Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kairav faints down

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira being together. Kartik’s dream ends. He sees Naira dancing with the family. He goes to see and sees Vedika. Kairav sees Kartik and Naira dancing. He smiles. They come to him and kiss. Kairav looks around and prays. Vedika thinks Kartik gave me happiness, I wish to give him happiness. Kairav dances and then gets dizzy. He falls on the swing. Kartik sees the rope tearing off and the lights falling down. He shouts Vedika and runs to her. Naira shouts Kairav and runs to him. Kartik takes Vedika to him.

They both fall down. The lights fall over the swing. Everyone gets shocked. Naira and Liza ask Kairav what happened to him. Naira asks what happened to you. Bhabhimaa asks Dadi not to go. Manish asks are you fine. Kartik nods. Samarth asks shall

I call a doctor. Vedika says I m fine. Surekha says its good Kartik saved Vedika on time. Kartik asks are you fine. Vedika says yes. He asks Suwarna to take care of her. He goes. Vedika smiles. Naira takes Kairav to the hospital and cries. She asks Kairav what happened to him. Father says everything will be fine. Doctor checks Kairav.

Naira says come back to me Kairav. She cries and says Kartik…..Kartik stops and looks on. Naira says heal my son, Lord, I want my son back. Liza says he will be fine. Naira says yes, he will be fine. Kartik thinks why do I feel like someone dear to me is in pain. He sees his family being happy. He goes to temple and asks what’s this strange feeling, tell me who is in trouble so that I can help or you must help them. Naira worries and prays. Liza says everything will be fine. Naira says no, doctors look tensed, something is not fine, look at them. Dadi says I was scared, Kartik arrived in time and saved you. Vedika smiles thinking of Kartik. She says its like a miracle, it felt very nice. Dadi asks are you fine. Vedika says everything happens for its own good, I believe in this. Dadi says I understood where you are lost. She claps and asks Vedika to get her medicine and water. Vedika gets water and drinks it. Dadi laughs. She says you have the medicine too, I think you need the medicine more, my heart is calm now, your heart is going out of control, stay happy. Vedika hugs her and thanks. Dadi says once you get married, everything will get fine, do you trust me. Vedika says yes.

Pandit comes. Dadi asks him to get all the dates from engagement to bidaai. Suwarna thinks I wish some miracle happened and Naira returned. Naira asks doctor is Kairav fine, is it a viral fever. Doctor says relax, he is stable now, he will wake up in some time. Naira thanks her. She asks do you want to tell me something, please say something, is my son fine. Doctor says we want medical history of patients’ parents, we want to see if you or your husband has any major illness, like blood clot or something. Naira recalls her illness. She says I had a clot in my brain, I went through a surgery, what connection does Kairav have with this. Doctor says get your reports then we shall talk, its very urgent. Naira cries.

The man asks Kartik to sign on the other side. Kartik asks manager to tell him if there is any problem. Manager says no, why are you asking this. Kartik says nothing, you may leave. He says what’s going on, why do I feel like something is going to happen, I have never felt so restless. He says Kairav, is he all right, he must be fine, I will call him up, I had decided not to call, what shall I do of this feeling. Samarth comes to him and asks are you fine. Kartik says yes. Samarth says Dadi has called you, come. Naira says I want my own reports. Nurse says we don’t have old online records, you can come here in person and get the reports after your identity is verified.

Naira says but I don’t stay here, I can’t come there, my son is ill, doctors are asking for reports, its not possible for me to come, I want the reports urgently. A nurse signs her to be quiet. Naira says sorry. She calms down. Nurse asks her to come and talk to her seniors. Naira says how shall I get reports. Suwarna asks how can we do this so soon. Pandit says do it tomorrow, there is no better mahurat. Manish says Kartik, pandit gave tomorrow’s mahurat for engagement. Kartik asks him to ask Dadi. Dadi says then we shall have it tomorrow. Gayu says Kartik doesn’t love Vedika, he didn’t give Naira’s place to Vedika, he would have saved anyone. He thinks not to talk to Kairav and just ask his mom. Naira says I will talk to doctor. She sees Kairav.

Dadi asks Kartik and Vedika to choose their rings. Kartik recalls Naira. Naira says I want my old medical reports. She tells her name Naira Goenka. Her doctor hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow nyc episode ?????. Can’t wait for tromz

  2. what bullshit!! utter non sense.. but then what else can be expected from such a pathetic selfish person!! still she is thinking about herself.. the worst lead ever in the history of indian tv!! she sucks!!

    1. exactly!!! but there are people who support her

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Naira is very strong minded… she does not allow anyone to play with her feelings… n I think this is why she could never get along with her in-laws… the only support I think was Surekha and maybe Manish to some extent ?

    see ? this is why Dadi likes Vedika so much… yes Dadi, no Dadi, yes Dadi ? … at least Naira had some guts to decide for her own well being ?

  4. Abitha melita noronha

    Being strong minded is not enough we have to respect elders fulfill their wishes and that’s how family runs….not by being independent always and naira s independence is too much compared to the normal independence because it only leads to family destruction

  5. If naira feels she is right in leaving kartik as he hurted her self respect by suspecting her then why she cry’s always like a weak person shivangis acting is very irritating

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