Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Abhimanyu come closer

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu saying Aarohi, you will get fine soon. Abhimanyu comes. He says there is nothing to worry, I m there if you need anything. She says thanks for saving Aarohi. He says be it duty or love, I do it from all the heart. Kuch na kaho….plays… He asks her not to fall ill, else how will she take care of her sister. Kairav comes and looks on. He goes. Aarohi wakes up and sees them. Parth asks Manjiri not to worry, Aarohi isn’t an emotional fool, she is a doctor. Neil says her family is there, they will handle her. She says yes, I m worried. Parth says its diwali, they will be staying there. She says I will send food for them. He asks if Anand and Harsh don’t like this. She says I will do what’s right, come with me, I don’t want to make any mistake, Abhi is there to handle things. She goes.

Parth says time changes everything, everyone was so happy yesterday and look at them today. Neil says we should live in the present. Abhimanyu and Akshu see Aarohi and ask how is she feeling now. Aarohi nods. He says you are a doctor, you know the procedure, you will be kept for observation today, its diwali, forget whatever happened, happy diwali. Everyone comes and meets Aarohi. Abhi sees Akshu and goes. Kairav looks on. Aarohi says my hand is paining. Everyone ask her to be strong. She says I m sorry, your diwali got spoiled because of us. Manish says no, our diwali got sparkling seeing your smile. Akshu gets the candles to celebrate diwali. She asks them to light the candles. They all take a selfie. They tickle and make Aarohi smile. Yeh rishta…. plays… Abhimanyu looks on and thinks you look good with a smile, happy diwali Akshu. Akshu sees him. He goes. Abhi does the aarti at the hospital and wishes everyone happy diwali. He gets the candle. He says Akshu can do anything for her family, happy diwali. He wishes they have a talk tomorrow.

He calls Manjiri and says happy diwali. She says same to you, you aren’t here, but work comes first, you have to stay there, its imp. He says everything is fine, Harsh and Anand handled everything. She asks did you talk to Akshu. He says no, I can’t talk to her in this situation, I will ask her answer tomorrow, I can’t wait anymore. Akshu switches off the lights. She sits holding the candle. Abhimanyu also holds the candle and thinks of her. Jaaniye…plays….

Its morning, Abhimanyu says Aarohi is fine now, you can take her home. Aarohi says but I have to return to you to join the interns team, if you didn’t remove me. Abhi says we Birlas are professional, you have a fresh start now. Kairav thanks him. Abhi thinks where is Akshu, I will talk to her. He sees Akshu praying. He goes and prays. She turns and sees him. She stumbles. He holds her in arms. Kuch na kaho…plays….

Abhi gets a call for his duty. He says I will come there to talk to you, you do come. He leaves. Harsh thinks Abhi is still with Akshara, this girl can create a big problem in my son’s life. Dadi wards off bad sight from Aarohi. Everyone welcomes Aarohi. She says I m fine now. Manish asks Akhilesh not to worry. Kairav says Vansh, our responsibility increased towards Akshu and Aarohi. Vansh says we will do anything to fix this. Akshu thinks I have to meet Abhimanyu today. Abhimanyu gets ready. He asks Manjiri is everything fine. She says yes, I m really happy, you talk to her and clear everything. He says stop cursing yourself. She says it was my mistake, get a good news, it will relieve my burden. He says I look tired, right. She says yes, its fine. He says you can mess up my hair. She says no, just fix thing and come. He says right, bless me, everything will get fine. She blesses him. Akshu comes there. He says you here….

Abhimanyu and Akshu’s romance is seen. Jaaniye….plays…. Abhimanyu says I will bring Akshu here, she will tell her feelings. Akshu says I have to tell my feeling for Abhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hope Akshu she doesn’t sacrifice her happinesses to her sister because at the end she’s not helping Arohi because Abhi doesn’t love her truth hurt but it’s better than lie. At the end of time Arohi will realised her mistake u can’t force love. I hope this series will be different not two sisters shared the same men because it’s shame shame.

    1. You know this India movies right……….. she will did the same, by sacrificing her to her sister happiness

    2. Bislove(Roshni)

      Yes ooo,,,like imilie and her sister married the same husband,,

  2. Today Arohi looked good🙂

  3. Why does this episode and the next one feel like the calm before the storm🤔 🤔 I hope Akshu doesn’t give up Abhi for Aarohi and Abhi doesn’t give in to that emotional blackmail crap.

  4. Arohi is the who should have brain and know that this man doesn’t luv her and backup for her sistery happiness, she is her sister’s luv………. but she wouldn’t do that, all she will do is to blackmail her sister in order to sacrifice for her more, that’s so selfish……… they all deserve happiness not only her, and family members should put this in to her ears

  5. now its a new generation. so please change the cover picture

    1. Yeah i asked same thing to Amena last week
      Yeah Amena Please change cover

  6. Romantic scene is Abhi thinking not really

  7. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Whether she deliberately broke a leg…jumped off the balcony…or tried to commit suicide…does NOT mean she still needs to be pampered to ease her frustrations… but corrected and disciplined (where necessary) for her sometimes selfish ways and mind frame 😐
    Aarohi needs to understand that it’s not ok to hurt the ones who truly care, love and support her… clearly she is taking advantage of everyone’s sympathy towards her situation and it is wrong to play with her family’s emotions 😡
    Akshu should not step back and suffer because of their past… what that family needs to do is to get Aarohi the counselling she so blatantly needs… smdh

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Abhi needs to stop being so damn nice to Aarohi as she keeps misinterpreting his actions in her own selfish little world 🙄 ….also, he should realize by now that her intentions were totally different his…. so he should take a step back from their interactions to ensure she doesn’t get any wrong signals from him in the future ✔

    2. U are right

  8. Tmrw akshara dialogue wil b …..Akshara will say that she don’t love abhi and abhi has mistaken that I love him.

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      She would be totally wrong to do so… plus she would greatly scar Abhi’s heart given the fact that she knows he is crazy in love with her…

    2. That is for sure…she is surely going to hurt abhi….
      After seeing her sis condition,will she tell the truth that she loves abhi??? Never going to happen…

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