Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara day dreaming that no one is listening to her, and she is shouting to them. Naira comes to her. Akshara gets worried. Naira asks are you fine. Akshara hugs her and says I m missing Naksh, and got emotional. Naira says you have sent him, saying its your age to roam out, it would have been fun if he was here, don’t get upset, everyone came for you. Akshara says yes, I m lucky to get such family. Naira says we are lucky to get you. Naitik says you are hugging without me. Everyone smile. Vishwamber says we will leave now. Akshara says no, you all stay here, please, we will spend time, and sleep here in courtyard. Dadi says I will stay. Kartik says I will leave. Bau ji asks him to stay back. Naitik says yes, but infront of my eyes. Kartik smiles. Akshara worries.

Everyone laugh when Baisa tells childhood stories of Bau ji. Naitik sees Kartik and smiles. Kartik and Naira see each other. Akshara says Naksh always wanted to sleep with everyone like this. Naitik says I remember. Kartik folds hands and signs Naira to go. She gives him coffee and shows I love you written on it. She smiles and signs her to go. She gives him coffee. He looks at Naitik. She calls him coward. He takes coffee and she goes. Akshara asks why are you scaring Kartik. Naitik says I m daughter’s father, its about time. He holds Akshara’s hand. She says even my father is here and smiles. Kartik asks Naitik can I go washroom. Naitik asks him to go.

Kartik says Sir became villain. Naira catches him and flirts. He says no, let me go, keep this mood, but Naitik is here. She laughs and asks are you scared of my Papa. He says no, my impression will get spoiled, let me go. She says shut up, stand here with me. He says you say it fast and let me go, fine I will say from our sides, I love you Kartik, I love you too Naira. She says no. He says leave me for Lord’s sake. She gets close. He folds hands and says please…. she says fine go. He says fine, and comes back to her. He says I m going, but will take revenge for everything. He runs. She laughs.

Everyone sing together, Chori chori koi sapnon me aaye…. Naira and Kartik see each other and smile. Naira and Gayu dance and hug. Kartik compliments Naira. Everyone clap. Its night, everyone sleep. Akshara sits worried and looks at her family. She smiles seeing Naitik and removes his specs. She blesses Naira, Gayu, Kartik. She says everyone is infront of me, why do I feel scared.

Its morning, Rajshri and Akshara talk. Rajshri teaches Naira how to cook. Akshara says you used to scold me and teach. Rajshri says yes, Naira is my granddaughter, I think something is burning. Naira says yes, and teases Akshara. Akshara says fine, my Dadi and Nani love me even now. She tells Naira where to go when she is not around. Naira says Nani and hugs Rajshri. Mishti comes. Rajshri tells Akshara to go exhibition and get something for Naira. Akshara agrees.

Akshara asks Shaurya to have breakfast. She tells Naitik that she will choose lahenga and show Naira. Kartik likes the family. Mishti says even Naira will like to meet your family. Kartik goes to Naira. She says don’t take revenge now, everyone is here. He says not that, I wanted to tell about my family, I want to say everything, come to the tea stall, meet me there soon. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She asks will everything be fine. He says yes, none can come between, neither of the families. Akhilesh calls Kartik’s mum and says I had to tell you about Kartik. She gets down the car. He says there is someone in Kartik’s life, they love each other, we got to know few days back. She says I will talk about this later. She says Kartik….. I have to take every step carefully now.

Naitik asks for wallet. Akshara gives him and says I love you. He asks shall I not go office. She sends him. Bhabhimaa gives her jewelry to get polished. Akshara says fine and goes near the door. She looks at her house. Mishti asks her to come soon. She leaves with a heavy heart. She steps on the cement. Naitik says you left your foot prints here, I came to take my file. Karishma says i will get this redone by labour. Akshara smiles seeing Naitik.

Akshara asks Naira to always trust Kartik. Naira waves her bye. Akshara looks at Naira and the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. akshara last day before she dies and they kinda showed it like gayatri when she felt the house ???

  2. OMG!!! Akshara’s gonna die!,,,,I’m not a regular viewer of the show,,,,bt feelimg bad for Akshara

  3. todays episode was nice one.. kaira moments are lovely..they are rock the seriel.. plz akshra dnt leave the seriel,no one can take ur place in this show..v hav bcom habitual to see you in this show.. v ll gonna miss u akshra.. and i just hope kaira will take care if all as akshra did..

  4. Soo sad bt i think akshara will come back soon pls come back akshara pls

  5. will not be able to see akshara dieing. feeling so bad n sorry. i will not like this show anymore.
    but please do get kaira married for sure. dont create any negative roles in this serial. let it remain a unique one like always please its a request. the same values traditions enjoying family festivals. weddings happening. everyone loves all this in this serial. please do get kaira married for sure asap

    1. I agree, this is the only serial that does not have an evil, spiteful, vengeful, bitter, twisted, ungrateful, jealousful, envious in law that creates problem.

      Please Keep it that way

  6. Ishram

    Yaay Kaira moments. I’m gonna miss Akshara. Think her death is not gonna come anytime soon. She is going to meet Karthik’s mum according to the spoilers

  7. awsm episode….miss u akshara.feeling very bad…plzzz cm back.cant c d serial without u…kaira’s part is sooo gud bt without akshara it will nt b gud….spppp plzzzzzz cm back..

  8. karan n hina r d main leads for whom i watch d serial..1st karan left n nw hina…plzz yaar tum dononke binaa yeh serial adhura rahjayegaa…..plzz return hina…

  9. Akshara stepping out of her home fr the last time. By saturday’s episode she ll die. Naksh shud have been there with his mumma in her last moments. How sad that it s gonna happen. In between, Kaira scenes were awesome especially when karthik seeks Naitik’s permission to go toilet. Dont know what to write but it’d have been better if Akshara stayed back.

  10. plzzzzzzzz enddd Akshiraa but plzzzzzzz don’t enddddddd our Kaira………………..

  11. Awesome episode loved it
    so many mixed emotions
    loved akshara and naira bond. ..loved naitik possessive of his daughter. ..kaira romance..naira is the best she is so unique hope they don’t make her another akshara after ak death..we want to see nairagiri..loved ak karthik moments. .loved how rajshri ak naira..
    so now rajshri will tc of kaira…akshara character ia needed for the story kaira both won’t have a mom character karthik step mom is negative or grey don’t know..
    its goinu to be sadness from now on
    show must go on will watch kaira till the end if yrkkh
    Lot of actors give in hard work so will watch for them

  12. Vrushy

    Kaira romance was just awesome !!

  13. Yeah Naksh should hav been der

  14. I loved today’s kaira scenes they were epic I love dem but I can’t see akshara dying I literally got goose bumps when she leaves. I want her to come back. But it’s her decision and we shud respect her…… But if possible tussi na jao ???❤❤❤

  15. Amalina

    Guys i agree akshara’s death will be emotional! feeling really sad but i jjust hope that kaira get married in akshara’s presence! no daughter will get married immediately when her mom dies! poor naitik and naksh-naira!

  16. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m going to be missing u so much akshsra this drama yeh ristha Kya kehlata hain drama won’t be the same without u akshsra please akshsra come back right now coz u have to stay alive for ur husband Naitik for ur daughter naira for all of ur family’s please don’t leave the show akshsra I will really miss u so much

    From soofia-:(

  17. Jo emotion fan ke akshara ke sath jude hai woh kabhi kaira ke jud nahi payege backwass kaira love you miss you akshara meet next project

  18. Jesamine dhillon

    Akshara should not die as she is the msin and importsnt character in this serial. I love to see this serial for akshara. Trp will drop bafly. Please do not let it happen. Nsira and karthik should marry snd thrir martiage will not be great without akshara. The atmosphere in the serial will be dead and it would be no longer fun to watch. I will not wztch anymore without Akshara.

  19. ohhh godddd .askshra gonnna diE…… plzzzzzzzz we cant accept that……………………each min of todays episode is lik sometink hiting our heart.the show is zero .the shw is gonnna be an utterflop after her death.hina khan plz come back. Dnt killlllllllllllll herrrrr .she is the star.after her death all the positive values shown will end.and kartiks family is nt good.the will change completlyyyy.

    These many years the show sucssed because of the wonderful story about the family.thheir unity happinessssss………….omg wat will the condition of naitikkkkkkkk………..

  20. Feeling very bad lv u hina hina di

  21. Loved the episode kartik naira scene was awesome feeling really bad for akshara soon ill not be able to see her in the show she is the major part of show hope something would have happened so that hina di dont quit,there will be a lot of wait for naira and kartiks marriage also

  22. This serial will be boring first Natik left and now Akshara . No one can replace them both .

  23. Why many are saying that u won’t watch the serial.I iknow akshara is the life of serial but we should also give chance to newcomers and appreciate them for acting

  24. Are we going to see a leap ?

  25. YRKKH big big big fan - shilpa

    kaira moments were just ossam…
    sad for akshara and hope she would come back after big boss..
    kaira rocked on……

  26. yes dude u r right
    i dont know why people are saying that thew will not watah the show when akshara aka hina will leave it.
    the show is famous and popular for its amazing story of:-
    united family
    caring relations
    bonding between family members
    and not for its STARS or CHARACTERS

    so dosent matter whether the characters exit or not but what matters is that the sole of show ie the story of:-
    united family and caring relations lasts forever…….
    instead saying that i love any of the star
    i must say
    i love the show YRKKH…..

    kuch bhi ho but ye show band na ho………

  27. Kabhi kabhi mujhe akshara ki over acting peh chid aata tha…
    But after watching todays episode im really sad yaar.aur tht moment when she left home for the last time was soooo touching will miss u very much…
    And jab woh ghagra naira k liyeh purchase karneh ka idea wala scene vry touching..

    Atleast she should have been there till kairas wedding…last scene she was looking very pretty with her white dress n red lipstick…

    Entry scene meh bhi white dress in beginning of serial aur end mein bhi…

    Will miss u vry much plzzz return

  28. Every moment of today epi$ode
    taking my heart beat to high level

  29. Every moment of today epi$ode
    taking my heart beat to high level

  30. Hello guys i think akshara will be back as i have seen in upcoming story that they will not show the body of akshara after death as if trp goes down then akshara may come again in the show

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