Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik catches Mihir with jewellery

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik did he find anything. He says no, not yet. He goes. Devyaani says it happened wrong with Goenkas and Jadejas. Bhabhimaa prays. Kirti says I m afraid for dad. Naksh says don’t know what is Kartik going through. Kartik throws things in his room. Naira comes there and looks on. She hugs him. They cry.

He says everything is over, we already had many losses, we thought to recover by this deal. He recalls everyone’s words. She gets Mihir’s call. He says its all over, you do your work. She says I don’t worry for anyone except you. He says don’t worry for me, its fine if police gets jewellery, else I m finished, but your name should raise high, after all you are the face of their brand. She asks what are you saying, are we both different.

He says I have a headache, please go, congrats, I heard you are going to make designs for Jadejas also, you submitted designs yesterday, its strange that Mihir has all the jewellery available. She says no. He says please go, my head is aching. She cries and goes. She thinks he has a misunderstanding, I will talk to Mihir.

She goes and calls Mihir. She says sorry. He says I want designs. She says I want an answer, are you designing wedding jewellery for Jadejas. He says you shouldn’t ask this, I don’t think its necessary to answer, we just have a professional relation. She says there are ethics in profession. He says Scindias came with request and I refused, I have no time for this, make designs and send to me, I m waiting. She says thank God, Mihir didn’t do this.

Samarth says Mihir is clever, he has attacked on us. Naira says no, he didn’t do this. Kartik says you spoke to him again. She says I didn’t tell him anything, I asked him if he is designing jewellery for Jadejas, he said he refused. Samarth says what would he tell you. Dadi says I told you to work with family. Gayu says maybe Samarth is right. Naira says I felt maybe it will be a relief for us. Samarth says it will be a big loss, we don’t care for Mihir’s lie. She says if we just doubt Mihir, if the real thief gets away, it will be our loss, maybe we are missing something. Kartik asks her to ask Mihir, maybe his truth changed. She says impossible, he is not such. He says maybe he has become such, ask him.

She calls Mihir and says I heard you are working for Jadejas. He says yes, they called and came over, they said their family respect will be ruined and asked me to design some jewellery to gift their bahu, I couldn’t say no to big client. She ends call. Kartik asks did your views change now. She says no, its still the same, Mihir had a big reason for taking work. He says you are saying as if you is like Devta. She says I know him, he loves his work and his name. He thinks you are fighting with me for him. She goes and says what has happened to you Kartik, why do you get irritated for everything, nothing is imp to me than you. She cries. He sees her and goes to her. He thinks sorry Naira. Samarth comes and signs him.

Manish says there is a bad news Kartik. Akhilesh asks who called you. Manish says Karan’s lawyer called me, he said he will file a case on us, since they got insulted in front of media and society. Samarth asks is there no way to stop them. Manish says they said if we provide them the jewellery until tomorrow, they will not file the case, they are filing the case on Kartik, that’s why I m worried. Naira looks on. Kartik leaves.

Naira takes water for Manish. He says I trust you, you can fix this, whenever troubles came on this family, you had solved it. She says don’t fold hands. He says its about Kartik this time, Goenkas’ name and business will be finished, please do something, I know you can help. She says I won’t let anything happen to Kartik. He nods. Kartik goes to meet someone. The injured man says Sir you… Kartik says Vikas tell me the truth. Vikas says I don’t know anything, I was just driving and brakes failed, look at my wounds, I met with an accident. He cries. Kartik says I m leaving with a warning, call me if you remember something, else it won’t be good if I find something. Vikas says fine. Kartik says you have seen my goodness, wish you don’t see my anger.

Naira leaves from the house. She thinks I have to save Kartik. She calls someone. Kartik asks the staff to ask every person of departments, check CCTV footage again and again, find anyone new, tell me about it, no details should be missed, its a robbery, we will get some proof. He gives the list of employees to detective and says keep an eye on them, I want info about Mihir.

Mihir looks for Uday somewhere. The man calls Kartik and says Mihir is seen in Chor bazaar. Kartik asks what. He leaves. He thinks of everyone’s words. He says Naira can’t hear against Mihir, world is full of selfish people, I won’t let Naira work with that cheap man. Mihir asks someone, where is Uday, I have to talk to him about the stolen jewellery. Kartik comes there. The man gets a bag and gives to Mihir. Mihir checks and says don’t lie, this isn’t Goenkas’ jewellery, talk to Uday and tell him that its for MK, you will get cash, go in fast and come. The man gets another bag. Mihir sees the right jewellery of Goenkas. He takes the bag and goes. Kartik calls him out. Mihir stops and turns to him. He removes the black hood. Kartik asks what’s inside the bag. Mihir says stop it Kartik, don’t create a scene here. Kartik sees the jewellery. He gets angry.

Mihir runs. Kartik says Mihir got the robbery done. Naira says no, I had asked Mihir to come here. Kartik says why aren’t we together Naira….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kartik is just stupid I don’t even understand how they do win best Jodi their relationship lack trust and understanding

  2. Ufff what this kartik wants? Problem hua to naira pr chilaa ra tha or ab problem solve hone k baad bhi..infact naira solved the problem..kartik k saath hoti to solve nai kar pati coz he is damn arrogant nd useless

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