Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranvir unites Kartik and Sirat before dying

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Sirat bringing Ranvir home. Nidhi does his aarti. Chandan hugs him. Ranvir sees Saroj and holds her hand. Kal ho na ho….plays…. Chauhan looks on sad. Kartik stays with Ranvir. Sirat gets sweets for Ranvir and feeds him. He likes it. He shows the boxing brochure to her. She signs no. He gives her the gloves. Kartik nods to her. Ranvir rests in Saroj’s lap and thinks my life will also end like this tree. Ranvir and Kartik see Sirat’s match on the tv. Sirat wins. Ranvir gets glad. He coughs. Sirat sees him sleeping and cries. Its morning, she comes and does his aarti. He says this is my everything, its yours now, its not just about companies, but also responsibilities, if SSC gets shut, then many girls will not get their dreams fulfilled, you have to take this ahead. Kartik comes.

Ranvir says I m sure you will fight with the outsiders, but you have to fight at home also, we don’t know what comes in Chauhan’s mind, so I requested Kartik to be with you. Kartik asks him not to exert himself. He asks Sirat to get juice. She goes. Kartik asks Ranvir not to say it. Ranvir asks his answer. Kartik says I have no answer, just shut up. He goes. Ranvir sees the tree. Kartik washes his face. He recalls Ranvir’s words. He says Sirat is strong, she doesn’t need me, I can just be with Sirat as a friend, she will have you and your memories, like I have my Naira and her memories. Manish asks Suwarna to send Kartik to his room. She says Kartik went to Ranvir, he is ill. Manish says Ranvir is at home now with his family, why is Kartik going every day, Chauhan is there, don’t know what will he tell, stop Kartik.

Ranvir sees the leaves falling off the tree. Chauhan comes and holds him. He says I got you after many mannats, the ones who did this with you, they will never get happy, Sirat created a rift between us. Ranvir says she came in my life later, the rift in our relation was already there, you decided everything for me, when you learnt about Sirat, you had slapped me in front of the college, when I got a loss in business, you insulted me in front of the staff in office, you just looked for respect, you forgot to love your son, I decided to marry Sirat, your pride broke, since then you punished her. Chauhan says she is punishing us, what would you do if you heard her telling her Nani that she doesn’t love you but that Kartik.

Ranvir says whatever you had seen, it was incomplete truth, Sirat never hid the complete truth, its our personal matter, we ended it, you also forget it. Chauhan says they have poisoned your life. Ranvir says no, that bullet has poisoned my body, that bullet was shot by you, I didn’t wish to tell you, you made me remind you, you don’t punish Sirat for your sins, I m dying because of you, I have a last request, you didn’t let me live peacefully, let me die peacefully. Chauhan cries and says I will not forgive them, who made my son away from me. He goes.

Ranvir stays in his room and sees the tree. He wakes up and sees the tree with just one leave left. He says Sirat… Kartik and Sirat wake up and ask what happened. Ranvir holds their hands and says I don’t have time. Kartik says what are you looking there, give me two mins, I m calling the doctor. Ranvir says just be here, listen to me, maybe its the last word. Kartik calls the doctor. Sirat says don’t hurt me saying this. Ranvir says I want you both to be together, become life partners, are you understanding, its my last wish, fulfill the wish of the dying person. Kartik says be strong, doctor is on the way. Ranvir asks them to promise. He gives Sirat’s hand to Kartik. He says promise me Kartik, you won’t leave her hand. The last leaf falls off the tree. Ranvir shouts promise me….. He leaves their hands and falls dead. They get shocked.

Sirat shouts Ranvir, get up. Kartik looks on and cries. Saroj, Chauhan and Nidhi come. They cry and ask Ranvir to get up. Sirat says you broke all the promises and left, I asked you to trust me, why were you in a hurry to go, its all my mistake, I couldn’t save him, I broke the promise. Chauhan looks at her. Kartik asks Sirat to calm down. Manish says Kartik didn’t come back, he isn’t answering. Dadi asks where is he. Suwarna says maybe Ranvir’s house. Maudi says I feel like something is going to happen. Manish gets Kartik’s call. He asks where are you, you could have told me, what’s this sound, who is crying, what happened. Kartik says Ranvir is no more. Manish asks how. Kartik says he was very ill, he didn’t want me to tell everyone, I didn’t want Kairav to know it, handle Amma, I can’t come there right now. Manish says okay.

Saroj cries and coughs. Sirat gives water to Saroj. Saroj slaps her and says you killed Ranvir. Kartik tries to defend Sirat. Saroj says shut up Kartik, your bad intentions killed Ranvir.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Dead wala scene dekhe mujhe kal ho na ho ka yaad aaya ga hai jab srk ne saif se kaha ki preity zinta se shaadi kar lo

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Goodbye to Yeh Rishta 😖 … will miss Ranveer 😢💔

    Really don’t know what’s in store for this show… smh

  3. 💔💔🥺soo sad we will miss you so much ranveer

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