Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira reveals her illness

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri saying you are hiding something. Naira says nothing, I realized we have taken wrong decision, I m feeling sleepy, shall we talk tomorrow. Rajshri says fine. She goes. Suwarna gets Naira’s message….. I know you will get angry seeing my name, you will hate me more, please call me, I want to tell you what I couldn’t tell Kartik, call me for Kartik’s happiness and coming life, yours Naira. Suwarna calls Naira. She asks her to just say what’s necessary. Naira says yes, I have to make Kartik away from me, even from heart, I need your help in this, we both love Kartik a lot and want his happiness, so we have to do this work together, if I try to do this alone, everyone will get hurt, you have to make me out of Kartik’s heart, not break his heart,

don’t refuse, meet me once. Suwarna says no, I don’t want to meet you, you always do this, you gave him hope and broke it, I also agreed for your marriage for the sake of Kartik’s happiness, you don’t know how much he cried, I don’t want to meet you, don’t call me ever. She ends call. Naira says you have to meet me for Kartik’s sake, sorry Kartik.

Naira goes and hugs Rajshri. She says I m missing mumma. Rajshri signs lullaby and makes her sleep. Naira thinks of Kartik. Its morning, Dadi says I feel so helpless. Manish asks Akhilesh to go for meetings, everyone is waiting, he knows a lot about project. He says I can’t go leaving Kartik. Kartik comes and says no, you don’t need to go, I will go, sorry I didn’t go yesterday, I will go tonight. Suwarna says no, you won’t go. Manish says yes, you need rest. Kartik says fine, but I have to go soon. He goes. Manish says I m upset with Naira, if someone loves, can she hurt this way. Suwarna takes her phone and messages Naira.

Devyaani says why did Naira refuse for marriage, Kirti is upset. Naitik asks Naksh to take care of Kirti. Naksh says how did Naira elope to marry. Naitik says don’t know why she went and didn’t marry. He asks Rajshri to talk freely. Rajshri says Naira is not fine, there is something that she is worried, I asked her. Naira comes and says nothing happened, I m going for some work. She goes. Rajshri says she is hiding something big. Naira and Kartik are on the way and see the Ganesh procession. Jai dev….plays….Kartik thinks why did I get this punished, was my love less. Naira thinks our love wasn’t less, my fate is bad. Kartik thinks I can’t live without her. She prays that something happens that ends their problems. They stand close and perform puja together, without seeing each other. Naksh asks Kirti to share the matter. She asks why did Naira do this. He says maybe it was her love for Kartik. She says what’s goodness in breaking someone’s heart, they madly love each other, we all know they fight but love each other, I m getting much anger on Naira, I expected her to be sensible, I trusted her more. He says its her life, its her right, let her decide.

Suwarna prays for Kartik’s happiness. She makes mannat. The chunri falls. Naira comes there and holds chunri. She says our mannat is same, Kartik’s happiness. Suwarna asks what happened Naira. Naira says there is a clot in my brain. Suwarna gets shocked. Naira says its diagnosed yesterday, its not so serious, but its there. She tells everything. FB shows Naira going to hospital. She goes to nurse and faints down. She wakes up in ward. She sees doctors discussing. She asks how did I come here, I had to go temple, Kartik is waiting for me, I can’t wait, its my marriage. She sees the time and says Kartik would be worried, where is my phone. Doctor says you can’t go alone knowing your medical condition. She stops and asks what happened to me. He says call your family members, we will explain. She says no, tell me. He says thrombus, there is a clot in your brain. She gets shocked. He says reasons can be many things, childhood problem or overstress, clots form, we have to see what we can do, surgery is needed. She asks will it get fine. He says I can try, but not guarantee, its imp else there is threat on your life. FB ends. Suwarna cries and sees Naira.

Doctor says sometimes you can forget things and remember few things, memory loss may happen. Naira says I don’t want to live a life without Kartik’s memories, before I forget him, he should forget me. Suwarna gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. if kartik n this stage…will naira leave him like tat. wht she exactly expect from kartik. only love happy moments and s*x…. again mahaan naira

  2. The end part reminds me of Ishqbaaz writter Nati she wrote the same plot in which Anika too suffered the same. She manage her ff so beautifully.

    Now waiting here what comes here. I hope instead of suwarna turns positive like before

  3. Barathi ur right! Naira should shared her problem wit Karthik n not doing this way to hurt him knowing Karthik loves her so much!! Even if she lost her memory later on at least Karthik is with her the husband that she loved
    N then her family members too she shouldnt hide the truth again!! n make everyone upset!! I just feel that she have no faith in Karthik n his love or she wouldnt be doing this!! If she can tell Surwarna why not her own family where they r always there for her n support her!!! What the writers want to prove???

  4. I think this naira’s illness drama is fake ……when kartik go to USA …..then naira reveal that she hasn’t any illness ….doctor make mistake ….like mistakably change the reports ….

  5. Was it only me or did someone else also expect the exact same thing.

  6. now naira will say to suwarna that not to tell anyone about it..Then naira will day like shubham..and everyone will hate swarrna for this..payback😂

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