Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat makes evil plan

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik holding his heart and crying. He goes. Suwarna asks what happened, shall I call a doctor, do you have acidity. Kartik says no, doctor can’t help me. He goes saying Naira… Akshat scares Vedika and asks for money. Vedika says I already gave it, will you rob here, just go, leave me and my family alone. He says they are good people, I m thinking to stay here, I will tell them the truth, they will be shocked. They see Naira and worry. Naira comes to them. They both make excuses and go.

Naira thinks Vedika was so tensed, maybe I thought so. Kairav wakes up from a nightmare. Naira hugs him and pacifies. She puts him to sleep. Akshat takes Kartik and Kairav’s pic. He messages his friend about Kairav, I got much more than I thought. Its morning, Dadi asks did you give the breakfast for Akshat. Dadi says yes, he had to take medicines. Vedika thinks I can’t tell anyone about him. Kartik and Naira try to take the same kachoris. Naira leaves it. He puts it in her plate. Vansh comes and greets everyone. Kairav asks him to have kachoris. Vansh says I won’t have it, I have a match today. He goes to Gayu and says no one remembers it, they are busy, is dad coming. Gayu says yes. Everyone wishes Vansh all the best. Vansh goes.

Kairav says its fun. Suwarna says we could have wished him. Kairav says no, its surprise. Kartik asks what planning we have to go. Surekha asks does Gayu know. Naira says no. Vansh says no one loves me, everyone loves Kairav, no one remembers my birthday. Gayu says you will get their calls in some time. Kartik says I wanted to hug Vansh and wish, he is my Vansh. Suwarna says no one loves him the most. Kartik says he was the only one who supported me and made me smile. Kartik gets jealous. Surekha calls him jealous. Kartik says you have come now, I love you both equally.

Gayu says its about kid’s emotions, none cares for Vansh now, Kairav is everything, no one wished him. Samarth says everyone is worried, they do party and puja always, explain Vansh, don’t trouble me. Kairav says I have planned everything, the party theme is Halloween party. They say no. Kairav says no, Vansh likes it. Kartik and Naira say yes, we will do it for kids’ sake, it will be fun, we are with Kairav. They ask everyone to agree, they have decided it, it will be just halloween party. Akshat smiles and calls someone. He says they kept halloween party, get clothes on rent and come, no one will ask anything. Naira hugs Kairav. Vedika thinks to give money to Akshat and ask him to go. Naira thinks to clear the matter. Kartik asks is this soup for Akshat, I will also come, I have to meet him.

Akshat catches Vedika. Vedika shouts leave me. Naira asks what is it. Kartik says nothing. She asks why do you stare at me. He asks when did I stare. She says at the dining table and even now. He says its not in my control. Vedika syas please go, don’t spoil the kid’s birthday. Akshat says we will share your family’s money. She asks what will you do, you will be caught, the safe has security alarm. He says there is no alarm on the locker I know, you aren’t in any mood.

He asks shall I tell everyone about our relationship, you got married to Kartik, but you were engaged to me first. He holds her. Naira comes and doesn’t see Vedika. She stays out and asks Akshat can Kartik and I come in, we got soup for you. Vedika hides. Akshat says I m wearing shirt, one min. Naira asks how are you now. Akshat says I m better now, I had a headache and that madam gave medicine. Kartik says her name is Vedika. Naira thinks maybe I m thinking a lot. Akshat says I m thinking to go today evening. Kartik says fine, you can go. Naira says we can book your tickets. Akshat says no, I m going to my village next month on my sister’s marriage. Kartik says okay, you can go but after Vansh’s birthday party. Akshat says as you say. Vedika worries.

Kartik and Naira decorate the house. He compliments her indirectly. Naira gets ready and thinks how to calm my doubt. Kartik gets ready and comes. They collide. They see each other. Naira sees him and says Haye… did you just get this character from so many characters. He says you look scary, pity the people, go and wash your face. She says the kids have seen this movie, its hit character in Hollywood. They argue. He holds her close.

Everyone dances in the party. Vansh and Kairav dance. Akshat sees Kairav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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