show in the episode but why only kaira!! Mansi’s reaction, equation between mansi and her parents, with her in laws, how rukmini dadi reacts to this. But yrkkh has lost its essence now. Earlier it was equally focused on each and every character. No gayu and samarth’s relationship details. They are always doing naira naira. We want to see all of them.

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