Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh telling Naira that the things came, we should go and get it. Bhabhimaa gets angry seeing Akshara putting the garland on statue. She shouts stop and goes to Akshara. She holds her hand and blames her for Dadda ji’s death, she felt she can do anything saying its for kids, she will never allow her, she does not have any place here. Rajshri asks her not to punish her, she did not do any mistake. Bhabhimaa says she punished me, by taking away Dadda ji from me, she killed him, by signing on that form, she did not ask anyone.

Akshara says she has asked Naitik. Bhabhimaa says he will favor you, she is giving her pain now as she snatched the happiness before, since she came here, she is dying, why did she come here, Dadda ji would have been here if she did not sign on papers, she snatched her happiness, I m not happy after his death. Naksh, Yash, Ananya, and Naira hear them. Bhabhimaa turns and looks at them. Naksh andeveryone are shocked. Naksh gives the items to Chitti and asks why did she not make anyone wear it. Bhabhimaa says she was waiting for him, and they will put it together. Akshara leaves the garland.

Bhabhimaa puts it and everyone clap. Bau ji says give Prasad to everyone Devyaani. Naksh looks tensed and smiles. Devyaani gives Prasad to everyone. Maheshwaris come home. Rajshri says don’t know whats happening there, I tried to stop myself, I understand Bhabhimaa’s pain, but still… Varsha asks her not to blame herself. Vishwamber says she has told it by right, Bhabhimaa will not feel bad, she is a mum and understands your feelings, you said what I could not say in all these years, you did not do this wrong, I m proud of you.
Naksh, Yash, Ananya and Naira talk about the big matter, why did Bhabhimaa scold Akshara so much. Naira says mum loves Dadda ji a lot, what did she do with him that Bhabhimaa is so angry and asks Naksh to recall. Naksh says I tried to recall, but I don’t remember, I have seen them loving and respecting each other, this is very wrong and its since many years. Yash says how to make it fine. He says we have to know the solution. Yash says we have to know the complete truth. Naira says no one will tell us the truth. Naksh says no, they all have to answer me, I will take the answers today.

Bau ji and Devyaani talk to Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says she did not think and wish to do this today, but her patience broke, she can’t let Akshara do this, she is the reason for his death, I understand everything, I thought to forgive them, but I can’t, my heart is not so big, kids went far from me and I cried to see them, you all feel I m adamant and I punished them, but I have punished myself, I have to live by dying, I know I have hurt you all a lot and snatched your happiness, I can’t give happiness to anyone, I m helpless. Bau ji asks her not to think this and rest.

Devyaani makes her sit. Akshara sees the family pic and cries. Naitik comes there. Akshara says I should have not come, if Naksh’s heart broke, it was fine, but I could have stopped hurting Bhabhimaa. She says it will be good if we go, and we should keep kids away, I felt that they have heard everything. He says even I felt so. She says if truth comes out, we will have just these happy pics, I m scared that my kids will hate me too, no…. lets go from here please. He says fine, as you say.

Naksh talks to Dadi and wants to know about Bhabhimaa’s annoyance. Dadi says some guests are coming, I will leave. Naksh says today she has to answer him and say the reason of the hatred at home. Dadi says its not like that, you are mistaken. He says he will say what he knows, and he knows the problem between Bhabhimaa and Akshara because of Dadda ji, we heard it, but not the reason, what happened, that Bhabhimaa got against mum, tell me please.

Dadi says maybe you will remember that after Muskaan’s marriage, Dadda ji got unwell and FB shows Dadda ji going in coma. Bhabhimaa and Rukmani going to some saint and Akshara stopping Bhabhimaa from doing the Swami ji’s treatment, and Akshara told them that Dadda ji is going to die, and she signed the paper while Bhabhimaa did Jaap for his life. Akshara took the decision for sending Dadda ji for operation, and how he died on the way.

Naksh is stunned. Dadi tells him how Bhabhimaa has ended ties with Akshara and kicked her out of home. Dadi says it will be wrong to say anyone of them is wrong, they both were right and wanted to save Dadda ji’s life, and maybe they got this distance and family broke up. She says 10 years passed and still its like yesterday thing. Naksh says why did anyone not explain Bhabhimaa. Dadi asks do you think we did not try, we failed by many tries, I told you the truth, but hold this in you, I m sure that you will keep this truth. She leaves.

Mishti cries and says her hand is hurt and gives idea to Naksh and Naira. They thank Mishti. Naksh thinks now everything will be fine between mum and Bhabhimaa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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