Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira’s romantic time

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira reaching. Naira talks to Suwarna on call and asks for Kairav. She says thanks and ends call. He asks what did mum say. She says nothing, Kairav is playing passing the parcel. He says our guilt will get less. He switches on the lights. They see the wonderful decorations in their suite. He says the hotel staff worked a lot. She says yes, its too much. They laugh talking about Kairav. Naira gets a gift box. He asks what’s inside, show me. She says nothing. He sees the night gown and says get ready fast. She asks why, are you feeling sleepy. He says no, I won’t sleep all night today. Naira says why am I so shy. Lav and Kush pass the cushion when music stops. Trisha says Kairav got this after music stopped. She says you did cheated. Everyone calls Lav a cheater. He gets angry. Kartik says black coffee idea was good. Naira comes to him. They smile. He does haye… seeing her. Piya baawri….plays….

He holds her close. They say we shall talk Kairav once. They call Suwarna and ask for Kairav. Suwarna says he is playing, he didn’t take your name, he may get sad if you talk to him. Naira asks didn’t he miss me. Suwarna asks would I lie. Kartik says fine. They end the call. Kartik says we miss him. Suwarna goes and sees Kairav shouting I want mumma. Everyone tries to calm him. Akhilesh says we have to tell Kartik and Naora. Manish says we will handle him. Gayu says you stayed with us when Naira was in hospital. Kairav says no, I want mumma. Kartik and Naira romance. Kairav runs. Everyone tries to stop him. Kairav calls Naira and says come home soon, please. Naira says we are coming in ten mins, don’t cry. Kartik asks Naira to change first. Gayu comes to Samarth and say Kairav just wants his mumma, we called Naira. Samarth asks are they coming back. Gayu says yes, poor Kartik Naira. Samarth says you don’t pity me, Vansh used to trouble me a lot, he has grown up now. She says if any baby comes… They smile.

Kartik and Naira come home. They call out Kairav. Suwarna says he is sleeping. Naira thanks her. Kartik says sorry for trouble. Suwarna says sorry, we couldn’t handle him, you had to come back. Kartik and Naira take Kairav along. They say sorry to each other. Naira says we will be good parents and also good husband and wife. Kartik says we can try. Naira says yes, Kairav and Kaira should be happy. Kartik says yes. Lav and Kush say Kartik and Naira have come home, we have time till morning. They go to Trisha’s room. Naira sees them and think why are they going to Trisha. Lav and Kush apologize to Trisha. Naira comes and asks what happened, why sorry, did you know each other. Trisha says no. She tells everything. Kartik comes and says I didn’t expect this from you two. Lav says it was accidental, why would we lie. They lie that they returned Trisha’s dupatta. Kartik asks them to be quiet. He asks Trisha are they saying the truth.

Trisha nods. Lav says we are ready to say sorry again. Lav and Kush leave. Kartik says sorry Trisha, you were troubled. Naira says sorry. Trisha says its fine, its your special day, I m sorry. Trisha says I didn’t wish to ruin your day, maybe their intention wasn’t bad. Kartik says Lav and Kush aren’t so bad. Naira says yes. Lav and Kush get relieved. Kush says we will sort out if there is any problem, Trisha can’t do anything.

Its morning, Naira wakes up. Kartik says you woke up, I couldn’t sleep, I had taken much black coffee for your sake. Naira teases him. She says we have to go to Kairav’s school. Kartik says I m on wedding leave. She says do the duty of a good father now, come on, get up. She smiles seeing Kartik and Kairav. She wards off bad sight. Manish says mum woke up early. Suwarna says Dadi does puja for hours to save family from bad sight. She sees Manish joining Dadi in the temple. Naira makes Kairav ready. She asks Kartik to get ready fast. Kartik goes. Kairav asks can’t I stay at home today. Naira says no, you have to go, its PTM today. Kairav goes to meet Lav and Kush. Kairav and Vansh see Lav and Kush sleeping. They get over Lav and Kush and shout get up. Lav and Kush don’t get up. Kairav and Vansh leave. Lav and Kush hear music and get disturbed. Trisha practices dance. Lav goes to stop her music. He knocks the door. He stops the music. He says this is not your ashram, Dadi and Manish are doing puja, keep the volume down. Trisha says you lied yesterday and today also, you are having a problem, volume isn’t too much, none will have a problem, sorry for today.

Kartik comes to his room. He sees Naira dancing and smiles. Udi udi…plays… She wears his shirt. He says its my shirt. She says oh, sorry, take it. She runs away and dances. He goes to catch her. They romance. He feels sleepy. She teases him for his sleepiness. She asks him to sleep and goes. He calls her out and yawns. He says why does this happen with me always.

Kairav sees the smoke and says fire… He goes and sees Lav and Kush. Lav says don’t tell anyone. Naira says I got cigarette smell from Kairav. The maid gives the cigarette pack and says I got this from Lav’s clothes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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