Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Gy3 says akshara to drop duggu to school she gotta go somewhere. everyone asks her where she is going? gy3 tells she has to go out for Holi shopping. bm understands gy3 is hiding something everyone keeps on asking she tells she wants to buy surprise gift for duggu but now all plans are exposed so no surprise will be left. Duggu tells her to buy surprise gift for her.! Gy3 reaches english learning institute . both RJ, gy3 shares with each other that they made excuse of buying things for holi.

Gy3 & Rj *sighs*. Akshara looking sad.. a client tells naitik to play for match next week . Naitik agrees for it Akshara reminds him that they have exhibition next week then how he will handle this? Naitik smirks he can handle! Gy3- Rj feel awakened while entering the class. Teacher arrives, everyone is about to sit down, teacher stops gy3- Rj. She tells everyone to clap for them as they are special students of her class. gy3-RJ feels good. Gy3 is practicing to speak in english ( God that was Roflicious) she is trying to speak infront of fish duggu asks when they are going out.

Gy3 tells she is ready to go out, Akshara comes gy3-duggu tells her they are going out. gy3 suggests akshara to stay she can serve naitik something if he needs anything. akshara tells them Naitik didn’t come with her he will be late. gy3-duggu face falls they drop their idea of going out. akshara comes in her room & starts working. Rj too trying to speak english.. but she is unable to speak a word she calls gy3 for help.. gy3 tries to spell Naitik is angry with Akshara ..No.. let me write the how she was spelling it Angary she gets rj call, they ask each other how its going.

Both are unable to spell duggu interrupts them gy3 goes to make milkshake for duggu there ananya interrupts rj . at Dinner Akshi serving duggu food, bm asks akshi to call naitik when he will arrive. akshara doesn’t bm is bit shocked to see akshara not calling naitik b’coz she used to always rush calling to him. Akshara tells that naitik told he will be late. duggu asks for more food Naitik arrives..

Naksh have dinner, neither they talk nor they even look at each other. phone rings gy3 goes to pick up. Gy3-Rj having confusions with *You* word duggu enters gy3 cuts the call. Gy3 tells him if he remember they have to patch-up. Duggu is like I forgot Our evening plan failed now what will happen how they will patch-up them.

They plan out a game with which they will have to play. gy3 reminds duggu make sure both NaKsh take part in game. duggu asks Naksh can they play game with him? Both Naksh deny b’coz they are doing office work. Duggu shows them his fake angry. both Naksh agrees to play duggu suggests to play telephone at first Naksh deny but duggu is able to convince them . Duggu whispers in Akshara ears to say I Love You Very Very Much. You are My Darling . ( OMg.. Duggu did u said that.. Clever kid ) Akshara is numb how to say it. duggu tells her to say that. episode ends at akshara’s face.

precap: gy3 asks Akshara in office is there misunderstandings between Naksh?

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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